May 10, 2019

EZRA LIVE! Tommy Robinson UPDATE, Mark Norman PLUS your comments and questions

Rebel Staff

Ezra Levant takes your comments and questions LIVE via YouTube Super Chat, on Tommy Robinson's campaign for MEP, the Mark Norman case and more:

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commented 2019-05-12 19:22:29 -0400
Liza Rosie,
I feel the exact same way and I can tell you if we don’t get this bastard out along with his entire regime (I would like them all stripped of their jobs, citizenships , their assets seized and all DEPORTED FOR LIFE to the biggest maggot filled sewer on the planet with absolutely NO CHANCE OF EVER TOUCHING OUR SOIL AGAIN!
I’m beginning to wish I was dead because what this bastard is bringing upon us all will be worse than hell and no one is going to stop him!
commented 2019-05-11 11:32:08 -0400
We (I) cared about Venezuela, but the coverage just wasn’t indepth enough. The vids were too short – promising future detail which never came. I kept asking myself, ’where’s the meat’. I went elsewhere for my Venezuela hit. It was and still is an important story. Hate to be critical, but it didn’t compel me to stay.
commented 2019-05-11 11:21:16 -0400
Oh dude! If we don’t see someone else’s version of that fall we’ll know for sure that the msm are trying to ignore you. Good move to show the footage and laugh about it. You have to be proactive with the vultures. What ever they say now, if anything, cannot be a dig because you outed yourself by laughing at yourself first.

She did seem like a nice enough lady though. She had the unfortunate job of meeting with the press and seemed unnerved. I can’t say that I blame her.
commented 2019-05-11 11:07:14 -0400
Regarding the Mark Norman case, why was the info given at such a late date, which caused the case to be dropped, not allowed to be public knowledge? It was given under ‘certain conditions’, why? under whose authority? What is the name of the law that allows such information to be withheld from the public? We are ultimately footing the entire bill for this fiasco, and we have a right to some more details, if not the actual information which showed prosecution impossible to accomplish.

I want this government to pay the piper for this and the SNC Lavilin case. I want everyone involved exposed and their career in politics in Canada ended. Their idea of ‘serving the people’ is too skewed to be tolerated another minute. I want Trudeau’s corruption laid bare.
commented 2019-05-10 20:43:19 -0400
For my knuckle tats, I’d like my amateur radio call sign. Even though it’s only 6 characters long, VE6 XTC is mine and I worked hard to get it.
commented 2019-05-10 14:21:59 -0400
Now I have seen everything, the Rebel Leader going down in front of the Admirals Lady, whatever next…