April 12, 2016

UPDATE: Were “refugees” beating up Canadian kids at a Halifax school or not?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

As The Rebel has been reporting since the beginning, the story started last weekend when the Halifax Chronicle-Herald ran a shocking news story that Syrian migrant kids in elementary school were beating up Canadian kids. The newspaper even said they heard from four different people about the story.

In journalism, four different sources is an impressive number. But then, as we told you, the paper changed their story online — then took it down entirely and replaced with a note.

The note didn’t say the story was false, though, just that more work needed to be done on the story. But it’s been four days now, and we don’t have more facts from the paper.

The Chronicle-Herald also says the parents who made the initial reports of abuse are afraid of retaliation if they go public, and who can blame them? This story has unleashed a vitriolic torrent -- not from any Muslims that I can see, however, but from liberal journalists and the school board.

This reminds me of what happened in Rotherham, UK, for a decade. In Rotherham, a city just a bit smaller than Halifax, Muslim rape gangs exploited 1,400 British girls while schools, social workers, police and the media looked away, for fear of being called racist.

(PS: I’ll compare this story with one the CBC ran just yesterday, about a Muslim woman, one that fits the Media Party’s narrative a lot better — but after I show it to you, ask yourself: Which story is more believable…?)

Faith Goldy has been in Halifax investigating this story, and will air her report on Thursday. I can’t wait to watch it. I just want to know what's going on, don't you?

NEXT: The Edmonton Sun's Lorne Gunter explains that Notley's approach to pipelines and energy was never going to work - and now, we have proof.

LATER: Conservative MP Alex Nuttall comes on to talk about protecting the so-called “sharing economy,” such as Uber and AirBnB.

FINALLY: Your letters to me, good and bad!

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commented 2016-04-13 09:43:57 -0400
Maybe while Faith is in Atlantic Canada she can check out the behaviour of the muslim immigrants housed in the Best Western Chocolate Lake and maybe even the BW in Moncton? I’m hearing from friends of friends that they’ve been trashing the rooms, intimidating other guests, and assaulting housekeeping staff. Of course I can’t find any mention of any of this in the mainstream meda.
commented 2016-04-13 09:40:01 -0400

You are one sick bastard! You should have a bracelet put on your ankle so we know where you are at al times. You are a disgusting piece of con shit.
commented 2016-04-13 09:37:47 -0400
Going after Muslim kids now are we Ezra? Your sleazy brand of non-news is what is shocking.
commented 2016-04-13 08:42:03 -0400
once the migrants know that the government and its departments are covering for them it will be like Europe & all hell will break loose. we as Canadians will be getting criminally charged for defending ourselves. Good way of getting rid of us conservatives I guess.
commented 2016-04-13 08:30:13 -0400
“… Isn’t that what they should be doing, instead of being censors and apologists?” The key line about the current coverage of the Halifax bullying/assaults.

QI – there were two things I learned in the Halifax update: 4 parents / grandparents now reporting the bullying, and that the Halifax paper changed their story again. The mainstream silence and lack of coverage I knew about already.

The juxtaposition with the CBC’s coverage of a Muslim woman being called a terrorist is striking. I disagree that those who insult are worse than those who assault.
commented 2016-04-13 08:21:34 -0400
So when will we get an update on this story?
commented 2016-04-13 07:28:26 -0400
Great episode!
commented 2016-04-13 07:21:49 -0400
SAM YOUNG commented 5 hours ago
Kids get beat up in schools all the time. But the only time the rebel gives a shit about this, is when the bullies are refugees.

No they don’t you fucking liar. Code of conduct immediately suspends these bullies. But these islamic terrorists (similar to disgusting pigs such as yourself) get a pass.

Honestly Sam, fuck right off you piece of shit!!
commented 2016-04-13 07:20:13 -0400
“… This reminds me of what happened in Rotherham, UK, for a decade. In Rotherham, a city just a bit smaller than Halifax, Muslim rape gangs exploited 1,400 British girls while schools, social workers, police and the media looked away, for fear of being called racist. …”

Ezra, this is another example of the many whereby islamic migrants are out of control.

