June 29, 2016

Exposing the hidden costs of Obama’s “pomp and ceremony” visit to Parliament

Brian LilleyArchive

A visit from an American President always brings extra security costs but this one with President Obama is happening after everyone is gone so Canadians will incur EXTRA costs for Justin’s “bromantic” gesture to Obama.

According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, flights alone will cost us $361,000 and that’s just for the MP’s, not the Senators.

The cost of running Parliament for a day when it is in session is about $1.5M so what happens when we add in extra security costs for this very special occasion?

And don’t forget hotel, transportation and meal costs. Once all of those things are tallied up, we’re looking at about $2M for President Obama to address Parliament.

As I’ve said before, most Presidents that have visited Canada don’t come to talk but to work.

But Justin Trudeau isn’t about getting down to business, he’s about showing off, like his “spontaneous” jog with Mexican President Nieto.

This costly address is about pomp and ceremony and their ongoing bromance and we’re paying the tab.

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commented 2016-06-30 12:10:17 -0400
The Two Smallest Minds in the western world get together with the President of Mexico . . . to talk about how we can ALL become more like Mexico !
commented 2016-06-30 12:02:12 -0400
we need more Canada AND LESS TRUDEAU AND OBAMA pair of entitled 1%ers. both can go pound sand.
commented 2016-06-30 11:59:21 -0400
more of the same from two weak leaders. Just more endless BS and slogans pair of empty suits, Why does Obama NOT PAY HIS OWN WAY INSTEAD OF RIPPING OF CANADIAN TAXPAYERS.
commented 2016-06-30 11:46:52 -0400
JAY KELLY; Yes it will "payoff big time " alright. It will "pay off big time " in the advancement of Globalization and tyranny of the West. If you value what little freedom we have under this socialistic Canada you wouldn’t be calling that meeting anything other than dangerous and a flagrant waste of time and money.
commented 2016-06-30 11:34:25 -0400
We are aware that o bummer is a lame duck right? He had very little to offer Canada when he had term left . A visit now is just so the pie eyed prince can get a few photo ops . Liberals liars and thieves always have been always will be…
commented 2016-06-30 08:27:21 -0400
Oh Jay, I don’t agree with your other opinions, another time and another place you may have been right.
commented 2016-06-30 08:25:09 -0400
Jay, it is worth breaking out the scotch, I case or 2 may not be enough though, need something to numb the stupidity.
commented 2016-06-30 02:18:47 -0400
The summit between the three leaders has been invaluable. Any fancy dinner party costs money, but the hope is that all costs will pay off big time.

This is the first time in decades that we have been able to do something like this.
commented 2016-06-30 02:14:51 -0400
Why does this summit not happen when Parliament is in session. This is an outrage & his royal highness simply does not care. Quiet you peasants, you’re just envious because I get to sit beside Obama & you don’t. I feel like screaming right now. A summit with 3 clueless leaders who think that climate change rules the day every day. All that expense & for what, many photo ops, useless conversation & plenty of spent taxpayer money. This is also thievery disguised as a summit of the Americas.
commented 2016-06-30 00:50:14 -0400
Not to worry. With the left in charge the budgets just balance themselves. You know Jay you got me thinking. Maybe your right and the rebel staff just sits around timmies all day making this stuff up. I mean if it was real surely we would see this on the CBC and CTV and CNN or somewhere right? And surely it makes no sense that a new immigrant all traumatized and all coming from some war torn hell hole wouldn’t just be grateful to be able to come here and try to fit in right? Wait a minute. I see a red flag. ‘Makes no sense’. Mmm. Well since nothing much in our new opposite world makes any sense I’ve changed my mind. I’m willing to bet this stuff is really happening and I’m pretty sure I heard it’s happening in a lot of other places as well.
commented 2016-06-30 00:17:57 -0400
commented 2016-06-30 00:15:59 -0400
Charles – so very true, funny but so very sad. I’m sorry you are another casualty of our evil and corrupt ndpees. The sad thing is that they seem to be gaining momentum in their huge thievery and are unstoppable. I am petrified and very depressed. I have a young son with 4 children and he is the only bread winner and I just don’t know how they will survive with paying $400 to $500 more a month come January 1st, DOOMSDAY IN ALBERTA. He makes a little more than $52,000, taxed all to hell and will not get a dime back from this garbage and evil nutbars. There isn’t a day I don’t think about the disastrous avalanche of expenses is coming our way on January 1st. Ndpees are just unstoppable!
commented 2016-06-29 23:51:45 -0400
Well Alberta is another $340,000,000.00 in debt over the original $5,600,000,000.00 because of the NDPIGS in this province. So where is all this extra money coming from since Fort Mac is still rebuilding and the NDPIGS have pretty much destroyed the rest of the industries. I guess Ontario and Quebec will have to pony up and pay for this. Oh shit! I just remembered Ontario is $360,000,000,000.00 in debt so they’re out of the question to pay this. I guess it is all up to Quebec. Sorry Quebec. Oh Shit! I forgot about all the transfer payments Quebec gets where the fuck is my head. I guess all the ISIS MOTHERFUCKERS Coming into Camada can pay for this. OH I AM SO DUMB. I forgot they don’t have any money to help pay this, I guess the hard working Canadians are still on the hook for all bills. OKAY I WILL GO BACK TO WORK THEN.

