September 06, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: McKenna got almost $5K in “media coaching” from Liberal operative behind “beer and popcorn” slur

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

A new Freedom of Information investigation by The Rebel has found that Environment minister Catherine McKenna received nearly $5000 in taxpayer funded media training from Scott Reid, the Liberal behind the famous "beer and popcorn" gaffe.

The costs stem from a contract between Environment and Climate Change Canada and Feschuk-Reid Communications, a company helmed by a pair Liberal partisans, Scott Reid and Scott Feschuk, who ran communications for Prime Minister Paul Martin.

We uncovered a government procurement document (see below), “For services rendered in support of media and message training with the Minister,” with a total bill, including travel, “carbon offsets” and media coaching of $4799.74.

Liberals using tax dollars to enrich Liberals is bad but not exactly new. But it get’s worse:

The contract was sole sourced, meaning they hired Scott Reid with no questions asked.

Remember when Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought in his universal child care benefit? Scott Reid parroted the Liberal line on the media panels back then, and he famously said that Canadian parents couldn’t be trusted with their own childcare choices because they would just spend the money on “beer and popcorn.”

Now watch as I run down a few of McKenna’s gaffes and flubs, forcing me to wonder:

Did we even get our money’s worth from Reid this time?

The Liberals could have contracted out media training to someone who didn’t create a national firestorm by treating conservatives like low rent hillbillies.

But then, of course, they couldn't enrich their Liberal pals with taxpayer dollars at the same time.

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commented 2017-09-07 14:26:50 -0400
Well he does need more than beer and popcorn money since he has to buy hookers and blow
commented 2017-09-07 12:53:03 -0400
Even customer Rewards Plans have carbon offset scams going now.

So instead of trading your accumulated reward points for say a coffee maker or a trip to the Bahamas, you can assuage your carbon guilt by trading them for carbon offsets. Lol!

The people running the Rewards Plans carbon offset scam must be laughing everyday when they go to work, they just can’t believe it. Lol!
commented 2017-09-07 12:32:12 -0400
What is disturbing to me is that the feds are buying carbon offsets with taxpayer money.

The carbon offset business is full of fraudsters and scammers. Virtually anyone can sell offsets online, all they sell are certificates which say how many tons of carbon they offset.

There is no oversight, all you get is a piece of paper. Its a joke.

Scammers make these carbon offset certificates using a home printer, then they photocopy them by the thousands and sell them.

Who are the Liberals buying these offsets from?.. I’ll wager from their Liberal pals.

This is a scandal, this stinks to high heaven.
commented 2017-09-07 01:01:30 -0400
Hey libs and trolls ,if an oil company bought enough carbon offsets to counter their output would that make them a non polluting company? If not then how can it be used to offset anyone other carbon output?
commented 2017-09-07 00:59:46 -0400
Carbon Offsets? LMAO! Biggest load of crap that has ever existed on this planet.
commented 2017-09-06 23:20:55 -0400
“Low rent hillbillies”, best line ever to describe how our current government views the electorate. Just sittin’ on my porch smokin’ a corn cob pipe waitin’ for the gubbernant come to get its due.
commented 2017-09-06 21:25:59 -0400
I wonder if it was Climate Barbie’s savvy media training from Scott Reid (or, to quote Katie Hopkins; a cunning linguist) that inspired her infamous tweet that she is now “so done” with being accused of virtue signalling, and now I’m . . . like . . . y’know . . . so done . . . totally . . . with like . . . y’know . . . carbon tax and like so done . . . y’know . . . with like climate stuff and things . . . just, so done.
commented 2017-09-06 21:18:22 -0400
The lyrics from , “If I were a Rich Man” seem appropriate:

