August 28, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Trump supporter falsely charged with “hate crime;” NEW evidence implicates judge's son

Laura LoomerShillman Fellow

It is no surprise that conservatives in America are being targeted for their support of President Trump, having their lives destroyed and their livelihood depleted, simply for being conservative.

Attacking someone for their politics could be expected from private citizens acting out against each other, but what about government and law enforcement officials?

The Rebel has investigated the case of Mark Feigin, a California Trump supporter who was wrongfully accused of and charged with an anti-Muslim hate crime.

On October 19, 2016, Feigin was arrested and charged with making a “criminal threat” and “annoying phone calls” against the Islamic Center of Southern California by the Los Angeles Police Department, and then by California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

LAPD officers accused Feigin of making two threatening phone calls and claimed that they had traced the phone calls back to him, later labeling the calls a hate crime against Muslims.

On October 19th, 2016, Feigin’s home was raided by the LAPD and his weapons were confiscated and placed on display for the media during a press conference where the California Media and LAPD were complicit in portraying Feigin as a potential mass murderer.

Cmdr. Horace Frank with the Los Angeles Police Department stated in a press conference in October 2016:

"The male caller threatened to kill the person who answered the phone along with other members of the center because of the caller's hatred for Muslims and his belief that Muslims will destroy the United States." 

The Rebel has obtained new documents and evidence through police disclosure surrounding the case which proves that the first phone call made to the Islamic Center came from the phone of a different California man, Michael Slawson.

Michael Slawson is the son of Democratically appointed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge John Slawson.

In other words, Slawson’s father is a judge in the same justice system under which Feigin was charged.

Despite evidence in the form of phone records and police interrogations that prove that the September 19 phone call came from Slawson’s phone, Feigin is still being charged with a crime he did not commit, and has suffered extreme defamation and personal damage.

The Rebel is investigating stories that the mainstream media refuses to cover.

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commented 2017-09-14 11:55:31 -0400
He’s still being charged, because there were multiple calls, and multiple death threats. You’re trying to disprove one of them. There are about 3-4 different calls
commented 2017-09-14 11:54:08 -0400
So he’s only guilty of making some of the death threats then………well that’s OK………errr no!

So what if only some of the death threats came from his phone. It still makes him guilty
commented 2017-09-02 15:33:54 -0400
When is the media going to refuse to play the terrorists’ repeatedly filmed slashing and burning of human beings? If this isn’t hate what is? Perhaps a class action court case from the public against any media that uses their power to present the vile murders of westerners and innocent people needs to happen until we are permitted to voice our objections strongly without fear of retribution. When governments allow films showing these terrorists bludgeoning innocents, but make laws to prevent a reaction, they are allowing these people to terrorize us while muzzling our voices, and as such are culpable in aiding and abetting terror. Those who show these films need to be addressed in court action…class action by citizens.
commented 2017-09-02 12:34:30 -0400
Well said Lloyd Nolan! The Trojan(muslim) horse of terrorism is spreading from Europe to North America. These p.c leftist retards must be stopped from ruining our country…..1st to get the boot is none other than jihadi Justine and his idiot followers.
commented 2017-08-29 21:45:47 -0400
Sensitivity training before a conviction, Islamofascist tactics!
commented 2017-08-29 12:54:51 -0400
“Rebelation Rebelation commented 13 hours ago
Andrew. I think you’re wrong. I think he was targeted because of the posts he left online, and it was done to protect the judge’s son. That’s why it took them a month.”

So, in essence, there was evidence that he was partaking in these activities, so they may actually have had probable cause on the wrong fellow? Remember, charges don’t equal convictions, and if they were wrong it would come out at trial.

“Drew Wakariuk commented 11 hours ago
Andrew Stephenson they sign warrants they have a strong influence. Now go back to school and learn some thinking skills. "
He could have, but did he? You’re free to speculate about a possible connection, but the mere possibility is not certainty.
commented 2017-08-29 03:57:58 -0400
Oh good, Laura is out of jail.