WHAT ARE THE REAL REASONS WHY? Are the muslims aligned with socialists (like Trudeau) to carry out deeds for some purpose?

Blow the lid off this islamic terrorist crap show Ezra. Some analysis please.

Tired of reading about the same “islamic migrant societal nuisances”.
commented 2016-04-13 07:14:50 -0400
This reminds me of what happened in Rotherham, UK, for a decade. In Rotherham, a city just a bit smaller than Halifax, Muslim rape gangs exploited 1,400 British girls while schools, social workers, police and the media looked away, for fear of being called racist.
commented 2016-04-13 02:37:40 -0400
Kids get beat up in schools all the time. But the only time the rebel gives a shit about this, is when the bullies are refugees.
commented 2016-04-13 01:23:44 -0400
Drew, grow up.

Rick, I get news from text, not youtube. I notice however that not one single fact has emerged here. Notice that I never once said “stupid racist”, or anything even remotely similar. Do you have any facts to share?
commented 2016-04-13 01:21:42 -0400
Was Levin the guy who played in Harper’s band or was that another pedophile?
commented 2016-04-13 01:16:29 -0400
Sun news, whatever happened to Sun news?
commented 2016-04-13 01:15:28 -0400
QI if this is proven true will you even acknowledge the fact? I highly doubt it.
commented 2016-04-13 01:04:39 -0400
QI the only place you got FACTS about the Levin trail was on Sun news. The media party was low info on that one and CBC was absent like the good stooges they are.
commented 2016-04-13 01:03:26 -0400
QI how can you comment when you haven’t watched that’s just plain stupid narcissism or the liberal ideology that you just automatically know every thing and every one who disagrees with you just a stupid racist
commented 2016-04-13 01:02:17 -0400
QI show me the FACTS about all that backlash the media party carries on about? What basis do they have for that?
commented 2016-04-13 00:57:48 -0400
I think it’s just a matter of time till they mess with the wrong persons daughter and the shit is going to hit the fan or it will happen enough that everyone will know some one who had it happen there will be no covering it up from there and that is where the media and the fed gov is underestimating what they will be dealing with look what happened in Vancouver over losing a hockey game.

Right now in B.C. we have what they are calling a low level drug war in the entire prov. Surrey has had over 30 targeted hits this year alone this is over turf can you imagine if someone’s daughter or little sister gets raped and everyone tells two friends.

what the MSM is leaving out about the Surrey shootings is it’s a Somali gang trying to move in the police made a statement the other day saying they expect the violence to subside shortly which means one side is running out of members when the Muslim gangs try to fire up here they will find out B.C. is full there is no open ground here so let the games begin
commented 2016-04-13 00:56:14 -0400
QI a kid choking another one with a chain is news.
commented 2016-04-13 00:54:35 -0400
QI you called it a lie below you twit.
commented 2016-04-13 00:37:24 -0400
What happened at the elementary school?

If the school children misbehaved they should be disciplined. If it was a game or playfulness the principal should say so.

Jews and Muslims have been allowed in public schools in Halifax for decades. Please do not blow the matter out of proportion.
commented 2016-04-13 00:23:54 -0400
Drew, I never once said the story was a lie. I asked for facts, and so far none have been provided. I am sure something happened amongst a bunch of children at school, but is that really newsworthy? Every day there are millions of incidents involving grade school children, do we expect to have thousands of articles on all of them?
commented 2016-04-13 00:19:36 -0400
No Marty I didn’t watch the video. I don’t pay for Ezra to tell me what to think, I actually ask questions and base my decision on FACTS not RHETORIC. Keep paying Ezra to tell you what to think, that seems to suit you well.

