March 15, 2017

FLASHBACK: Geert Wilders on “the patriotic spring” sweeping the West

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

[NOTE: Originally posted February 27, 2017.] The Netherlands has its Parliamentary elections in a couple of weeks, and the man who is leading the polls right now is Geert Wilders. 

Wilders is the leader of the Party for Freedom. His chief campaign focus is de-Islamification:

Stopping mass immigration, for sure, but more specifically, stopping the cultural, legal, criminal and social ramifications of bringing in a million Muslims into a country of 17 million Dutch.

(That’s twice the Islamification that Canada has, proportionately; we have just over a million Muslims in a population of 36 million.)

I sat down with Geert Wilders in The Hague on Thursday morning. 

That very day, news broke that one of Wilders' own security staff was caught secretly passing on information about Wilders’ movements to a Moroccan jihadist group.

Of course they want to kill him. He’s the only one trying to close the door, while the rest of the politicians there are prying it further open, in return for power or votes or money…

Watch all the footage from my trip by clicking here

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commented 2017-03-16 22:59:25 -0400
Actually it’s not over. Geert made huge gains and is in a stronger position as second place holder than if he had won a majority. Had he won the majority he never would have been allowed to form a government the way its set up over there, so he has more power now in a way. He is not done.

If you can focus long enough Space Moose and Penson, read this article.
Geert far from lost and he has far from stopped fighting. In fact he says the fight has just begun now he has made second place.
commented 2017-03-16 01:57:24 -0400
Gee, Wilders lost. Was that a surprise? The guy did not know when to shut up, and that made it hard for people to want to vote for him. If he did not act in such ridiculously extreme ways, then more people would have voted him in for the victory.
commented 2017-03-16 01:38:50 -0400
After Trump’s election the deep staters aren’t having any more of that democracy business. Either that or the cloggers are too far gone. Glad I visited before it became muslim.
commented 2017-03-16 01:12:32 -0400
This could be it for the Dutch. Welcome sharia.
commented 2017-03-15 23:55:25 -0400
Very sad day for non-muslims in the Netherlands! There will be voters remorse…as things deteriorate further.
commented 2017-03-15 21:34:59 -0400
So open minded their brains fell out.
Sad day.
commented 2017-03-15 20:57:14 -0400
Very happy that Dutch nationalism and xenophobia lost badly in the Netherlands elections.

The majority of people are NOT filled with anger and hatred, but are open minded and tolerant.

I expect the same will happen in France, as LePen goes down in flames.

I expect the same to happen here in Canada, as the silent majority rally behind protecting our abused and despised new immigrants and refugees.

Forward friends!
commented 2017-03-15 17:54:05 -0400
Patricia Webster,,,have you tried putting you letter on
Or some place like that.
I would certainly support you.
commented 2017-03-15 13:49:25 -0400
AS per TAMMIE and RON, thank you very much for your insight, comments and patriotism to Canada, PATRICIA WEBSTER.

