March 13, 2019

Judge tells Ezra Levant to stop tweeting opinions about Tommy Robinson's trial

Rebel Staff

Testimony began today on day two of Tommy Robinson's court case against Cambridgeshire Police, who he says harassed him and his family.

However, I became "part of the story" today as well...

As you may know, I've been live-tweeting the court proceedings. It's something I've done in other courts, when covering Tommy's cases.

But this afternoon, the judge took exception to some of the opinions I've expressed about this particular case. 

She has ordered me to stop tweeting any "commentary," that is, any expressions of my personal opinions on the matter.

And not just in court — I'm also not allowed to tweet about the case outside of court, or after the case concludes, until the verdict has been handed down.

As you can imagine, I'm not happy about this, but this is her courtroom and her country.

It's only right that I reluctantly comply.

However, this makes me sad about the state of freedom in the United Kingdom. 

So all I have to say to my readers and viewers in Canada and the United States:

Treasure and defend your freedom of speech and freedom of the press, while you still can...

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