Watch all the clips from Ezra's interview with businessman and potential CPC leadership candidate, Kevin O’Leary

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

During the Conservative Party convention in Vancouver, Ezra Levant sat down with investor, "Dragon's Den" star and potential CPC leadership candidate Kevin O'Leary.

Below are some of the highlights from the interview (scroll to the bottom of the page for the FULL interview):

Kevin O’Leary: “I don't care if you want to marry a goat, I'm for it”

Part 1: Ezra asks Kevin about social issues such as gay marriage and marijuana legalization.

Kevin O’Leary on the military: “To be a Canadian peacemaker is the most coveted brand in the world”

Part 2: Ezra asks Kevin to share his beliefs and principles on foreign policy. 

Kevin O’Leary: Is Trudeau invincible? “When you fall in love, the best part of it is the beginning”

Part 3: Ezra reminds Kevin of what a formidable opponent Justin will be given the advantage of the media love-in he enjoys. 

Will he or won’t he? Kevin O’Leary responds to CPC leadership question

Part 4: Ezra asks if Kevin’s still just testing the waters for a run at the Conservative Party leadership. 

Kevin O’Leary: “Trudeau is a giant meat grinder of taxpayers’ money” … “I can do some great political damage to him”

Part 5: Kevin explains why he thinks his powerful economic message will resonate, even with Bernie Sanders-loving millennials. 

Kevin O'Leary on Trump comparisons: We only have this ONE thing in common

Part 6: Ezra brings up frequent comparisons made between him and Republican nominee, Donald Trump

Pipeline politics: Kevin O’Leary on how to break the gridlock and “get on with it”

Part 7: Ezra ask for Kevin's thoughts on the problem of the anti-oil, anti-pipeline, anti-resource development sentiment on the left.

I’m not worried that I don’t speak French, or Italian or Chinese - I speak the language of JOBS!”

Part 8: Ezra ask if Kevin worries that he might get the Michael Ignatieff "Just Visiting" treatment from the Liberals since he spends so much time in the U.S. and whether or not his lack of fluency in French could be a problem. 

“Sunny Ways” won him the election but here’s what Trudeau’s done since that Kevin O’Leary says is “UnCanadian”

Part 9: Ezra ask about O’Leary’s “bad cop” persona and how his no-nonsense, fact-based approach would play against Justin Trudeau’s emotional, fact-free “Sunny Ways” persona. 

FULL interview with Kevin O’Leary

The full interview with Kevin O'Leary. 



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commented 2016-05-31 02:27:07 -0400
In that first vid I agree with everything O’Leary says.
Legalize marijuana and tax the shit out of it.

The government has no right in our property, house, or bedroom;
people can do whatever the hell they want.
That is the essence of small, limited government.
That’s the essence of freedom. Leave people alone; they’re adults.

Stop trying to regulate people’s behavior;
That’s a nanny state.
That’s what the leftwing loves; where the government controls every element of your life;
and tells you what’s moral, and what you should be ashamed of.
Those are dictator-wanna-bes.

Remove power from the Prime Minister.
Look at what Obummer’s doing; writing executive orders all over the place.
Turdo has the same mentality; wants to foist what he believes is right onto the citizenry; at the expense of the process; and at the expense of what the people actually want.

Are people protesting on the street wishing they had more windmills in their neighborhood?
I don’t think so.
Stop shoving your ideology down other people’s throat.

commented 2016-05-31 02:04:22 -0400
Looking at another video, so now Kev becomes the consciousness of Canada. He indicates Trudie’s policies are destined to fail, what a revelation, we who voted Conservative all knew that before he was elected and we also were aware he would be spending our money on his personal agenda to secure his position in the history books. And Kev thinks Trudie did a great job of getting his message out during the campaign, only to Liberals Kev, he didn’t fool any real Conservatives, we all knew what a lying weasel Trudie is. When he tells us he is going to purposely create deficits in an unsure, unstable world, at that point knowing the Liberal financial scandal history no one in Canada should have voted for him. Our economy was holding its head above water we were on the right path, caution and common sense prevailing. But unfortunately now we are on the road to ruin thanks to all the Liberal Dipshit Canadians that really don’t care about our country and voted this spoiled, spoon fed, privileged little brat into office. And mind you the mainstream media like CBC, CTV and Global all did a superb job as propaganda department for the now Liberal Dictatorship we are enjoying. As time passes more of our earned rights and freedoms will begin to disappear along with our economic stability. We will be over run with invaders that will be living off our spiraling down economy like parasites. We will be paying out megabucks to special interest groups that are in place to take advantage of us and even conspire to do us harm. We will continue to provide safe haven to individuals that we will bestow more rights to than we have. We will continue to pay out to support things like climate change the second biggest lie of our time, the biggest lie is that Islam is the “Religion of Peace”. I felt that our economy would be down around our ankles after a year of Trudie, the way it’s going it may be sooner. So Kev what the hell do you think you can do for us ? And I don’t like when I think about it all the jobs you have no doubt sent to China. I have seen you on TV when a guy wanted to carry on his business in the USA in his home state to make jobs, you would not invest unless he made his product line in China. You are not right for Canada, stay in California you’re just trying to float on Trump’s coat tails.
commented 2016-05-31 01:14:18 -0400
I’m going to keep saying this. I do not want to see this self indulged moron elected to office in Canada. This guy turned his back on Canada when he ran to the USA to be on Shark Tank. He like his chum Robert immigrated to California so they could rub shoulders with the Hollywood elite, dance with the stars and work their way into the movie industry no doubt as fame is what they seek. Keep in the forefront of your mind that this guy thinks the rest of us poor working slobs are nothing but Cockroaches, as he has liberally used the name to describe people struggling and giving their all to succeed with their own business venture. Well at least the working Canadian is still above this headline hunter in the food chain, as he is just a Shit Sucking Maggot. And we had a guy like O’Leary that came from the USA wanting to be our Prime Minister and he was a smart ass like O’Leary. His name was Ignatieff. Remember Iggy. Please let us not import another “I know what’s best for Canada” reject,only this time a Conservative one. Iggy was a Liberal, you expect Clueless Nodules among their ranks, just look at our current government.
commented 2016-05-30 22:25:42 -0400
I think on his stance with regards to Marijuana legalizing, there are more constructive ways to do the “decriminalizing” to allow those who make “judgement” or “young foolish” mistakes to not have a record but still keeping track and an way to identify those who do have a “problem” be handled and let them decide what they are willing to do about it. That way you still give law enforcement the tools to use “leverage” and at the same time able to be proactive in community policing to keep it out of the hands of those in society who are the most vulnerable to this substance. This is substance that is prized by human trafficker because of its slow metabolism rate (longest lasting effects) vs cost.