April 23, 2018

Eyewitnesses describe Toronto van attack: “What's the world come to?”

David MenziesMission Specialist

David Menzies was on the scene of the April 23 attack in Toronto, in which a van mounted the sidewalk, killing 10 pedestrians and leaving at least 15 others injured. Police have arrested twenty-five-year-old Alek Minassian as a suspect.

He spoke to two witnesses to the incident, including a visitor from the U.S. who chased the driver after almost being struck himself.

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commented 2018-04-24 13:24:13 -0400
Chin up everyone! Take a deep breath because it’s going to be okay. :)
commented 2018-04-24 13:14:55 -0400
Well we were all told time and time again that what was and is happening in the UK and Europe was coming to our Canada because of the feminist POS, Muslim loving asshole that was elected as Canada’s PM.
Well it started a while ago with the attack at the parliament buildings and the killing of two of Canada’s soldiers, but has now escalated into mass murder on our streets by a vehicle.
What can we expect next? Bombings, mass shootings, more vehicle murders? we can and will see more rape of our Canadian women and children.
But we will also see more and more denying, and excuses if not down right ignoring of these heinous crimes perpetrated by Islamic pigs, by Trudeau and his Liberal government.
I and many, many others have been calling for the removal of this POS Trudeau from the time he was voted in as PM because of the fear of incidents just like this one starting and destroying our Canada.
Where are the conservatives and the smiley Scheer on this? Why aren’t they crying and yelling bloody blue murder over this heinous act of murder brought about by Trudeau’s bullshit ‘diversity’?
I hope that all those that voted for this despot Trudeau are now happy with themselves.
commented 2018-04-24 11:33:30 -0400
I might have to buy a new dictionary because it seems the word “coward” and phrase “cowardly act” have been removed from the English vocabulary.
Every definition and descriptor was applied to Minassian but personally I didn’t hear him called a coward.
commented 2018-04-24 11:19:10 -0400
It is an extremely rare occasion that I tune to any Canadian media outlet but I did watch part of the news conference yesterday evening.
One of the reporters yelled out a question addressed to the Toronto Police Chief asking if the perpetrators motive was racial because he was white and if he targetted the area because the area is predominantly ethnic.
I was so annoyed that I just turned the channel.
This is the mentality that is killing our society. Everything is about race or religion or ethnicity. Obviously diversity is divisive and this multiculturalism is a disaster.
The Liberals have divided this country immeasurably and diversity under their definition and conditions is cultural suicide.
commented 2018-04-24 11:13:44 -0400
Apologists for Islam will readily accept the mental illness angle rather than accept there are orthodox muslims who perpetrate violent attacks all over the West.
Demanding to be shot in the head was an attempt to secure martyrdom. If you read the Hadith, you will come to learn this is the only way a muslim is “guaranteed” a place in paradise. Why do you think some orthodox muslim mothers and fathers will strap bombs to their children and send them out to their assured death?!!
commented 2018-04-24 11:13:16 -0400
.. so much for outdoor cafes or summer stroll down Yonge street.
I don’t think this is time to carry on as if nothing happened. ’Don’t let the terrorosts win’, bullcrap. Its time to demand action by those who are supposed to be our employEEs. ….
….and I don’t mean concrete barriers unless of course they put them at the border.
commented 2018-04-24 10:58:15 -0400
Liza said in part, “You know who else is an idiot? Tory. Sounds like he is copying that idiot Mayor in London”.

I thought the same thing myself when I heard his statement yesterday. Those covering for Islamic jihad attacks all read from the same script.

Don’t expect the truth…we will not be given the truth! Expect a publication ban.
commented 2018-04-24 10:55:13 -0400
not a terror attack – looks like its terrorizing pretty well to me. crazy ass shit now close to home, i cant think of a comment right now, im pissed off, but not suprized, USA, france, britian, germany, all had the same.