I would love to hear a response from each federal liberal cabinet minister after they were forced to read just the quotes Patricia indicated from the Qu’ran……on live tv by the way, so we could all hear their views. Baby Doc could be last and sum every thing up. “Religion of Peace”?????
commented 2017-03-15 13:05:00 -0400
PATRICIA WEBSTER thanks for sharing that link to ‘Break the Behavior’ (, which reveals that an Ontario charitable organization and the Ontario government (Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants & Ontario Human Rights Commission) are working hand-in-hand with Muslim organizations (National Council of Canadian Muslims & Canadian Arab Institute) to prod Ontarians to “reject Islamophobia and racism”. Racism? Islam is not a race!
At the top of the page there is a link for an organization, Toronto For All (, which falls under the purview of OCASI and the City of Toronto. As you go through the pages of that website, one finds that funding support for OCASI appears to come from the Ontario Government, the City of Toronto, the United Way and the Red Cross.
You say, “If your funding is from my contribution to the taxes in Canada I want you to know that I do not approve of this ‘pledge’ – it is nothing more than coercion at its worst. It is funding that could be spent for much better purpose on Canadians” and ask, “Who, or what, funds your organization?”
From the CRA’s online Charities Listing one finds, according to OCASI’s 2016 filing, that it has assets of $2,160,424!
OCASI’s revenue sources for 2016, include:
Total amount received from other registered charities: $276,994
Total revenue received from federal government: $1,493,018
Total revenue received from provincial/territorial governments: $595,060
Total revenue received from municipal/regional governments: $101,885
For a total revenue: $3,055,343! Their coercive campaign is very well-financed.
Note that because of the federal government’s funding (presumably part of Trudeau’s social infrastructure funding program), all Canadians are funding OCASI’s propaganda program.
Everyone should read your thoughtful, insightful post!
commented 2017-03-15 12:51:52 -0400
Ron Voss, It won’t be Trudeau, he’s all for de-stabilizing Canada & to push a totalitarian solution. He has been indoctrinated by the Islamists, I suspect for years. People who lack a moral compass; who have limited capacity to use logic; and who cannot keep track of their thoughts are susceptible to being indoctrinated & used to perpetuate the big lies! There are other factors as well, but, I think Canada’s Prime Minister exhibits what is known as Stockholm Syndrome. He loves & defends an ideology which is destructive and doesn’t co-exist well in Western culture; an ideology which seeks to destroy the rights and freedoms in democratic societies, and, he wants the rest of us to embrace this sickness.
commented 2017-03-15 11:44:48 -0400
Tammie, indeed, “It would be a refreshing change for our politicians… to call out Islamic Fascism wherever it may be, even in our own backyard!”
If they don’t understand the true nature of Islam as you have explained it, they should not be our political ‘leaders’ as our sovereignty and security is at stake.
I am getting a sense that a large number of people in Canada are more knowledgable than our leaders about Islam and the consequences of mass Muslim immigration and are anxiously waiting for a leader to boldly step forward and give a voice to their legitimate concerns.
commented 2017-03-15 11:44:27 -0400
ISLAM-THE RELIGION OF DEATH. Face it everything muslims preach about is death. So much for the religion of peace.
commented 2017-03-15 11:43:44 -0400
I just read a rather intriguing article. Some of you folks may be familiar with this, but for those of you who haven’t seen this, it is of pertinent interest in my opinion.

Apparently in March of 2016, a secret meeting was convened between German Chancellor Angela, Merkel, Dutch PM Mark Rutte, and then Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu. The gist of the meeting was the refugee crisis and get a load of the result. It appears that Merkel was on the verge of closing Germany’s borders and tightening up their border policy. The meeting ensued and guess what resulted. The Turkish PM was lobbying for Germany and Holland to take between 150,000 and 250,000 Syrian refugees from Turkey for unforeseen years to come. Merkel’s virtue signalling German guilt trip mentality kicked in. With her concern about the media driven optics which would surely occur if the borders were closed (a fear of violent clashes and bad publicity), a “gentleman’s agreement” was struck between the three of them. The number of refugees was agreed upon and this supposed clandestine agreement came to be. Rather than elaborate much more, here is the final point that floored me, but upon reflection is of no surprise. Turkey was in charge of who were sent, and guess what. All were sick, diseased, of low or non educated etc.. I’m sure you get the point. No scholars, higher educated people, ones that may stand a chance to integrate and be a boon to Germany and the Netherlands. Just another in the continuous line of corruption and bs from any thing having to do with our governments. And of course German and Dutch taxpayers would foot the bill.TRUDEAU is a liar as well…there is NO doubt.

With the Dutch elections today, I was a bit disheartened to hear Gaert dropped a bit in the poles yesterday. But we should remember poles these days. Brexit, DJ Trump. I pray for a good result for Gaert. God speed and all the best from your supporters from across the pond.
commented 2017-03-15 11:37:42 -0400
The Charles Martel of our day. Blessings on him and may his tribe increase.
commented 2017-03-15 11:36:25 -0400
We could use a Geert Wilders here. We need someone with the balls to stand up against all these socialist brown shirts the left employs to silence the majority. Like i try to tell my kids, you need to get your news from more than ETALK and facebook.
commented 2017-03-15 11:33:05 -0400
Although Wilders says that a "patriotic spring” is sweeping the West, sadly Canada still seems to be in ‘winter’ with no Canadian politician akin to Wilders or Trump boldly stepping forward.
commented 2017-03-15 10:37:53 -0400
I wonder how many people realize how profoundly important it is to our survival, and our survival as a sovereign nation, to see and hear this interview with Geert Wilders and some of the other recent interviews shared by THEREBEL, like the interview with Tommy Robinson, Dany Tirza, or Jordan Peterson to name a few.
More important is getting these interviews and their message to the the rest of Canada to allow the truth to expose and corrode the lies and corruption!
commented 2017-03-15 09:27:18 -0400
The election is today. The Dutch citizens have the opportunity to stop the politicians from further
de-stabilization of the Netherlands.
commented 2017-03-04 13:20:52 -0500
Patricia Webster – Well said! I encourage you to send your letter to as many politicians & “news” outlets as possible.
If all the hateful verses & deplorable actions/words by Mohammed were redacted from the Quran, it would be the size of a brochure instead of a book! The so called peaceful verses from Mohammed’s time in Mecca have been abrogated; replaced with the verses he concocted in Medina. So, based on Mohammed’s instructions, the so called peaceful verses don’t count. When his followers pointed out the many contradictions and asked for an explanation, Mohammed told them (paraphrasing here) Allah is Allah, and can change his mind. End of conversation! Mohammed then made sure to instill in his followers that it is forbidden to question Islam or change it. Any muslim who does, is labelled a hypocrite by Mohammed and is making mischief, punishable by death! He also proclaimed death as a just punishment for leaving Islam. His obsession with murder is truly sick and sinister, strangely, he is revered by millions and millions of Mohammedans worldwide. The “prophet” is their example, and we wonder why there are so many radicalized followers. I consider those in Canada pushing for Sharia law in incremental steps as radicals. They are using our democratic laws to undermine our freedom and trying to silence Canadians who object to their totalitarian ideology. Our government is supporting this, and continually expects our nation to be tolerant of the intolerant, anything else would be “Islamaphobia”! It would be a refreshing change for our politicians and news readers to call out Islamic Fascism wherever it may be, even in our own backyard!
commented 2017-03-03 18:07:06 -0500
I second Mr. Wilders opening comment that he wishes more Canadians have the guts Ezra does! I cannot count the number of times I have thought that. And following is a letter I sent to members of both parliaments and two newspapers, with a covering note. The only reply I received was from the Hon.K. MacKenna, who is also my MP and it contains politically correct lines, such as, together we are stronger.

