April 03, 2018

A Katie Hopkins EXCLUSIVE: Meeting street artist Sabo, “who achieves what many other conservative commentators cannot”

Rebel Staff

Last night while you were sleeping, street-artist Sabo (a.k.a. "the Conservative Banksy") was busy at work, installing the latest of his guerrilla artworks across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

His target?

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg — and the conflict of interest alleged to exist between them.

One poster features the faces of Zuckerburg and Schumer, morphed into “ZuckSchumer,” complete with the hashtag #ZuckSchumer — all set for Twitter to take flight.

Sabo's art is direct and in-your-face, necessarily so in a world where most people are face-planted on their phones.

But Sabo has a clear political point to point to make...

(CLICK HERE to READ the rest of Katie's exclusive interview, and see Sabo's NEW #ZuckSchumer posters on the streets of New York City!)


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