Drew, the story should be kept alive with facts. There are two stories, and the Rebel ignores one of them. One story is what happened in the school, and of that we know very little. The other story is about journalistic integrity, and that one the Rebel completely ignore. The “cover up” story is based on zero facts, it is only a story in the sense of fiction.
commented 2016-04-13 00:11:38 -0400
So QI and Kelly please show your FACTS to show this story was a lie? OH YOU HAVE NONE! LMAO!
commented 2016-04-13 00:04:37 -0400
The whole story (so far) about the amateurish Chronicle Herald botch-job, the hyper-self-defensive reaction of Halifax school administrators, the “turtling” of the complainants, etc. adds up to what many of us might casually dismiss as just another Gong Show. Maybe this time something useful will come of it, but I have my doubts.
The alleged assailants, like their alleged targets in the Halifax incidents, are all very young. But it will not be long before they are all in high school together, with potentially a lot more bullying experience than Reteah Parsons experienced before she died. There is still time for the parents involved in this situation to prepare their kids for the inevitable escalating problems that go along with puberty. So I have a suggestion for them.
Years ago in a previous century, a young woman fresh out of high school was hired at my workplace in Edmonton. Let’s call her “Nancy.” Aside from being very competent at her new job, Nancy was also a friendly, pleasant, smart, self-assured and attractive person, and she received a lot of unwanted attention from men, many of whom were well outside of her age group. Nancy was very good at diplomatically and often humorously defusing situations that might have led many other women to complain about harassment, which would have led to the usual ugly, stressful mess that goes with that in the workplace. But that just wasn’t Nancy’s style.
One weekend we had a wild, drunken hot tub party in my backyard, and somebody invited Nancy. As soon as she showed up, she was approached by one of those guys who just doesn’t know when to take a hint. Nancy’s boyfriend pointed the guy out and he told me “Watch, this should be good.” Seconds later, there was a rather aggressive incidence of uninvited touching and immediately, everybody learned a couple of new things about Nancy. It turns out that Nancy was the daughter of a former French Legionnaire, and she was also a fourth degree Master of Taekwondo. Surprise!
Like I said, there is time to prepare, but we can’t count on the likes of school administrators to take care of this for us. In the future, the more Nancys that Canadian parents can send into the high schools, the better.
commented 2016-04-12 23:58:08 -0400
Kelly you are free to comment here left wingers do far worse and they remove comments , so spare us your BS.
commented 2016-04-12 23:57:20 -0400
QI it is about keeping the story alive, just because you want it ignored does not mean everyone does as you wish , now tell me all about the great facts CBC made up about our troops and ROb Ford and robocalls and Duffy, and since they did not report the attack on the Jewish family in Calgary did it not happen? In your small mind you probably think it did not of course.
commented 2016-04-12 23:56:11 -0400
Oh great, I experienced trauma and adverse conditions growing up… AND I grew up in Canada (maybe that alone disqualifies me from any protections/excuses afforded others). Does that give me license to freely assault anyone who I want to? Thanks for alerting me that there is a waiver to the Criminal / Civil Codes and all that used to be decent and morally correct about our society. Guess the Herald and this School Board made that clear now. Or, can I not avail this defense because I have the unfortunately been born with features that make me disqualified for compassionate treatment? features like being white, male, speaks an official language, etc… I dunno, just asking?
commented 2016-04-12 23:41:43 -0400
Folks please t visit You Tube google and find out muslims students even muslim girl students attacking non-muslim students in schools and all around Europe and U.K you will be shocked to notice so many incidents.no Go zones for non muslims in muslim areas, muslim men attacking women for not having sex with them and rapes are common now.they so called refugees are not as innocent as you think they are all fanatics and do not care about where they came to live They do not respect the country or its culture nothing All they care is money and Islam What Justin the Mushi has done to Canada is unforgivable if he brings in more and more muslims and not nonmuslims as emigrants we are all doomed and our future generation is the ones who are going to suffer in the hands of these fanatic jihadi muslims we will not be alive to watch it .