(Until “they” manage to blow up our parliament buildings one might suppose). My bracketed comment is based upon one morning driving to work there were men rappelling down the roof of the parliament building and it wasn’t our MP’s or authorized mountaineers. Bet you didn’t read much coverage about that in the newspaper did you?!! My background includes Canadian courts and the number of lawyers who win trials via omission would make your head spin. This is what today’s media does – paint their dictatorial propaganda picture via omission.

As you will read in my letter, I am from the UK and in my opinion, it is only the dogged determination of some Brits – like the ones who were steadfast through WWII, who have stepped in to save the UK on the brink of disaster. Even now “they’re” trying to stop Brexit; same as the Democrats trying to eliminate Donald Trump – encouraging the death threats around the world aimed at him, etc. I hope they don’t succeed.

Here’s my letter which, BTW, was deleted as “not received” and returned to me after I received another politically correct response, supposedly from the director – within the hour that I sent this e-mail.

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
Expert on Immigrant and Refugee Issues.
Advocate for the Immigrant-serving sector.
110 Eglinton Avenue W., Ste. 200
Toronto, ON M4R 1A3

I am an immigrant and came here from England in 1957.

The “Pledge to Break the Behaviour” is absolutely discriminatory and needs to be withdrawn. Using children to portray the message is horrific and a form of brainwashing. Any decent family in Canada ascertains that children do not have prejudicial attitudes towards others. The underlying agenda with this commercial is that children should regard Muslims as much more important/special than anyone else. That is totally unfair and absolutely wrong. Children are raised in families, not by you, or the government.

If your funding is from my contribution to the taxes in Canada I want you to know that I do not approve of this “pledge” – it is nothing more than coercion at its worst. It is funding that could be spent for much better purpose on Canadians. Who, or what, funds your organization?

When I arrived with my family in 1957 my parents contributed immediately to the Canadian economy and wellbeing. No one greeted us with winter coats. My father paid back within the first year, a loan from his father for our passage on the RMS Scythia. We have never used your services because we worked hard and contributed to this society.

The team of tool design engineers that my father lead was known as the “United Nations” because of the multi-cultural make-up of his staff. When my father died, a black engineer stopped by our house to thank us for all my father had done for him. He had been successful in filing a complaint of discrimination against Boeing.

I became a Canadian in every sense of the word.

I am thoroughly disgusted with this effort to turn Canada into a Muslim nation and to join a one world government – and that is the hidden agenda. I do not approve of Prime Minister Justine Trudeau’s agenda; particularly his dispersal of excessive funds not benefitting Canadians.

We have Canadians who are needy: children, seniors, entire families. These are the people who deserve priority, not the Muslim so-called “refugees."

Your efforts to coerce the population to this “new point of view” need to stop. “Political Correctness” is completely the opposite of freedom of speech, which is what our forefathers gave to us with the sacrifice of many of their lives.

Europe and the UK have been seriously damaged by the Muslim “refugees” who are nothing more that economic migrants. Young men posing as teenagers and when they are billeted with trusting families in England, asking for a razor to shave – as they attend school with children who are the age they claim to be.

