January 22, 2019

Ezra Levant: Media Lynching of MAGA Catholic teenager backfires

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on the entire mainstream media launching a high tech lynching of a pro-life Trump supporting Catholic teenager.

(Language Warning):

Over the weekend, I saw a tweet by the CBC. It’s since been deleted, but someone took a screenshot of it.

“U.S. diocese investigating after students mock Indigenous demonstrator — CBC News.”

My first reaction was: Why is Trudeau’s CBC state broadcaster covering a weird U.S. story like this, about some Catholic school kids on a field trip, some of whom where wearing those Trump "MAGA" hats?

The CBC put this "story" on their national news all weekend. Of course they did — because the U.S. media ran the story all weekend, too, including some conservative outlets.

Take the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, so you can trust him. (I mean, sure, his wife can’t trust him, his employees can’t trust him, but we can trust him...):

Surrounding him are a throng of young, mostly white teenage boys, several wearing “Make America Great Again” caps. One stood about a foot from the drummer’s face wearing a relentless smirk.

I tell you, smirks are awful, but when they’re "relentless" — that’s the worst!

In an interview Saturday, [Nathan] Phillips, 64, said he felt threatened by the teens and that they swarmed around him as he and other activists were wrapping up the march and preparing to leave.

Being swarmed by young men. That’s awful. And he felt threatened — I bet.

Well, it’s settled. And what’s worse, these kids were white. And Catholic — they were in town for the giant March for Life. There were more than 100,000 people at the March for Life this year. There were fewer than 10,000 people at this year’s feminist “women’s march”. (Funny, you’d think it was the other way around, given how much coverage each protest got.)

But what a great way for the media to end the weekend — the day before, they had all been salivating over a Buzzfeed story that claimed they had seen documentary proof, leaked to them by Robert Mueller’s special counsel team, that Donald Trump asked Michael Cohen his former lawyer to lie to Congress.

They ran with that so hard. But it was all made up, and Mueller’s own office made a rare public statement saying it was false.

So the media had to end a bad week with a great story, about these horrible teens.

But what really happened?

I'll show you a four-minute video of this confrontation. What really happened was that Phillips, the elder, went right up to Nathan Sandmann, the "smirking" teen, so close that the boy could surely feel his breath on his face. Phillips actually touches the boy several times. He’s pushing up against him.

Someone with Phillips swears at the kids. They don’t swear back.

In an interview with a major network, Phillips said the kids had been chanting "Build that wall." He said they taunted him. He said his way was blocked.

That's not in the video I've seen. In another video, we see another group on the scene, allied with Nathan Phillips the “elder.” It’s a group of Black extremists who call themselves “Black Israelites”. They said all kinds of racist anti-white things.

So you’ve got a group of mainly white teenagers just standing there. Being sworn at and abused by some black activists. And then, well, then Mr. Nathan Phillips, walks up to them.

Funny. I thought they swarmed him. I thought they taunted him, goaded him, attacked him. I thought they wouldn’t let him go. I thought they were racist. I thought they shouted about the wall.

But what if all you knew was what the CBC and CNN and Jeff Bezos said? Even the school denounced its own kids — putting up a denunciation on the school’s own home page, saying they tainted the schools’ reputation.

Well, last night, his reputation destroyed, his life threatened, Nick Sandmann and his parents issued a statement, that reads, in part:

When we arrived, we noticed four African American protestors who were also on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. (...)

The protestors said hateful things. They called us "racists," "bigots," "white crackers," "faggots," and "incest kids." They also taunted an African American student from my school by telling him that we would "harvest his organs." (...)

Because we were being loudly attacked and taunted in public, a student in our group asked one of our teacher chaperones for permission to begin our school spirit chants to counter the hateful things that were being shouted at our group. The chants are commonly used at sporting events. They are all positive in nature and sound like what you would hear at any high school. Our chaperone gave us permission to use our school chants. We would not have done that without obtaining permission from the adults in charge of our group. (...)

