September 13, 2019

Free advice for Alberta's pro-oil “war room” and a look at the environmentalist enemy

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we talked about the slow progress made by Jason Kenney's pro-oilsands “war room.”

So far, the war room hasn't done anything.

There are various motivations for groups including Greenpeace and Amnesty International to throw into the war against Canadian oil. The same groups going after Alberta won't say a word against OPEC's oil, or Venezuela's oil.

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commented 2019-09-17 02:43:11 -0400
Protest a pipeline. Feel good about yourself.
Get in yor car and drive home from the pipeline protest to a civilization that owes its very existence to the hydrocarbons you fear.
Seek help.
You need it.
commented 2019-09-17 02:37:20 -0400
Energy security is national and economic security.
Sustainable energies are niche fantasies for those who have grown fat and lazy suckling on mommy’s teet.
commented 2019-09-14 10:58:06 -0400
I told Kenney and Toews that they’d have time to fix this, and I see they’ve already kicked the can down the road. It’s time to get the hell out of this failed country they call Canada.

Anyone wanting to move to the free west would be allowed, but the rules would be written down on paper. These rights such as our American cousins have will not be able to be subjugated by the left. It’s time to break free, we’re like the abused wife in a relationship who keeps coming back for more beatings.
commented 2019-09-14 04:47:56 -0400
Sean, you mock Alberta but you better get one fact through that thick layer of fuzz that covers your brain cells – without Alberta there would be NO EQUALIZATION PAYMENTS (over the past 10 years cumulative net contribution from Alberta was $228.6 billion).
commented 2019-09-14 00:20:12 -0400
Alberta Strong Alberta Loud let’s provide the world with the most ethical resources known to man!!
commented 2019-09-14 00:04:55 -0400
I truly love Alberta, believe me I do!

But, Alberta reminds me of the stereotypical “bookish” accountant, always hard at work. Meanwhile, his pretty wife is busy fooling around and getting pregnant by several other “jock type” dudes, having their babies, while the cuck husband willingly raising some other guys’ kids! 😂
commented 2019-09-13 22:20:25 -0400
ROBERT GREELEY commented 2 hours ago
On another Article there was comments about the west in Canada separating if Trudeau gets in the PMO again..
I say hell yes!.. But try to keep Northern Ontario into the west part of the separation..

When Trudeau is re-elected, or re-elected with a minority government and goes to the greens and NDP to keep him propped up in power, with the NDP and greens dictating economic policy. Or, If Scheer wins a minority government he’ll be forced to do the same. Kenny will inevitably fail completely, and in fact he’s already at least half way there. When any of these combinations fall into place, you can start the countdown on Alberta independence. If northern Ontario were smart they’d be making plans to pull the pin as well.
commented 2019-09-13 20:50:26 -0400
I posted my letters of protest to Doug Schweitzer and Glenn Van Dijken, my MLA. Has any one else reading this done so?
commented 2019-09-13 20:46:48 -0400
commented 2019-09-13 20:43:04 -0400

commented 2019-09-13 19:46:47 -0400
On another Article there was comments about the west in Canada separating if Trudeau gets in the PMO again..
I say hell yes!.. But try to keep Northern Ontario into the west part of the separation.. we could figure out the Border Line through discussions.. Northern Ontario has been battling for a long time without results.. If you’re serious about the separation.. maybe contact the Leader of NOP.. Northern Ontario Party.

I always wanted to keep Canada together.. But sometimes we just have to say.. Hey! this is not working out.. Let’s go our separate ways….
commented 2019-09-13 19:30:02 -0400
The World wants our energy resources it’s just too bad that we have a corrupt federal government that wants to suppress that.
Alberta Loud Alberta Strong
commented 2019-09-13 19:07:13 -0400
Here’s some advice: DROP PETROLEUM RESOURCES & let the tar sands die!

Diversify your economy! Become more green & environmental
commented 2019-09-13 17:00:14 -0400
War room is definitely the wrong term, even by the definition of its own mandate. We’re a long way from the war that needs to be waged. Also, I wonder if they know that the Alberta government its self was funding at least one of the eco terrorists outfits, The Parkland Institute, with thousands of dollars, who then used it to attack the oil sands and Alberta’s economy. Long before the criminal NDP ever got their hands the levers of power.
commented 2019-09-13 15:03:09 -0400
I think the War Room has turned into more of a Lunch Room,if Kenney can’t get the job done I guess us Albertans will have to take up the fight. So tired of these pointless politicians doing nothing!