The people in the UK didn’t run when invasion was threatened. They stood ground and fought for freedom along with allied forces, including Canadians.

It is your responsibility to protect Canada and not flood it with people who will demand Sharia Law, meanwhile stoning women to death for the slightest infraction of their “rules” in their home country.

Furthermore, the following is the factual base of my decision today to contact you, because this is what you are supporting as directed by the Qur’an:

1. You can rape, marry, and divorce prepubescent girls (Qur’an 65:4)
2. You can enslave for sex and work (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 5:89, 33: 50, 58:3, 70:30)
3. You can beat sex slaves, works slaves, and wives (Qur’an 4:34)
4. You will need 4 Muslim male witnesses to prove a rape (Qur’an 24:4)
5. You are to kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay the Jizya tax (Qur’an 9:29)
6. You are to crucify and amputate non-Muslims (Qur’an 8:12, 47:4)
7. You will kill non-Muslims to receive 72 virgins in paradise (Qur’an 9:111)
8. You will kill anyone who leaves Islam (Qur’an 2:217, 4:89)
9. You will behead non-Muslims (Qur’an 8:12, 47:4)
10. You will kill and be killed for Al’llah (Qur’an 9:5)
11. You will terrorize non-Muslims (Qur’an 8:8:12, 8:60)
12. You may steal from non-Muslims (Qur’an Ch. 8)
13. You may lie and deceive to strengthen Islam (Qur’an 3:26, 3:54, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28)"

There is another belief known as Taqqyaya:

Taqiyya (taqiya, taqiyah, taqiyyah) is a form of Islamic deception. The Quran (16:106 and 3:28) allows Muslims to lie in order to protect themselves or to protect the Muslim community

I find your lack of loyalty to Canadians appalling. I find your endorsement appalling. You need to stop it.
commented 2017-03-02 16:17:38 -0500
You see what the dems are orchestrating against Trump. Obama is leading a defacto insurgency against his successor like some deposed african dictator. Wilders will face an entire euro-deep state arrayed against him. In Europe and North America I honestly believe that this will end in blood.
commented 2017-03-02 08:11:25 -0500
I wish I was a Dutchman, as then I could vote for my hero. Geert Wilders.
commented 2017-03-02 07:40:20 -0500
War with Islam, it has to happen to save us all.

The dutch politician Geert Wilders is a hero to me, he speaks the truth about Islam which is not a religion at all, but an ideology of evil and intolerance. Yes Islam is a very sick ideology indeed, for it surely cannot be termed a religion or even a faith. Islam should be removed from the face of the planet because it always has and always will bring about suffering and death to the world. The day is coming, and it has to come as an inevitably that the enlightened people of the world will have to turn on Islam in an all out war, we have to do this to rid ourselves of a stone age backward ideology that is bringing the world down to its knees.In my heart I do not want this war against Islam, but it has to occur to save Muslims from themselves and from their own terrible destiny, and also to save the future generations of our own children to come.

Unless we rid ourselves of Islam the world will begin to go backwards instead of forwards. I see in this war the deaths of Millions, the bodies will mainly be of Islamists and extremists, but inevitably many good none Muslim men and women from the west will be among the dead ones who will have bravely fought to rid themselves of Islam, but they will not have died in vain. They will have died to bring about freedom for their free thinking brothers and sisters and also to the suffering Islamic children who are being brainwashed daily by Muslim extremists who are blindly determined to make these children into the future fascists that they themselves already are. The war will come and it will be a clash of civilizations, one that is enlightened and one that is presently living in the darkness of the past, which of course is Islam. Islam needs to perish from the planet, it needs to be never ever mentioned again once it disappears. If I am alive on that day I will rejoice over the demise of Islam. I am sorry to have to tell you this, but it will happen, it is inevitable, and it is the only way forward for a peaceful world. For I tell you that we can never have true peace while Islam exists. Islam is the opposite of peace, it is a plague that we need to stamp out for good. May that day come soon. Peace to all of you, if you can find it that is?

For my opinions here I will be considered a racist and a bigot, I am no such thing, but I have studied Islam for many years and I have come to the conclusion that Islam and the teachings of Mohammed are in total opposition to western culture and with our liberal ideals. Therefore Islam should not be tolerated here in Europe. Sorry to have to tell you this. You all need to study the Quran if you really want to know how evil Islam is, I am not talking here about you Moderate Muslims that don’t even know about your own so called “faith”, no you have no idea at all, that is because you do not really know your own true teachings, I like it that way too, at least you can’t do any harm to anyone, that is because you don’t bother to obey the extreme ideas of Mohammed, thank God you don’t. But if you were a real genuine practicing Muslim, (by that I mean one who really carries out the Quran in every detail to the letter) because then you would have to be an ISIS member to do that, yes a real obeying Muslim who applies every detail of the Quran, one who forces your religion onto the population of the free world, it is called Islamisation, for that is the real reason Islam exists, to make the whole world turn to Islam whether the people want it or not. I have one thing to say on that point… FUCK THAT, I am going to fight back with all my might! Peace to you all, if you can find it, you will not find peace within Islam.

