June 09, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Journalists — including me — harassed by police at Bilderberg conference

Lauren SouthernArchive

The Bilderberg conference hasn't even begun and fellow journalists are already being followed, accosted and having their hotels searched by police. We speak to Jeff Berwick and Luke Rudowski about their run ins with the police as well as experience our own!

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commented 2016-06-12 14:09:53 -0400
That is insane, much like a despotic country. Maybe that is Germany again.
commented 2016-06-12 11:41:10 -0400
@cathy Rochford….actually it is not on taxpayers money…this is chump change for the high rollers who attend. Last year it was Lionel Richie among others who provided the entertainment. It is not really a government meeting. It is a schmoose party for the ultra wealthy to convene and agree not to step on each other’s toes when they play monopoly with the world. When it is all said and done no government is as powerful as these people. And so they are not obliged to disclose anything…….but the handfull of elected officials and registered lobbyists who attend ARE….and should be made to.
commented 2016-06-10 20:31:22 -0400
Good reporting. Germany looks like it’s reverting back to it’s pre ww 2 days with the SS gestapo using these intimidation tactics to silence everyone. But look what they’re protecting. Who’s all attending this secret society meeting and what are they hiding? And this is supposed to be on tax payer’s money? Something smells rotten at the Bilderburg conference.
commented 2016-06-10 13:27:40 -0400
@anonymous “What are they afraid of?”…..getting killed by leftists who really dislike the rich mostly. As well as prematurely leaked information could also cause panic runs on banks and investment funds that could topple whole countries….piddling little things like that ….
commented 2016-06-10 02:52:50 -0400
What are they afraid of?
commented 2016-06-09 22:28:54 -0400
And now that I have composed myself from the laughing jag…..it’s just too much to hope for….but just imagine if the boldest members of FEMEN desided they had some dog in this race or point to be made….excuse me….back to laughing jag….:-)
commented 2016-06-09 22:23:56 -0400
@al Peterson and Libs…….:-)

What a wickedly brilliant piece of mischief and monkeyshines!!! If Menzies were there he would be up to it…..LOL
commented 2016-06-09 22:09:44 -0400
Libs, you’re right. Put on a bunch of burkas and see how you’re treated. And if challenged yell, “islamophobia”.
commented 2016-06-09 15:43:15 -0400
@deborah…one of the questions with different answers asserted is that the UN is in fact run by the Bilderbergers . Now the UN was founded in 1947 and the first Bilderberger meeting was in 1954…but if I remember correctly the same Rockefeller who donated the land for the UN to be built on was a keynote speaker at that first Bilderberger meeting….so which came first the chicken or the egg…..they do seem to run in sync.
commented 2016-06-09 15:15:54 -0400
PT Phillips – the UN is behind it all!
commented 2016-06-09 15:08:39 -0400
The only possibility of extracting the complete truth on any issue or debate is to examine all reported sides with an unbiased and open mind.
commented 2016-06-09 14:32:11 -0400
@ Fair Use…thank you…I am willing to believe that if it is so secret there is something being hidden….but some of the theories I have heard are the stuff of science fiction…and “journalists” on all sides of the political spectrum make stuff up out of whole cloth…I just want the truth.
commented 2016-06-09 14:16:27 -0400
Bravo Zulu I agree with your assertion that “the police are the enemy,” however of considerably more concern to me is who is “controlling” the police. Even the Brown Shirts had an ultimate leader.
commented 2016-06-09 13:50:28 -0400
Lauren’s documenting what Luke says, I noticed he dodged her question about the incident he was involved in. I’ve heard a lot of phony baloney stories over the years, and his sounds compelling, like something out of a spy novel, but it doesn’t make sense in context of his Snapchat story.

He later states he approached the a police officer’s superior (alone again, I presume) and said they denied it happened. Well, if the only reason they didn’t arrest him is because he was in numbers, then how could he approach them alone? It’s almost as if he could have made up the story. If he believes it’s true, then why doesn’t he report it to the police on live stream and with a buddy?

Why is Lauren able to walk alone or with her cameraman (before and after) without being pulled aside and threatened? Why has nobody else’s camera or phone been grabbed away from them?

Why are the identities of these police blocked out in other photos? If you exclude Luke’s undocumented stories (illegal hotel inspection and threats), and only accept what’s reported and documented by The Rebel TV, you’ve got reporters being watched closely, asked for documents ONLY by police who haven’t seen their passports yet, photographed.

That counts as intimidation and stalking, and careful searches that you’d expect at the border, or in a country that’s recently had open borders. Off camera, her makeup brush was broken. That’s a claim for which there’s physical evidence.

According to this Rebel TV video, you need permission to protest.

Hours ago, (the only) 2 peaceful protesters were detained for about an hour, I believe shortly after Kissenger arrived (via Paul Thomas Watson’s Twitter). I’m sure shouting “boo” counts as disturbing the peace. Detainment for shouting is consistent with behavior you’d expect from a “broken glass” policing, which aims to prevent problems by tight enforcement.

