February 26, 2016

Exposing Coderre’s hypocrisy: Here’s why he should support Canada's oil and gas industry

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The Rebel.media’s billboard targeting Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, is up and it’s 10 feet away from City Hall, so you know he’s seen it.  

The billboard reads “You won’t take oil from Alberta or Saskatchewan? Fine. Then, no more oil-related equalization payments for you.”

For a province that’s accepted just over half of total equalization payments throughout time, it’s rich for Coderre to slam a project that will be of massive benefit to Canadians. Quebec’s number one import is oil, which has a price tag of $20 billion. The mayor also cited environmental concerns, but failed to mention that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil.

There are so many reasons to get behind this project, including saving billions of dollars in import costs.

Promoting Energy East means backing Canada’s path to energy independence and by importing American oil while they double production, we’re promoting the energy independence of another country. Quebec’s biggest import is oil.

Canada also imports oil from places like the Middle East, North and West Africa and Mexico. Regions that are considered to be in violation of human rights issues ranging from poor working conditions, prison sentences for online activists, forcing women into sex slavery, the use of child soldiers and the stoning of homosexuals to death.

In stark contrast, the proceeds of importing our hydrocarbons from right here at home would go to enriching the lives of Canadians that have human rights standards that are second to none.

When it comes to our resources, let’s face facts – promoting Canada’s oil and gas industry is in the best interest of the nation.

Canadian hydrocarbons are the most regulated and ethical source and by pushing the narrative that Canadian oil is evil while importing conflict oil from truly evil regimes, that’s just hypocritical.

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commented 2016-02-26 22:04:35 -0500
HOLLY, that takes a lot of fact finding research ,good job ,a lot more people are coming on board , have a good weekend.
commented 2016-02-26 21:59:43 -0500
commented 2016-02-26 21:39:06 -0500
Every Political figure and Organization in Canada, fighting against oil, are all puppets or are being paid for by the Marxist UN.

The UN intends to control the World and will use inbred savages and Sharia Law to achieve this goal.

It is time for sensible people to stand up and say NO. We are not going to do nothing, while a bunch of grubby little Socialist Bastards ruin Civilization.

Fight the good fight.
commented 2016-02-26 21:38:40 -0500
Too many people don’t even know where their oil comes from, which is half of the reason these environazi’s get away with this nonsense. So glad the billboard is up. It will at least make some Quebeckers think.
commented 2016-02-26 21:14:58 -0500
Quebec is the furthest thing from being Canadian, and always has been . why the hell did we fight to keep them in Canada when we had a chance to dump them.
commented 2016-02-26 20:14:31 -0500
Hi Holly. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding the leftists when it comes to oil. As far as I can tell, they think that oil and Canada itself are bad. But the leftists would rather support a country that they perceive as being an oppressed hellhole by purchasing their oil. The issue is more sociological and stemming from some kind of self hatred, which manifests itself as a hatred for Canada and our oil.
commented 2016-02-26 20:09:38 -0500
Bravo! I wish a billboard can be put up saying all of that!
commented 2016-02-26 20:01:42 -0500
February 26, 2016
Dear Diary;
TGIF but I had a busy day with stuff to do before Gerald gave me the weekend off. So today, although it’s very uncharacteristic of me, I’ve cheated and dedicated today’s diary entry to all my supporters (you know who you are) who come on to the Rebel to give my side of the story when all these crazy right-wingers keep trying to drag truth and common sense into everything.
I know better than anyone that promoting Sunny Ways can sometimes be a thankless and arduous task so, to help all of you (and also to tease Merrill Meikleham’s curiosity about raising his hopes), I’ve dug out my old election campaign talking points which you will all find to be valuable (not “invaluable”, because that would mean the opposite, but my clever zombies would know that) in the fight against right-wing extremists;
Here were my Top Ten Reasons to Heave Steve in 2015:
Number 10: Going back to live in the stone age will be for our own good. David Suzuki and Neil Young said so therefore it must be true. But just in case it’s not, we still have reason number 9.
Number 9: No more pipelines. It’s common knowledge that the best, safest, most modern, advanced and efficient way to transport oil is to fill tanks with it, mount them on wobbly wagons and trundle them across the country.
Number 8: Certainly no one wants to see an immigrant’s lips moving when they’re reciting the Oath of Citizenship.
Number 7: Our Senate might wither and die, OMG, OMG, OMG. That will leave only the un-elected dilatants of the Supreme Court to thwart the efforts of our democratically elected government. It’s common knowledge that they’re hopeless at that. Best that they focus on the real work of making our laws instead of enforcing our laws.
Number 6: Abolish Bill C-51. We must curtail the freedom that our security organizations utilise to freely exchange information that might infringe on the freedom that our country’s enemies enjoy. After all, freedom is what we’re all about, right?
Number 5: No one in their right mind wants a leader who, it’s rumoured, shares their birthday with Adolph Hitler.
Number 4: It’s vitally important that corrupt union bosses will never be required to show their members where all their money is going.
Number 3: And in any case, because those same corrupt union bosses, who don’t like secret ballots, are simply telling us to Heave Steve, that alone is a good enough reason.
Number 2: It’s just downright silliness to be squandering our money and wasting time doing security checks on migrants who come from the most stable and civilized region in the world.
And the Number 1 reason to Heave Steve in 2015:
Everyone knows that more jobs, lower taxes and a balanced budget is no way to run a country.
commented 2016-02-26 19:50:44 -0500
You cannot shame someone with no principles.