its the ultimate in i fucking told you so, but who cares, shit still happened. guess ""itll never happen here"" is gone.
commented 2018-04-24 10:53:41 -0400
Well, that’s going to be at least several dozen definitive anti Trudeau votes and growing I’m sure. This cannot be allowed to be normalized, whitewashed over, diversity is our strength, we won’t let them tear us apart, bullsht. They already HAVE torn us apart, literally in fact. Wake the hell up Canada!
commented 2018-04-24 10:42:57 -0400
Robert exactly. He wanted suicide by cop, was too much of a coward to do it himself. Now, no fame or virgins in Allah’s ‘heaven’. He should be hung, but justin will probably pay him for his inconvenience.
commented 2018-04-24 10:39:14 -0400
You know who else is an idiot? Tory.
Sounds like he is copying that idiot Mayor in London.
commented 2018-04-24 10:37:51 -0400
He repeats in broken English, “have gun in my pocket, have gun in my pocket” 5:27
I know the progs will be triggered by the source but this audio is unmistakable. Broken English.
Precisely at 5:30 you can clearly see his attire. It looks like a Muslim smock .
commented 2018-04-24 10:37:10 -0400
In a Muslim’s mind (he may not be a Muslim after all), being shot by a cop would be an act of martyrdom, hence a whole bunch of virgins as promised to him by his false god Allah (simply another name for Satan). What these idiot Muslims don’t understand is that the promised virgins are she goats and if there not enough she goats then there are always rams.
commented 2018-04-24 10:22:49 -0400
“Harley McCartney commented 2 hours ago
As for the insanity or mental illness defense, why is it none of these people were so insane they would commit a crime in front of a uniformed police officer? :

The guy that got out of the van at the end of a rampage, and yelled at the nearby officer (paraphrased): “I have a gun. Shoot me!” isn’t in that category?
commented 2018-04-24 10:20:18 -0400
I believe it was last week that ISIS asked for the killings of Canadians, Americans, English and French people. Job done in Canada. I do not believe a word of the BS the MSM is spewing, nor the BS from Ottawa or the cover-up from the police.
I recently told a family member to not walk on sidewalks close to a busy road and was laughed at. Today she sings a different song.
commented 2018-04-24 10:06:28 -0400
David White, I agree 100%- except for the belief that we Canadians will be able to vote trudeau and his pro terrorist regime out in 2019 because with all the illegals,‘’refugees", “immigrants”, “family re-unification arrivals”, TFW’s and now the worlds sickest and most deranged being welcomed across our non existent borders and all the laws pertaining to these non existent borders and those wandering in every hour of every day having been removed by trudeau over a year ago, there is NO WAY HE IS GOING TO BE VOTED OUT! Add to this the FOREIGN MONEY AND INTERFERENCT ( just as in 2015 which brought him in ILLEGALLY then) coupled with him removing the voting law requiring I.D. and of course NO ONE EVER DEMANDS PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP or now facial coverings removed PLUS his promise that all those illegally wandering in to hop on the gravy train will be granted FULL AMNESTY this year, THERE IS NO WAY HE IS GOING TO BE VOTED OUT! HE WON’T ALLOW IT AND HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BREAK ANY AND EVERY LAW IN THE LAND TO SEE HE IS NOT VOTED OUT! He is a FULL OUT DICTATOR who is now ensuring our phone conversations, internet conversations are being monitored along with any and all “right” leaning internet sites and media! He is also pumping our TAX DOLLARS into all failing newspapers in the land so like the CBC, they all will be trudeau campaign /election mouthpieces LEAVING OUT ALL THE FACTS AND TRUTHS while spreading LEFT/LIBERAL LIES, FAIRY TALES, HALF TRUTHS AND PURE B.S.! Canadians already have been brainwashed/indoctrinated into the liberal/left CULT via EVERY INSTITUTION OF LEARING- INCLUDING HIGHER LEARNING, EVERY MEDIA, EVERY POLITICIAN, EVERY COURT, EVERY HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION AND EVERY GOVERNMENT IN THE LAND FOR THE PAST 4 TO 5 DECADES. TRUDEAU AND HIS THUGS HAVE NO FEAR OF US AND NO RESPECT FOR US as they continue to break the laws almost daily, call us racists, Neanderthals, Nazi’s and so on while also TELLING US AND THE ENTIRE GLOBE THAT WE CANADIANS ARE RACIST, TRASH, ISLAMOPHOBICS, NAZI’S AND THE ENTIRE GLOBE HAS MORE RIGHT TO BE HERE IN CANADA THAN WE DO!! Our votes count for NOTHING NOW as the invaders will get to the polls and with the lax laws surrounding our elections which are no longer DEMOCRATIC, THE WHOLE WORLD CAN ARRIVE ELECTION DAY AND NOW VOTE HERE IN CANUKISTAN, NO PROBLEMS, NO QUESTIONS . PERIOD! Canada and what is left of we “CANADIANSARE DONE! We can thank ourselves for ALLOWING THIS , DOING NOTHING TO STOP HIM AND CONTINUING TO PAY HIS SALARY, PENSION, PERKS AND TO KEEP HIS GOVERNMENT RUNNING- OH AND TO PAY THE SALARIES OF THOSE HIRED/VOTED IN TO KEEP HIM IN LINE! It would appear the entire "country’ (Canada no longer is a country because we have no control over our borders or what comes across them! Fact!!) is AFRAID OF THIS PSYCHOPATH and he KNOWS IT!!
commented 2018-04-24 09:45:56 -0400
David agreed , those three stooges are becoming dangerous to the health of Canadians.
commented 2018-04-24 09:45:10 -0400
I don’t agree with Stein ( just this once), that the guy was Armenian (Tucker ). The perps name has Armenian roots, however it is common in Lebanon, Syria, Iran and other M.E. countries. Not to mention the point brought up that many Armenians were forced into Islam.
commented 2018-04-24 09:23:15 -0400
Watching slicked back Goodale squirm and stammer out his rendition of a response should frighten all Canadian’s. We are the chickens and Goodale, Hussen and Trudeau are the three nasty foxes guarding the hen house (Canada)….feeling safe folks? To me our ultimate fate will be decided when M103 hits the road. Will it die and allow sanity to once again guide our country, or will it prevail and allow the dictatorial imp in Ottawa to continue with his agenda of compelled speech and path to the NWO via the muslim brotherhood UN. ? I fear the latter, but maybe not. In any event we must fight to our last breath. Does anyone truly believe we will ever be given the actual truth on this? A quick examination of the Quebec mosque shooting, the Edmonton vehicle attack and subsequent police stabbing, the Edmonton water park fondling incident, the Maratime school incidents, the Khadr payout, the illegal border crossings and on and on…….ALL original reports altered and narratives adjusted by the PM and PMO to suit their agenda and NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We are spiralling downward rapidly toward a Stasi style police state with Justin Stalin at the helm. Mr. Metrsexual’s early limp wristed lisspy response to our newest incident leaves me believing the only chance for change will be Oct 2019. The Liberals are so corrupt the election looks like our only hope and that will depend if we can prevent the left from rigging it. What a mess.
commented 2018-04-24 09:23:04 -0400
I don’t care if this Iranian was sexually frustrated or spoiled as a child in his country or not. Canadians don’t run people down with cars. This is an Islamic thing. He was not born here. He had a thick accent. This is Justin’s hideous diversity. Justin is lethal for this country.
commented 2018-04-24 09:20:43 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 12 mins ago
Jay Kelly is an idiot