OH SHIT! I Can’t go back to work. I was laid off in March of this year and still can’t find a job. That is because I am Alberta. So, sorry to the Canadians that are still working, I guess you are paying this bill. I promise to help out when I find a job.
commented 2016-06-29 23:20:18 -0400
Thanks Jay for that uplifting Sunni ways optimistic pep talk. I feel much better.
commented 2016-06-29 23:06:47 -0400
Elton, you sound like you actually believe the content of Rebel stories about “Mussies” and “lefties” and all that. Do not buy the hype, it is intended to bait readers.

Canada and the United States have the biggest trading relationship in the world. How we get along with one another matters a lot to both our economies.

Personal friendship is not essential in a business relationship, but it can help a lot. Trudeau and Obama are stabilizing our business relationship by a healthy and happy personal relationship. This in turn helps the economy of both countries.
commented 2016-06-29 23:05:41 -0400
Please Jay Kelly – do us all a favor and go back to the garbage cbc. They suit your lack of decency and lack of common sense.
commented 2016-06-29 22:57:28 -0400
Watching this stomach turning lefty love fest I had to use every ounce of control to keep my breakfast down. All I could get out of it was keep up the good work robbing us blind for climate change and let’s all do more to appease the Muslims. And all the seals stood up on their tails to clap and bark.
commented 2016-06-29 22:20:48 -0400
Overall, the Obama visit and the tri-lateral discussions are invaluable for Canada.

How many of us who have been in business will try to think up ways to impress our biggest customer or our biggest supplier?

It has been many years since we were last able to have the U.S. address our Parliament. It is worth breaking out the good Scotch.
commented 2016-06-29 22:20:36 -0400
It’s all about the elite, privileged, entitled, regressive left-winged idiots ruining our countries thinking we, peons, just need to pay up and shut up because they know better than us. They only know how to steal, lie and cheat from us. Huge footprints they leave us with and they all have the audicity to preach to us, while ours is so small in comparison. When will we wake up and protest against this evil lop-sided garbage? Climate change is the absolute biggest scam for over 30 years now and it’s only getting worse every day pushing this damn agenda is the ever compliant, regressive, traiterous msm. I am so angry and petrified at what is going with trudoop, nutley and wynne-bag, they seem to be unstoppable.
commented 2016-06-29 21:51:56 -0400
All the stupid Canadian sheep just nod their heads,DF’S 40BILLION here we come….
commented 2016-06-29 20:02:14 -0400
If Stephen Harper hadn’t been so stingy and tight and frugal with OUR money, we could have had this years ago. And more like this. Especially when this guy will only be a memory in a few months.
Hey, I don’t mind shopping at the Dollar Store.
commented 2016-06-29 19:48:42 -0400
I’m just loving all the Truedope media coverage – it with its vivid graphic images showing a puppy playing puppy games with two wolves.
commented 2016-06-29 19:41:20 -0400
It’s a lot of money just so trudope has the opportunity of some selfies, I’m sure Queens soapy will be in here somewhere to, maybe she’ll thrill us with another musical something or other. Still, I have to wonder, we’ve only talked about the cost and dollars so far, so what about all the hidden costs, back room deals etc.?
commented 2016-06-29 19:25:45 -0400
i loved the photo from parliament as the lap dog liberals gave the POtuS a standing ovation…our royalty , prince justin and princess sophie, just as all royalty does, remained sitting..
commented 2016-06-29 19:23:42 -0400
today cbc once again provided non stop amusement. the moronic talking head for the morning explained that all of the security and the dead zone that was surrounding ottawa was for the mexican pres who needs protection from the cartels for the POtuS who just needs protection but none was for our prince who needs no security.. of course the security detail that encircles his every move (btw not a very gender equal detail as it turns out) apparently just doesnt exist..
commented 2016-06-29 19:17:12 -0400
So we traded the possibilities of more illegals for the possibility of selling some beef……hmmmm. I think we got took again!! Does no fucking Canadian politician know how to negotiate………..what a bunch of idiotic dupes……..when Trump gets elected WE will be building a wall. Stupid stupid stupid.
commented 2016-06-29 18:46:57 -0400
However, the opposition could just say screw you, we prefer the burgers on the burger circuit. This would leave the left side of the speaker empty, except the independent liberal, Elizabeth May.

Time to see how the opposition attends. If your opposition member attends, ask why she or he were not helping at the local Dominion Day ceremony instead.
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