I never interacted with this protestor. I did not speak to him. I did not make any hand gestures or other aggressive moves. To be honest, I was startled and confused as to why he had approached me. (...)

I believed that by remaining motionless and calm, I was helping to diffuse the situation. I realized everyone had cameras and that perhaps a group of adults was trying to provoke a group of teenagers into a larger conflict. I said a silent prayer that the situation would not get out of hand.

Would you have been so calm if someone walked up to you, within an inch of your face, and banged a drum in your face for five minutes?

I wouldn’t have been so calm; smiling and praying.

This is what they did to Brett Kavanaugh; this is what they did to an anonymous kid from Kentucky. This is what they will do to you.

And by “they”, I don’t just mean the lying thugs on the street.

I mean the lying thugs in the media. Including the lying thugs in our own Canadian media, especially the CBC.


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commented 2019-01-23 20:24:45 -0500
That’s insane. The blacks and natives in this video obviously anti Trump are tools for democrats/communists/terrorists who want to destroy and terrorize conservatives with loud intimidation and violence. These frothing at the mouth goons were antifa unmasked. The parents of the catholic teens should sue the protesters, MSM, etc with lying Nathan Phillips “the Vietnam era” whatever at the top of the list for trying to invoke violence against their children. It’s a wonder that a civil war hasn’t started in the U.S. yet. It’s getting close.
commented 2019-01-23 13:49:37 -0500
How that confusing assortment of protestors counter-protestors assembled in the first place is peculiar. What did life to life protestors have to do with a Native American rambling about Viet Nam and walls anyhow and for what purpose were the “Black Israelites” present to protest what? They all didn’t show up at the same place by accident even if their protests seemed to have nothing in common but the Maga hat if even that, but it was the perfect optics for the media, eager to pick up any trace of what they perceive as some form of proof of Trump related bigotry.
commented 2019-01-23 13:07:47 -0500
Nathan Phillips lead a group of activists in trying to disrupt Mass at The Basilica of the National all Shrine in Washington , D C on 19 January.
So his confrontation and attempt to provoke an escalation on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial were not a one off.
The Lakota Nation Law Group representing Phillips continues to portray him as the victim of racism and he now wants to address the Covington students to teach them about diversity .
Getting in the face of a young teenager violating his personal space, pounding a drum and chanting in no way represents decorum in his own culture ,let alone any other.
commented 2019-01-23 12:41:39 -0500
I think the teenager Nathan Sandmann was quite brave to stand his ground when being intimidated by the drum player in his face. I also wonder why the teachers who were escorting the boys on this trip did not step in. Of course, it’s possible they were keeping an eye on the black thugs….. The teachers also seem to have been silent on the condemnation by the school and media – I would have thought they would have made a statement.
commented 2019-01-23 11:26:30 -0500
This was a staged media setup, in the category of a cut Hijab. CBC (Canadian Bullshit Corporation) eager to join the American fake news media in attacks against Trump.
commented 2019-01-23 10:46:21 -0500
CBC. Canadian Bandits Corporation. Believe what we tell you or we will destroy your life.
Socialism at its best.
commented 2019-01-23 10:22:41 -0500
KAREN MACLEOD, he, Justin. trudeau, a substitute drama teacher, does not run the country. He is ruining it.
commented 2019-01-23 10:11:26 -0500
Who cares what religion anyone here was involved in? That’s not the point. I’m an atheist yet I can see these boys are the victims. I’m not even that particularly fond of kids.
commented 2019-01-23 10:11:13 -0500
THE TRUTH – The truth is that the main stream media is so determined to ‘get’ President Trump that they have lost all perspective. The rabidly jump from one story to the next if they feel that it will in any way detract from both Trump and his party. Our vaunted CBC includes anything ‘Conservative’ in their attacks. It is so bad that the press either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that they have been outed.

