November 20, 2018

(FLASHBACK) Ezra Levant looks at Brian Topp, Notley's chief of staff turned "energy envoy"

Rebel Staff

Yesterday, Alberta premier Rachel Notley named her former chief of staff, Brian Topp, as one of "three special envoys to work with the energy industry to find solutions to close the oil-price differential that is costing Canada more than $80 million a day."

As Ezra Levant noted when Topp became Notley's chief of staff back in 2015, Topp is no friend of the province's oil industry:

Levant calls Topp "a bit of an NDP mercenary." Most recently, he ran Adrian Dix's failed "no pipelines" campaign in BC. That's in line with his personal philosophy, as you'll see from this video.

Is an anti-oil, anti-Alberta radical really the best choice for Notley's chief of staff?

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commented 2018-11-21 02:49:27 -0500
There is only one solution , vote the NDP out.
commented 2018-11-20 15:04:54 -0500
slush money
commented 2018-11-20 15:04:42 -0500
Standby for Notley to pull out the leftist play book and start offering freebies and such money to buy voters.
commented 2018-11-20 14:37:43 -0500
It’s plain and simple,the blame for this whole decline in our oil and gas industry is totally on Notley and Trudeau!! My god $11.69 a barrel for Western Canadian Select,there is no other country or region in the world that sells their oil for less than $40.00!! All of a sudden Notley is acting so concerned-gimme a break its all smoke and mirrors people,that dumb jackass in Ottawa and this stooge here in Alberta are purposely killing this industry,we need to turf both of these rats from government ASAP!!