April 05, 2019

LIVE! Ezra Levant takes comments & questions on today's headlines

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

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commented 2019-04-05 15:27:54 -0400
I am glad you are discussing the right to free speech. As an American I refer to this as a “First Amendment” right. There is a reason it was first. The important thing to remember about free speech is that the freedom is that of the listener, really, not the speaker. Remember that the speaker already knows what he would say. You don’t. You don’t know what he is about to or would tell you. It is your right to HEAR him that is protected. Sure he wants to speak to you. He should have that right. But it is the prospective listener who is losing the information he could receive. The listener is the many thousands of people who are now deprived when a speaker is shut down. If you don’t like what the speaker says, say what you think. Let others hear you. Or just disagree in private. If you think the speaker is wrong tell the thousands of others out there why. Give them your opinion. There is nothing so precious as the freedom to speak. All other considerations should be considered as less important. No, we have no business shouting “fire” in a crowded theater nor inciting others to violence. We can be sued if we lie about someone and cause him loss. But no platform has any business shutting down free speech even if they don’t like what the speaker says. Tough.
commented 2019-04-05 14:19:20 -0400
Don’t know about Bidden, did I spell that right? But Trudeau likes to hug women all the time because he never had a real Mother. Trudeau is a baby and lost, he wants a Mommy. For sexual gratification he, in all probability, prefers little boys. His conquest of grown women is just his hate for Mommy in his perverted way.