August 03, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson tells Ezra Levant about prison treatment, thanks supporters

Rebel Staff

After Tommy Robinson's release from prison yesterday, I travelled from London to Luton to congratulate Tommy in person.

It was glorious to see him reunited with his beautiful wife and three lovely children. Those kids — who missed their dad so painfully — had smiles on their faces that I will never forget.

Tommy invited me to join the family for dinner, but I didn’t want to intrude in their private time. But I did ask him to sit down with me for ten minutes, to tell the world how he was doing.

And as I listened, my joy turned to sorrow, and then to rage.

Because Tommy was physically and psychologically abused in prison.

You can see it in his face. His appearance is shocking — he lost 40 pounds of weight in just two months.

If he were to have stayed in prison much longer, I fear his very life would have been in danger.

Tommy told me he was so grateful to our Rebel viewers for crowdfunding his legal defence. We have now paid off Tommy’s last legal bill. Thank you.

We will continue to support Tommy — by reporting on his case, and in other ways that he may request. 


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commented 2018-08-02 10:55:46 -0400
This is unreal. It has gone too far. Someone will need to take a guiding role for Tommy. It is not the best for him to be martyred. I think he needs a rest from it for some time. Maybe we can get them out of that dreadful country for him to regain health and reassess. Please do what we need you to do. I know you are busy at all times. Maybe we can appoint a helper. There are enough of us to fund this thing. Paul Scott

commented 2018-08-02 10:44:13 -0400
I should have added that I don’t cry easily – not the emotional type.
It’s so shocking that Tommy could be treated this way. All these years his has been the one lonely voice representing all the girls who have, and still are, suffering the atrocities of the rape gangs. And they aren’t even his girls – they are complete strangers and he has been the one to stand up for them….
commented 2018-08-02 10:40:39 -0400
How do we unite to raise funds and get the best possible Patriotic Lawyer to sue the home office or appropriate minister. They need to be locked up for what they have done to a brave and innocent man. If they dont face justice on earth. They are goin to face justice in hell.
commented 2018-08-02 10:39:04 -0400
The time has come for Tommy to reconsider everything.
We know he has great support in Britain we saw it for ourselves, but God what a price he pays. If Britain is now a Nation of cowards and regressive drones which I suspect it is, what value is Tommy’s life for these infidel dhimmis who can not see one week into the future. I will go with my little donations wherever Tommy and Ezra need it spent.
If he needs to get out of Britain with his family and leave that totalitarian shambles, those weakling people > leave them to the Sharia law mess they vote for.
I am ready for my small part of $NZ 20 a week for as long as it takes.
commented 2018-08-02 10:19:36 -0400
It’s astounding how a civil western gov’t can so casually sink to the depths of North Korea, Turkey, Egypt, and other dictatorships that jail and torture journalists and protesters.
Every Brit should be outraged by the torturous treatment of someone who allegedly committed a minor offense (by judge’s definition). Orwellian penalties for wrongthink, in the UK!
If this travesty is not protested vehemently by the British people, then they have quietly surrendered to authoritarianism and Islam.
I pray Ezra and the Rebel reporters don’t suffer like this. I’m sure Trudeau and Butts are looking at Tommy’s treatment and working on ideas to punish Canadians who don’t follow the narrative.
commented 2018-08-02 10:19:02 -0400
Heartbreaking to see how the state has endeavoured to crush a man; no different treatment than other totalitarian states of the past.
commented 2018-08-02 10:06:57 -0400
I’m in tears right now. Bawling my eyes out….
commented 2018-08-02 10:03:59 -0400
Canadians are also under attack and medicated on cbc and liberal government cool aide. Our citizens are sound asleep totally consumed by feel good talks by our bias liberal funded and controlled media especially CBC.
The calm is now but a ripple here in Canada. We patriots will turn the ripple to a small wave. The wave will turn into a full blown storm thanks to the dedicated. Tommy Robinson is the most dedicated on our planet.Thank you so much for your work Tommy. Everything you touch will be blessed. Your quiet following will spread the word and create the storm.
commented 2018-08-02 10:00:25 -0400
We’d all like to think what happened to Tommy is huge news but it is still being ignored by most media, even the conservative Toronto Sun.
commented 2018-08-02 09:56:59 -0400
Tommy has suffered serious ill treatment while in prison. He is noticeably thinner and mentally all over the place in this video. I will happily contribute to a crowdfunding campaign if it’s decided to sue the authorities for this. I hope others will too. This is outrageous and many of Tommy’s friends and family and supporters will be very angry. This has to stop. The authorities must stop hounding Tommy and compensate him for this terrible treatment. How dare they treat someone like this. Don’t they realise how close they are to sparking off something really serious?
commented 2018-08-02 09:38:11 -0400
Congratulations to the legal team for helping to free political prisoner Tommy Robinson. Am comforted by his taking time away to do some recovery from the U.K’s treatment. Do hope Robinson stays in the fight, but if not, totally understandable, he has done more than almost all other Britons.
The real ravens of the tower of London have flown, Britain in every moral sense has fallen.
commented 2018-08-02 09:37:07 -0400
Tommy is visibly shaken and appears to be suffering from post traumatic stress. Ezra you are right, he was tortured. I would love to see another lawsuit against those who violated Tommy’s human rights! I hope Tommy takes the time to heal mentally and physically from this. The fact that he will be put on trial again, is another form of psychological torture. Its waiting for the other shoe to drop. God be with you and your family Tommy! The world is watching.
commented 2018-08-02 09:29:01 -0400
We are so proud of The Rebel to support Tommy. And we are so so much with Tommy in his fight for justice and freedom of speech.
commented 2018-08-02 09:21:27 -0400
I would not blame Tommy if he just walked away from everything and led a quiet life with his family. He actually looks partially traumatized so I hope he seeks medical help. He has done more to awaken the British population about the current state of their country than anyone else. It is up to the British patriots if they want to rise up or collectively fall. Thank you again Ezra for helping Tommy. You do wonderful work.
commented 2018-08-02 08:54:20 -0400
You are a brave man, Tommy. It is so great to see you, Tommy!
commented 2018-08-02 08:39:24 -0400
Shame on Her Majesty’s government. Kadhr was treated better and got a 10.5 million dollar cheque from the Boy Blunder to boot.