April 14, 2016

“Nothing is going to change”: Attawapiskat has received almost $1 BILLION in ten years. So where did it go?

Rebel Staff

Attawapiskat is a broken town in Northern Ontario, about 2,000 souls altogether. It makes headlines at least once a year for a calamity of some sort.

A few years back, it was leaky houses. NDP MP Charlie Angus was good at getting media attention for the band but not good at solving their problems.

That’s not really his job, though. That’s up to the band councillors and chief, and until about a year ago that chief was Theresa Spence. (Remember her phoney hunger strike?)

Today, things are still so awful in Attawapiskat that 13 children were planning a mass suicide pact. Why? The first and real answer obviously lies with their families.

But if there are political and economic problems, the band — not Ottawa — are responsible. And the band runs Attawapiskat like a medieval fiefdom, ripe for nepotism and corruption.

One of the richest diamond mines in the world was built just down the highway in 2008. The band’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars from it. (Keep in mind: That doesn’t include the millions they also get in government money.)

Yet here we are again.

Another media circus. Another exchange of pieties in Parliament.

Sure, some more money will be sent. But will it matter?

WATCH my prediction for what will happen next — and what’s different about this latest crisis, now that Justin Trudeau is prime minister…

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