THE SHAME – The shame of the whole ‘school boy story’ is that even when proof taken from multiple cell phone videos clearly shows that the alleged ’elder’s’ story is a pack of lies, some media outlets and even the school board continue to attack the kids. One liberal pundit admitted that the story was wrong but insisted that a group of elders should go to the school to ‘educate’ the children. Educate them is what? Lying? And despite the fact that they did no wrong, that a group of teenaged boys did not respond as most cocky teenaged boys are wont to do, they are still in the wrong.

THE HONOUR – These kids should be praised for their response or lack of response to a native American ‘elder’ who has a history of such confrontations and who clearly engineered this event. They should be praised for ignoring the tauntings of a bunch of black racist haters who tried their best to pick a fight. We, the press, the politicians should all be united in our support of these young men who showed the kind of maturity that many actual adults in the crowd did not. Someone in that school, the parents of that bunch of kids, the community that embraces them; someone is bringing these kids up the way we should strive to bring up our own kids.
commented 2019-01-23 10:08:28 -0500
If Nathan Phillips was only trying to diffuse the situation, why didn’t he go up to the black men with his little drummmer boy act? They were the ones hurling racist insults at the school kids.
commented 2019-01-23 09:53:57 -0500
Hmmm. No comments by our usual socialist suspects. I wonder why?
commented 2019-01-23 05:41:39 -0500
Jan G , I don’t think all libertarians believe in murder and since abortion is murder , not all libertarians are pro abortion.
The term pro choice was invented by the feminist leftist activists as a euphemism to hide the ugliness that other words like termination of life and killing of babies conveys.
commented 2019-01-22 23:31:48 -0500
KAREN MACLEOD commented 4 hours ago
Al Peterson,
He runs the country, he doesn’t speak for God.
I know that, Karen. My point is why has the church not excommunicated him for his faith and practise that is contrary to church teachings?
commented 2019-01-22 23:14:21 -0500
Karen McLeod:
I forgot to mention, libertarians are pro-choice.
A lot of strikes.
commented 2019-01-22 23:05:50 -0500
Karen McLeod wrote yesterday:
" I’m a Catholic Libertarian.
An odd duck if there ever was one. Or simply an almost lapsed Catholic.
I believe in the seven sacraments. I just can’t practise them in a corrupt church."

You don’t go to Church but you still call yourself a Catholic (Justin Trudeau comes to mind).
You’ve received 2 sacraments, you’re not a Priest or Nun, if you’re Libertarian you probably don’t believe in marriage, you’re not dead yet, therefore that means you’re not receiving any of the daily Sacraments available to you.

And you “care about the sacrilege of [YOUR] Church”?
My friend, you don’t have a Church. You have an agenda.

Your suggestion to hold any donations or contributions to the Church is a ploy. I think I’ve said this before.

Me thinks you’re trying to dupe TheRebel readers.
commented 2019-01-22 22:33:18 -0500
Here’s the whole story (The Blaze) on Covington.
And the truth shall set you free? If only the MSM would air this accuracy of what really happened.
commented 2019-01-22 22:01:40 -0500
The CBC is an anti white hate group organization
Their lies and propaganda put Goebels to shame
It’s truly unbelievable what has become of the pathologically lying MSM
commented 2019-01-22 21:41:39 -0500
  1. Anti White
    “Diversity” never means anything other than Less White People.
    When is any population or institution “too black” “too yellow” etc. and needing of “diversity”?
    Why are All & Only white populations targeted for mass immigration and ‘diversity’?
    Because # White Geno Cide
commented 2019-01-22 19:04:49 -0500
Al Peterson,
He runs the country, he doesn’t speak for God.
commented 2019-01-22 16:29:28 -0500
The MSM is so pathetic and they go out of their way to prove it time and time again.
commented 2019-01-22 16:24:05 -0500
And, Karen, while you’re at it ask why Justin Trudeau- who supports abortion and gay rights and worships in mosques has not been excommunicated.
commented 2019-01-22 15:35:18 -0500
You guys care about the media, I care about the sacrilege of my Church.
We need to refuse to tithe. Its not a moral obligation.
You don’t throw kids to the mob from the pulpit.
commented 2019-01-22 14:29:20 -0500
ROBERT SLOANE commented 5 mins ago
Notley has to go, and Trudeau as well….
What about the HRCs, Robert? Surely you didn’t forget to ship them out, too?
commented 2019-01-22 14:27:02 -0500
A very timely event in the current climate of Trudeau and his henchmen and supporters wanting to regulate news sources. Once again this shows the need for The Rebel to uncover the lies of the Leftists and their lugenpresse. If you haven’t supported the Rebel’s legal defence it is time to do so.

