October 30, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: How Parks Canada drove Liam Neeson’s movie out of Alberta

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Hard Powder
is a big budget action movie that was going to be filmed in and around Banff, Alberta. The movie stars Liam Neeson as a snow plow driver who vows revenge after his son is murdered by a drug cartel.

But just eight days before production was going to start, Parks Canada refused to grant them a permit to film within Rocky Mountain National Park.

Parks Canada objected to the depiction of indigenous people in the movie because one of the groups of villains was Indigenous.

But you know who didn’t have a problem with the story? Prominent Metis actor Tom Jackson, who stars in the movie. He spoke out about the lost jobs and loss of economic benefits to the communities.

In the end, production moved to BC.

We knew there was more to the story, so we filed a Freedom of Information request with the Federal Government.

I'll take you through what we found out about this government censorship.

In the first place, the original complaint about how Indigenous characters were being portrayed didn't come from any First Nations groups, but from bureaucrats in Banff.

In the end, the feds killed a project that cost the local economy $5 million.

If that's what looking out for aboriginals means, I hope this government doesn't try to look out for me too.

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commented 2017-10-31 12:27:18 -0400
- So now we have one of the most corrupt & incompetent governments in Canadian history micromanaging everything they can & pushing their twisted form of morality at every opportunity.
commented 2017-10-30 23:58:36 -0400
Tammie. I watched that video, and it was balls of fun. i have a question for Mr. Potato-head. If Roman Britain used to be racially diverse, where did all the non-Whites go these last few hundred years? And why did they leave?
commented 2017-10-30 18:27:24 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT commented 3 hours ago
See Paul Joseph Watson’s commentary on BBC history hack job….

Several generations of citizens being fed these lies and revisionism is what we’re up against.
Try explaining what Dinesh D’Souza says in “THE BIG LIE: Exposing The NAZI Roots Of The American Left” to a roomful of lefties, or even one…
The left gleefully laps up the lies and misinformation that jibes with their robot programmed narrative, and if you try and use fact, logic, reason, common sense or moral absolutes to challenge their delusion…well all of a sudden you’re the Devil – and they don’t even believe in God or the Devil!
commented 2017-10-30 17:48:13 -0400
If the bureaucrats believe there are no Indian drug gangs then they clearly have never researched prison gangs. Nor have they looked into the activities of ‘benign’ Indian groups like Mohawk Warriors, Family First or the former Indian Posse, this latter once having a minor turf war with Hell’s Angels in Peace River.

The concerns of the few Banff residents are a joke also. Banff, like any other major tourist town, is a hell hole for crime, particularly drugs, during high season. Maybe that was their concern, that guns and drugs are prevalent in town and this movie would be a documentary.
commented 2017-10-30 15:09:22 -0400
Excellent work Sheila!
Government killing jobs & using totalitarian tactics….disturbing pattern.

See Paul Joseph Watson’s commentary on BBC history hack job.
UPDATE: This Lebanese professor eviscerated the left’s “Roman diversity” BS so the ‘verified’ lynch mob came after him.
commented 2017-10-30 15:03:54 -0400
Canadian Aboriginal actor (and oscar winner) Graham Greene plays the role of the leader of a criminal gang on a reservation in the series “Longmire” on NETFLIX.
commented 2017-10-30 14:12:50 -0400
Where in BC aren’t they going to run into the same problems? I wonder where they will manage to find for filming? Good on Jackson.
I’m glad they left and didn’t change the script. You can’t concede to these fascists, they would never be satisfied anyway. Canada is looking pretty nasty these days. Embarrassing and shameful!
commented 2017-10-30 12:48:51 -0400
It’s worse than that SHEILA GUNN REID, the anti-gun-nut insanity and hypocrisy of those Hollywood lefties is mind boggling…as they shoot up movie sets with the guns they proclaim as hateful and evil…

“…“I am totally for gun control in the US. The population of America is roughly 300 million and there are 300 million guns in this country, which is terrifying,” explained Neeson…”

I worked as a special-skills-extra (ride a horse, shoot a gun) on a History Channel documentary a few years back, I was shocked and appalled at the spin, misinformation, revisionism political posturing and outright lying that passes for history on TV! Lying lefties care nothing about the facts of history, they only care about poisoning the world with their fascist lies!
commented 2017-10-30 12:23:00 -0400
I would like to see the rebel do some more stories on Aboriginal crime.
commented 2017-10-30 12:20:49 -0400
The movie industry has wanted to set up studios on reserve land a couple of times in Greater Vancouver but the stumbling block was a need for a commitment that any political position taken in any movie would not be subject to blockades. the band refused and the projects went elsewhere.
commented 2017-10-30 12:06:13 -0400
This Liberal government is a disaster.