June 28, 2019

EZRA LIVE! Trump & Trudeau at the G20 and Project Veritas PLUS your questions!

Rebel Staff

Ezra Levant takes a look at Trump and Trudeau at the G20, the Project Veritas Google censorship investigation and the 2020 Democratic candidates' debates!

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commented 2019-06-28 22:42:11 -0400
Love your show Ezra! love your comments. Keith Barnes if the Rebel has a problem, and we all can imagine what it will be -censorship! , then my friend we are all in the same sinking boat! We as freedom loving Canadians are choking the Groper Doper Trudeau Liberal Socialist Global Compact M103 Pablum! You can spit it out as you drown but eventually you are force fed!
commented 2019-06-28 18:09:15 -0400
KEITH BARNES commented 18 mins ago
Perhaps it is my imagination but I feel that The Rebel may have a problem. Something dose not smell right and perhaps we are nearing Rebel end times.

I have been thinking and feel it would be a great pity if all us like thinking people should not be able to carry on the conversation. With this in mind I have come up with a way that the conversation could continue. It is just a thought and I would like to put it to you all and see what you think.

I am willing to enter on these pages a new Email address that could be used as a base for continued contact between all of us. Send your comment to my Email address and I will pass it on to the desired recipient, if they also have agreed to receive emails this way. In other words, You will send your email to me and I will pass it on. It is a simple idea but it relies on trust to be successful. I will never abuse anybodies Email address or contact anyone who has not contacted me first. I would suggest that everyone create a new Email address especially for this.

Please give me your thoughts on this
commented 2019-06-28 13:05:03 -0400
Trudope . . . no functioning brain cells there!
Canada’s embarrassment on display . . . for all to see.