This shows us several lies. First is that the MSM is neutral and objective. When I heard this on the radio I thought it was BS. When I heard it on all the MSM outlets I knew it was a lie. Especially when they kept saying these kids were from a catholic school and wearing MAGA caps.

The second lie is that only whites are racists. The blacks and natives showed themselves as disgustingly racist- to blacks and whites- as anyone I’ve ever heard. But as Nick, and George and Andrew keep reminding us only The Rebel and their audience are racists and haters.

A third lie is that we are led to believe that the Left is Oh, so compassionate and caring. Threatening a kid with cutting out his guts shows the depths of depravity to which they have sunk. But then socialists have always been rather nasty bunch. Kathy Griffin with her decapitated Trump head led the way. Connected to this incident is the meme of these kids being thrown into a tree shredder. Nice bunch of lunatics we have wanting to impose their immmorality on the rest of us.

The fourth lie is that the Social Media is moderating hate speech. Obviously they only moderate whatever a right winger says that they don’t like. So they spin the most innocuous comments as hate speech. Meanwhile SJW’s make incredibly vile threats and suggestions to violence-(after all why dox somebody except to encourage others to act out violently against them?) on social media with impunity.

It also raises that same old question that never gets answered. It is apparent that the media fabricated this lie. Those who didn’t still knew it was a lie and promulgated it anyway.

Why do leftists want to believe and promulgate lies? It boggles the mind.

The culture wars are heating up with. As Kurt Schlichter says, the left wants you dead or enslaved. These left wing slips ups prove it. It also proves they want to believe and promulgate lies. The question is, why?
commented 2019-01-22 14:22:06 -0500
Al, and that would be Melanie Malchuk… Any person that has worked for any Human Rights Commission, whether Provincial/Territorial, or Federal, is the lowest form of life in Canada. In my opinion, and from personal experience, they are (and have always been) Kangaroo Courts. Disgusting people that continue to separate Canadians by Race and Gender, under Section 15-2 of our “seriously flawed” Charter. This has been going on for far too long…. Notley has to go, and Trudeau as well….
commented 2019-01-22 13:42:49 -0500
ROBERT SLOANE commented 15 mins ago
I agree with Mark. Sue the CBC…. It won’t be easy, but they are definitely politically activist.
Definitely the case. Yet Rachel Notley’s Election Comissioner has no complaints against the CBC. I wonder why?
commented 2019-01-22 13:26:44 -0500
I agree with Mark. Sue the CBC…. It won’t be easy, but they are definitely politically activist. On this story, Sandmann will come out ahead. His family (and friends) should also take to court every person and News Agency (that has spread this misinformation), for their own Political gain… That includes his “Catholic” school… And, Kathy Griffin is not a Comedienne. Oopsy, Comedian.. She is not funny, but instead spreads Hate, just as Alyssa Milano does. Hollyweird at it’s best…. This is great stuff…. There is nothing like the Truth….
commented 2019-01-22 12:58:57 -0500
Ezra your lawyer should be able to prove that the CBC IS a political activist just like they claim you to be . They are funded by the Liberals as such makes them guilty . Where as you are funded by the public . So who should be getting fined ?