The most important men in town will come to fawn on me
They will ask me to advise them like a Solomon the Wise
“If you please, Reb Tevye, pardon me, Reb Tevye?”
Posing problems that would cross a rabbi’s eyes
Ya va voy, ya va voy, voy vum
And it won’t make one bit of difference
If I answer right or wrong
When you’re rich, they think you really know.
commented 2017-09-06 20:53:07 -0400
Let me introduce you to Trudeau’s Muslim Caucus:
Omar Alghabra
Iqra Khalid
Faycal El-Khoury
Ahmed Hussen
Maryan Monsef
Ali Ehassi
Majid Jowhari
Yasmin Ratansi
Marwan Tabbara
Arif Virani
Salma Vahid
commented 2017-09-06 20:52:22 -0400
These Librano trough guzzlers and fart catchers just keep reappearing like a dose of clap – every time there’s loose public change they’re in there slopping away at the gummint teat.
commented 2017-09-06 20:35:50 -0400
Martin & Peter, let’s see what China can do for McKenna & test the theory of “can you put a brain into a vacuum? Won’t it just explode?” She has the re-animated look anyway….
Trudeau’s muslim cabinet will object on the grounds that pigs are haram!
commented 2017-09-06 20:01:12 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT, the Chinese I believe are about to start transplanting different pig organs and such into humans.
I believe that a pigs heart has been successfully transplanted into a human – I might be wrong though.
Anyway, I think your suggestion that ‘Katherine McKenna needs brain transplant, not media training!’ is right on the money and so I think she should be sent to China – Justin’s favorite dictatorship – and she should be the first to receive a new pig brain. In fact I think Justin should volunteer her for this procedure, it might be an improvement compared to what she is now. Justin is such good friends with the Chinese that they will definitely give her the best pig brain they can find and the whole procedure would probably cost less than her media training.
Consider for a minute the fact that if this should work out, then most if not all the Liberals could volunteer for the transplant. They have already been described as ‘Pigs at the trough’, so what could be more justified as all of them having pigs brains.
Although I feel so sorry for the poor pigs.
Then again on further reflection I don’t think any of this would be a good idea. After all pigs are considered to be extremely smart animals and we certainly do not want to do the Liberals any favours.
commented 2017-09-06 19:15:14 -0400
After Trump won, Sleeping Giants, a US group decided to try to destroy Breitbart News financially by getting companies to pull their ads. Now they’re trying to destroy The Rebel. Below are some of the better known companies that have removed The Rebel from their media buys. For the complete list go to Sleeping Giants CA (@slpng_giants_ca) | Twitter

Alarm Force, All State Canada, Benjamin Moore Canada, Cadillac Canada, Canon Canada, Chapman’s Ice Cream, Coors Light Canada, Crave TV, Day’s Inn, Dodge Canada, Edmonton Food Bank, First Choice Hair Cutters, GM Canada, Harley Davidson Canada, Hudson’s Bay. Kia Canada, Lowe’s Canada, Mark’s Canada, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Panasonic Canada, Penguin Books, Porter Airlines, Pet Smart, Red Lobster, Rona, Salvation Army Canada, Schneider’s, Sears Canada, Sleep Country Canada, Space Solutions, Tangerine Bank, TD Canada Trust, Tilley Endurables, Tyson Foods, Volkswagon Canada, Whistler Blackcomb, Windsor Salt.
commented 2017-09-06 18:58:17 -0400
She needs to spend a lot more to fix her problems.
commented 2017-09-06 18:54:58 -0400
Reality is McKenna, or as some call her, Climate Barbie, is the classic blonde joke. Reid probably laughs with Feschuk over morning coffee about what they got the empty headed doll to say or tweet today. Honestly, mistaking puffins for penguins?

My conspiracy theory is Baby Doc is as much a misogynist as Papa Doc was. Hence he appointed these bimbettes to prove his point.
commented 2017-09-06 18:53:56 -0400
If you look up the word “airhead” in an illustrated dictionary…
commented 2017-09-06 18:50:50 -0400
Tammie, can you put a brain into a vacuum? Won’t it just explode? Waste of a perfectly good brain!
commented 2017-09-06 18:40:35 -0400
The liberals run a rats nest based on lies and deception! They are the lowest form of humanity, and aren’t fit to govern.
commented 2017-09-06 18:38:57 -0400
Tax payer refund in order, Katherine McKenna needs brain transplant, not media training!
commented 2017-09-06 18:34:52 -0400
The Liberals are such liars!!