Laura, I don’t know if you heard. While you were in jail, Caolin Robertson made a nasty video trashing the rebel. In this video, he claimed that Ezra had set up a fund raising campaign to free you from jail before you were even arrested. HE also said that all of Ezra’s staff were leaving the rebel, and you would be the only one left with Ezra.

And then he tried to blackmail Ezra. Something about telling everybody that money raised for things like your free Laura campaign, gets pocketed by Ezra.

Anyways, good to have you back. Don’t get arrested for protesting political violence again.
commented 2017-08-29 01:57:37 -0400
Andrew Stephenson they sign warrants they have a strong influence. Now go back to school and learn some thinking skills.
commented 2017-08-29 00:20:03 -0400
Andrew. I think you’re wrong. I think he was targeted because of the posts he left online, and it was done to protect the judge’s son. That’s why it took them a month. They had to figure out an escape plan.

Deborah. Well put!!
commented 2017-08-28 21:53:53 -0400
Sensitivity training? That needs to be exposed. What exactly is sensitivity training! Sounds like a re education camp to me.
commented 2017-08-28 20:02:29 -0400
The left have use minorities to take away the rights and freedoms of the majority!
commented 2017-08-28 18:55:56 -0400
Just a guess but probably can not file a rachel political profiling case with ACLU or CIVIL RIGHTS CORPS Amnesty International USA.Center for Constitutional Rights Alliance for Justice. …
AFL-CIO. …Alliance for National Renewal. …American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. …American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA) …Anti-Defamation League Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (LCCR) Race Forward American Association for Affirmative Action (AAAA)
Center for Media Justice (CMJ) NAACP Legal Defense Fund Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Brennan Center for Justice ? Because He is white Owns a Gun and is a trump supporter and I will Guess"""one of those dam Heterasexuals ?
commented 2017-08-28 18:40:11 -0400
Being a judge doesn’t mean you can influence police investigations

Him being a democrat doesn’t make his son one as well.

Did the police botch the investigation? Very possibly. But, the guilt by association nonsense is essentially irrelevant to that.
commented 2017-08-28 16:30:12 -0400
So, with all evidence pointing away from Feigin they still pursue him.

If he has not been found guilty, how can the state demand that he attend “sensitivity” classes by a Muslim authority? Isn’t it unconstitutional to force someone to publicly denounce their association – even by thought – with a political ideal? This especially since he isn’t part of the “alt-right” or the KKK. It looks more like the LAPD and the DA trying to save face, but it looks more like they are giving grounds for a lawsuit.

But no one would dare suggest that Michael Slawson’s brother or his judge father had anything to do with Slawson not being charged, and letting the wrap hang on Feigin’s neck.

Politics, PC, and law don’t mix.

What next? Tar and feather Feigin and ride him out on a rail? Lots of guns, but so what? Since he did nothing wrong, its just mud slinging.
commented 2017-08-28 16:18:36 -0400
Thanks for posting that, KEN.
commented 2017-08-28 15:03:45 -0400
Those attacks and murders , that was last month
Sharia law is not totally here yet , but Sharia attitude is becoming the law
commented 2017-08-28 15:00:32 -0400
Thanks LAURA , in Canada we would not know the the other side of the story, if it weren’t for the REBEL

And for you people that say , what’s that got to do with us ?
Well , the Anglo nations are being attacked in parallel , what’s over there , is here or coming here

194 attacks by the religion of peace , resulting in 1348 murders ,
commented 2017-08-28 14:38:49 -0400
I’m taking this nightmarish assault-by-the-state on an individual – and a DISSENTER – as a dire warning of nasty things to come for those of us who aren’t under the thrall of the lefty/globalist social engineers and their robot-programming, and indoctrination – like all the useful idiots are…because this is all escalating!
commented 2017-08-28 14:29:22 -0400
It’s not like the Islamic association would lie or anything, would they? Oh ya, that’s their religious right
commented 2017-08-28 14:16:56 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,951 Attacks, 218,978 Killed, 300,187 Injured that we know of

“Christians are the worst part of Canadian Society”, Justin Trudeau, Debate Post, March 28, 2017