Liza, you have to be careful. Good thing you didn’t say it about Justin Trudeau. You could be arrested for revealing state secrets.
commented 2018-04-24 09:10:28 -0400
A number of people;e have stated they can’t believe this could happen in Toronto. Well why not ,if you let in muslims? Why would it not happen here when it has happened everywhere else that muslims arrive in any numbers?

The Liberals need to be held to account for this atrocity since they are the enablers of it. But never will be heard a discouraging word from the likes of Scheer and crew. Wouldn’t want to get all rash and hasty and call a spade a spade.
commented 2018-04-24 09:07:15 -0400
Jay Kelly is an idiot
commented 2018-04-24 09:02:58 -0400
The perp probably played on a kid’s soccer team where they did not keep track of who won and who lost. They do this so as not to traumatize children. These same children grow up not knowing how to handle defeat, loss or failure. More liberal social engineering. This idiot failed, the educational system failed, the family system failed and now all that’s left to fail is the justice system. It is guaranteed to fail given the fact that it is loaded with liberals.
commented 2018-04-24 08:59:36 -0400
I hope that the God of Israel torments him day and night for his unspeakable murderous acts of hate!
commented 2018-04-24 08:35:04 -0400
Was the root cause the fact that several women rejected him? And as a result he was “involuntarily celibate”. It sounds just too strange. A solution may be for the government could open up robotic brothels with sex robots?
commented 2018-04-24 08:31:18 -0400
As for the insanity or mental illness defense, why is it none of these people were so insane they would commit a crime in front of a uniformed police officer?
commented 2018-04-24 08:28:41 -0400
Last person hung in Canada was in the 1960s. Bring back the death penalty. If their is any doubt give them life in prison. If the crime is on video and they are caught red handed like Paul Bernardo
the death penalty is appropriate. If you want to study these POS you would have one month then let em swing. It would also help if life meant life not 20 years. Not free to kill again in twenty years .

The faint hope clause also brought in by turdo 1.
An elites son was charged with murder back when a life sentence was life.
So they introduced the faint hope clause to get him out in twenty years. Now all the creeps get out in twenty years. This does not include those plea bargains down to lesser sentences.