In fact, the stop & frisk is consistent with broken glass policing. Including bag searches. Police ask to search your bags. If they ask in German “you don’t mind, do you?” and you don’t say “No, I refuse” in German, then they might accept this as permission. While technically not a consensual search, they’re not likely to be afraid they’ll be sued by a foreigner.

Why the frequent patrols and high police presence? This is a VIP. It’s appears to be over the top, but this event is attended by the kind of people who earn literally 1,000 to 10,000 times as much money as your average person does. At a meeting of several of these people, you’d expect 1,000 times more police than you usually see.

If anything, this security is very light, given the circumstances. Just look at the San Diego police presence (It looked like up to 1,000 visible police in riot gear) just for one Donald Trump speech.

What’s really suspicious, then, is why is there such a light police presence? And the reason why security can be so light is because the media is under tight restrictions.

And that’s the real story. Where’s the media? And what does that say about these power brokers?

If they have this much power over the press, can they afford to pay for their own extra police?
Or do they rely on their influence over governments to provide extra security at the cost of the taxpayer?
If Luke’s story is true, is discrediting him and giving him a wild, unbelievable story to tell part of this intimidation?
If Luke’s story isn’t true, is he merely self-aggrandizing by telling a real whopper of a fib, and thus playing to his paying audience’s fears, or is Luke “in on it” with some elite power broker himself, and

I’ve presented 3 possible explanations. And any of them are worth investigating, in my opinion, by talking to the person you DO have access to. A person who may not be what he seems to be.

The Rebel, after all, can show it’s superior credibility and independence by maintaining an appropriate level of skepticism.
commented 2016-06-09 12:16:39 -0400
@lawrence O’Byrne…..I am not a kool aid drinker…explain to me what is wrong with protecting the attendees of this meeting ….without using terms like" 9/11 truth" or “illuminatti”….I happen to be a libertarian……I am not a subscriber to crypto political conspiracy theory…they are the real coolaid drinkers.
commented 2016-06-09 12:15:44 -0400
Glenn . . . . the reality is . . . Europe is becoming a fascist state . . . where citizens rights are in rapid decline. Too bad the German cops weren’t as brave when addressing the izzzlamic invaders . . .
The Bilderberg’s have helped to build the now failing Euro Zone . . . too bad they hide in secret like the cowards they are . . . .
commented 2016-06-09 12:03:15 -0400
craig your posting on the wrong comment board aren’t you looking for the CBC site ,i hear they only allow comments from kool aid drinkers such as yourself
commented 2016-06-09 11:32:15 -0400
Put the shoe on the other foot….if you were an invited attendee of this meeting….like the finance minister for instance….and besides the real and present threat of muzzie terrorists….virtually every anarchist and snake people crypto political type in the world has made you the despised target number one and lots of commentors on your various sites have proclaimed their death wish against you…would you expect less from the security your host provides? And that’s not to mention the various spy agencies who would love to bug this event…of course they are being vigilant. These days a bug or a bomb or a container of sarin or ricin can be concealed in anything.

I think this appeared to very polite an professional especially compared to encounters I have seen with police forces in Canada. And there are high level meetings that take place in Canada where if you do not have that level of secret security clearance and show up uninvited you will be handled by the police in the same manner.

From whatI have seen here the police have been relatively friendly with Lauren …and that is probably because they know who she is and what she is about because they ran a background check.

The guy they gave the rough time to didn’t respect their line in the sand.

So far I have seen nothing that persuades me that alien snake people have taken over the planet nor that I need to buy Alex Jones’ snake oil.
commented 2016-06-09 11:28:19 -0400
Send in a middle eastern looking journalist or someone in a burka and they will get the royal treatment.
commented 2016-06-09 11:16:35 -0400
Money and power breed arrogance and superiority – be aware both of them are dangerous to you.

The police are the enemy AND the strong arm of the rich and entitled

You do not have the rights in Europe that you have in Canada

Avoid the various police in the EU at all cost.
commented 2016-06-09 11:13:17 -0400
Lauren – maybe you need to buy a wig and some glasses for a disguise.

I agree with Egil, it’s looking a lot like the old Germany, but then Merkel the Marxist, was trained in east Germany.
commented 2016-06-09 11:02:24 -0400
The more time passes the more I see old Germany emerging.
commented 2016-06-09 11:01:06 -0400
The actions of the police are disturbing, however, we need more reporting as to what is actually occurring at the conference; who is attending, are the MSM covering it etc? Don’t permit the “harassment” to let you lose,sight of your reason for being there.
commented 2016-06-09 10:45:12 -0400
Just to give some info, from Germany: The police can at anytime ask you for ID, you have to show it, if not you can be arrested and taken to a police station to try and identify you.
Searching the Hotel-Room is illegal, but becomes legal in 2. cases:

1. Gefahr in vollzug (imminent danger)
2. If the Hotel has suspisions on what your doing there, as they have the Hausrecht (Building rights)
commented 2016-06-09 10:40:22 -0400
Good work, Lauren! Keep exposing them, but do so from the relative safety of the crowd of journalists.