August 10, 2016

(FLASHBACK) EXCLUSIVE: Number of Canadian airport workers fired as security risks has QUADRUPLED since 2010

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(NOTE: This report was originally posed on January 28, 2016.) The Rebel sent a one-line access to information request to Transport Canada, asking for “copies of any statistics on the revocation of any security clearances/passes for airport personnel, broken down by airport and year, since January 1, 2010."

And they answered. Sort of.

In 2010, 31 people were refused security clearance. By 2014, that had more than doubled to 70. And last year — the year of the Islamic State — the number of refusals skyrocketed to 110.

In other words, four times a week someone applies for security clearance at a Canadian airport, and is refused because there’s something about them that is "adverse". How many aren’t caught?

Even more terrifying? In 2010, 11 people had their airport security clearance cancelled. Again, over the years, that doubled and tripled. By last year, the year of the Islamic State, it had quadrupled.

So overall, 152 people who were either working at airports, or applying to work there, were blocked or fired for being security risks, a massive jump from the year earlier. Do you think Justin Trudeau takes security seriously?


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commented 2016-08-10 22:05:25 -0400
Of course Trudeau does not take airport security seriously, why should he when he flies around in a private jet surrounded by a security team.
commented 2016-08-10 20:35:00 -0400
You still need to assert a counter narrative to academic deception on the history of why this is happening. Many of our friends have the facts. I’ve heard students tell me Catholics have killed more people in history than anyone. The truth is Catholics have done more than anyone to assist the impoverished. The Catholics stood up after 2/3 had been obliterated and if they hadn’t we’d all be Muslim. Then they say the Roman Empire fell. No, it was converted and it’s the only thing still standing
commented 2016-08-10 20:04:59 -0400
Just look at the people in charge of security – if you cannot see the potential trouble then you are truly an idiot.

probably as stupid as zigi zigi
commented 2016-01-29 00:51:24 -0500
@ Justin’s diary..
Wow.. Good one..!
But are you sure Justin Trudeau is able to juggle that many things in his head at one time…
commented 2016-01-28 20:26:13 -0500
Check that in a few years, bet it goes down with the libs allowing everything
commented 2016-01-28 19:34:58 -0500
Never trusting a liberal for anything is a given but having said that I find this report somewhat misleading by lumping together current employees and people simply applying for a job. Lots of companies do background checks these days. If however, a high number of employees are only now being vetted, that would be somewhat disconcerting.
commented 2016-01-28 19:22:52 -0500
The only thing Justin takes seriously is shampoo and conditioner. Easy Breezy Beautiful !!
Justin’s Diary, that is some good stuff you write. Genius stuff. I think we could make a Canadian South Park with a funny character named Justin and your writing skills. It’s like you are right inside the boy’s head. I bet you are pretty close to his actual thoughts. Have you done any re-thinking of time and space yet?
commented 2016-01-28 17:55:03 -0500
why did you highlight Fraser Thats not me. My name Fraser McBurney I don’t have a twitter acc. and I don’t want one and since face book is going to stop free speach I’m thinking of cancelling mine.
Free speach forever
commented 2016-01-28 15:27:32 -0500
@fraser No, I don’t think being Canadian-born is the answer. There are plenty of Canadian-born wacko’s out there too. Actually, maybe we should be thankful and commending our Airport Authorities for identifying potential risks, and taking action. Good for them, and the increase over the past few years is evidence of this. What’s criminal is that our Federal Government doesn’t seem to care about the risks they subject the Nation to, nor do they appear to take much of any appropriate action.
commented 2016-01-28 15:08:36 -0500
Well I guess this is one time that we should not complain about a few extra Muslims being on Welfare.
commented 2016-01-28 15:03:54 -0500
I’ll put money down on Toronto and Montreal.
commented 2016-01-28 14:50:27 -0500
The only thing Justin Trudeau takes seriously is his reflection, his fathers Marxist legacy, Francophone supremacy, and his standing with the Agenda 21, UN global reset thugs. He cares about Canada so much, he is willing to put Canadians at risk, and destroy everything good about this place. Why would he give two hoots about airport security, or recognise the rising number of employee security risk finds as a problem.
commented 2016-01-28 14:30:31 -0500
Do I think Justin Trudeau takes security seriously? Good question. I feel sure he takes it VERY seriously when it comes to the bodyguards protecting him and his family. (And maybe Gerald Butts.) But I find it hard to believe that he takes the security of ordinary Canadians very seriously. If he did, he wouldn’t be letting in “refugees” without vetting them first. (I don’t mean asking them directly if they are terrorists and then taking them at their word when they say they aren’t. I mean researching these people and making sure they are who they say they are and that they have valid documents and no record of terrorist activity in their home countries.)
commented 2016-01-28 14:11:30 -0500
Justin ., your trying to focus our attention away from the subjects at hand. Boy are you stupid!
commented 2016-01-28 14:04:42 -0500
Trudum doesn’t care he does not fly commercial
commented 2016-01-28 13:47:30 -0500
It’s time the government only employ native born Canadians to man sensitive posts
commented 2016-01-28 13:45:33 -0500
This issue pops up on a regular basis. Beef up the security clearance process and do not employ anyone until that clearance is issued. I hear the argument already, we don’t have enough people, our budget has been cut, etc. Get the funding and enough people before there is a major incident. The risk is way too high to ignore this one.
commented 2016-01-28 13:11:06 -0500
No problem, Truedoo will hire them back with a generous pain and suffering payment up front.
commented 2016-01-28 13:05:05 -0500
January 28, 2016
Dear Diary;
One of the things that I love about my Sunny Ways is that the whole idea is so infectious. I’ve been learning about what happened in Italy when my Iranian buddy Hassan Rouhani visited and how the Italians did the decent thing and covered the nude statues at the Capitoline Museums so that he wouldn’t be offended. What a wonderful world this would be if everyone could learn from that and just stop offending each other over diversity of thought, and instead focused like me on promoting true diversity, the kind that’s superficial and skin deep, and just forgot all that nonsense about Iran being a sponsor of terrorism, or the rumours about them hanging homosexuals publicly from cranes, or that crap about them being one-third of the axis of evil, or that they’re the world leader in executing children (just because Amnesty International says that it’s true doesn’t actually mean that it’s definitely true). So my Iranian friends, when in Rome make sure they do it Your Way, the Islamic Way, or as I like to call it; the Sunny Way.
I’ve recently discovered that some people, like Peter Netterville, have been referring to Gerald as PM. I’m a bit concerned because I was pretty sure that I was the one who was supposed to be the Dear Leader. I asked Gerald about it. He just smiled warmly at me, patted me on the back and told me not to worry. He said that Netterville used the letters to mean Puppet Master. I didn’t understand it but then I laughed, then Gerald laughed and laughed so I feel better now.
commented 2016-01-28 12:45:50 -0500
hmm … sounds ethnic…
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