And always remember that whenever there is a terrorist atrocity perpetrated by those that claim to be true Muslims, and innocent people die at their hands, then always remember that their vile actions had nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with that ideology at all, I must be joking you say, yes I am! If you believe that terrorism perpetrated by Muslims has nothing to do with Islam then you are a blind ignorant uneducated fool with no thinking capacity whatsoever! But unfortunately many Muslims actually believe that just because they themselves do not take part in the horrors of terrorism and are honest law abiding citizens who would not think twice about getting involved with such evil things, then they can wash their hands of the whole issue, but in truth they can’t and shouldn’t, because it is THEIR religion, Islam, that is invoked when those atrocities take place, it is THEIR God Allah whose name is in invoked when those atrocities take place by the Muslims that commit them, therefore it is total nonsense to state that Islam has nothing to do with Muslim terrorism, you must know in your hearts that IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH Islam!

The confusion is plain to see within the Muslim world, the divisions between Sunni and Shia, the evil wars mainly in Muslim lands which are presently devouring most of the weapons produced by the worlds armaments companies that are used to kill their so called brethren, members of their own faith, their brothers and sisters, (I use that term loosely.) But the answer to civilisations problems due to Islamic extremism is also plain to see and the answer is to do away with Islam once and for all, because it will never be compatible with with any modern civilised society, it can’t be! it just can’t change its stone age philosophy to match those which are enlightened such as in Europe, NO! As far as I can see wherever mass Muslim Immigration occurs it brings pain and suffering to the native people that took them in, they bring rape and violence as an everyday acceptable evils that seems to be part of their culture, why do I come to these conclusion? Because I can see with my own eyes what is happening I am not blind. I am telling you that the world needs to get rid of Islam once and for all, before it is too late. Unfortunately For that to happen all I can see as a solution is war upon Islam, yes unfortunately, but in my heart I wish that it didn’t have to come to that, but I see no other way. to bring peace to our Earth. Islam has to go forever. Please may it come quickly, we need the world leaders to wake up to this inevitability. Peace to all, but only if we fight for it.
commented 2017-03-01 17:18:45 -0500
Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt,
Very good thoughts, I agree.

I think, this is very not politically correct
That most Political Parties want their visible pets
Gets more and more votes as years pass by
And for some reason seems to fill them
With a feeling of euphoric lightness
As if they are doing some God’s work on Earth
Forgetting the most important thing of all
Millions of Canadians decide
If they will keep their jobs next election
Islam is the most divisive thing I believe
That Canada will ever have to correct
commented 2017-03-01 15:04:13 -0500
What a refreshing interview. This is what we need in Canada before trudeau and the politically correct naysayers completely destroy this country. Islam and western society are totally incompatible.
commented 2017-03-01 04:00:27 -0500
You can reject national socialism strongly. it doesn’t mean you reject White people.
commented 2017-03-01 03:51:04 -0500
Space Moose. Wilders is not a nut job. His ideas are not that radical.
commented 2017-03-01 03:37:59 -0500
You know, it takes effort to refer to a certain group as scum bags, especially for a politician. Can you imagine any Canadian party leader saying something as ignorant as that? It is too bad that nobody else can stick up for Holland, so it falls onto the lap of a nut job like Wilders.
commented 2017-03-01 00:08:35 -0500
Geert Wilders is a hero in my book, look at all he has gone through in his life & just because he’s a conservative. I have great confidence in this man & pray he is elected. Finally people are seeing the light & waking up on the right side of the bed, so to speak.
For the life of me, I will never understand the mindset of a liberal. How can anyone not agree with Mr. Wilders’ ideas & solutions for his country. If something is good & right & makes sense, the left is against it, bunch of retards!!!
I agree with everyone here that all Canadians should see this interview & ask themselves why is Trudeau not seeing the dangers that Islam poses, but instead is trying to silence those who criticize it. We are Canada, where people are free to speak their mind (for the time being), pursue their religion & equality for all & that includes Muslims who want to immigrate here for the right reasons & not to ram their culture down our throat.
That was a great interview Ezra.