March 01, 2019

EZRA LIVE! Trudeau scandal UPDATES plus your comments & questions!

Rebel Staff

Could the SNC-Lavalin scandal spell the end of Justin Trudeau's career as prime minister? Ezra Levant looks at today's headlines, and takes your comments and questions LIVE in SuperChat:

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commented 2019-03-01 23:00:39 -0500
Thanks for helping expose the Libranos and how crooked they are. Every Canadian needs to know what’s going on in our capital. This is why I support The Rebel and share things to Facebook and Twitter.
commented 2019-03-01 15:55:49 -0500
Here is another scandal on Trudeau’s watch:
“Canada’s central statistics agency accidentally released closely watched growth figures early on Friday, surprising traders and taking a dent out of the loonie.

Quarterly gross domestic product data was being circulated on Twitter as early as 8:04, with normal release due at 8:30 sharp.

CAD getting crushed right now, unclear if it’s because of the disappointing GDP data that may have been released prematurely or that releasing the data accidentally shows we’re a banana republic wrt data"
commented 2019-03-01 15:04:44 -0500
And I want to know what happened to The Dog… We don’t hear much from Sophie, and that’s understandable. She’s likely embarrassed… But what happened to the Portuguese Water Dog? Obama had one, and apparently that played on Trudy’s choice for one as well.. I like dogs.. I’m worried about the dog… Kenzie…
commented 2019-03-01 14:27:10 -0500
I have a strong feeling that Ezra really dose not approve of our Prime and I must say, I think he is right. Most people have a firewall but Trudeau has a money wall, that he hides behind. Anyone wishing to sue him will need to have deep pockets. Alas, most of those women in the pics were not thinking of suing, so much as, pursuing.
commented 2019-03-01 13:31:08 -0500
This is great stuff… Feminism is dead… What goes around, comes around… It’s taken far too long, but better late then never…