May 03, 2019

EZRA LIVE! Tommy Robinson attacked twice, police do nothing (plus your comments & questions)

Rebel Staff

Ezra takes your comments and questions LIVE in SuperChat, especially on two recent attacks on Tommy Robinson:

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commented 2019-05-05 02:06:00 -0400
And facebook and twitter is for baby boomers. Get on the onion network, the unlisted web.
If a candidate like Tommy Robinson, a journalist like James Watson can’t rely on facebook, nor should we.
By the way, Keep in mind that Alex Jones did call-in radio. This was not just the Voice of Alex Jones: The people themselves got a chance to speak. That’s dangerous. They must shut it down.
commented 2019-05-04 03:21:06 -0400
These police better not be upset when they are attacked in the future and their peers do nothing because they are sheep like they are. Karma will come knocking one day.
commented 2019-05-03 17:52:35 -0400
No rule of law in a country should mean people don’t need to pay taxes. The country will not protect it’s citizens so they (the citizens) should not pay the government which allows the enemy to bastardize the citizens. Any country that is under the rule of communism always throughout history has ended in massive blood shed. I agree with Ezra that what’s happening in Britain is coming to Canada very soon. This is all going to come to an end very soon in one way or another.
commented 2019-05-03 15:15:43 -0400
Ezra, you forgot to mention all the small children in pushchairs who have been mutilated for life because of acid thrown in their faces. Images of these innocent victims have all been removed from You Tube but the kids are still suffering.
Islam the religion of peace…..Pick up the pieces, bits and pieces.