April 15, 2016

A “wealth transfer from private to public sector”: NDP budget “cuts tall-poppy Alberta down to size”

Rebel Staff

I’ll go over the “highlights” in the new Alberta budget from Rachel Notley’s NDP. It isn’t just a war on the oil and gas industry. It represents a massive wealth transfer, from the private to the public sector.

Alberta’s unemployment rate is a whopping 7.9% — but Notley has already hired 47,000 new government workers, and just announced 3,260 more more. So no lay-offs or attrition. Instead, ten net new hires a day, every day, all year. All unionized.

Then factor in that Notley’s husband, Lou Arab, is a CUPE lobbyist who continues to lobby the government to this day.

Notley's carbon tax is an immediate 4.5-cent jump at the pump, literally a tax on everything that moves. She says it will “create jobs.” So… why not double it to create even more jobs? What a nut.

If you’re in Rachel Notley’s husband’s union, it’s party time. For the rest of Albertans — get ready for three more years of this — and ten more years to recover...

My first guest, author and energy advocate Alex Epstein, just spoke to a U.S. Senate Committee, making the case for fossil fuels, as he does so well.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer tried to make fun of him — but wait until you see what he did about it

Then former Finance Minister Joe Oliver stops by the studio to chat about that Alberta budget, then explains why Canadians are paying way more than they should for food basics.

FINALLY: Your tweets and emails to me — the nice and the not-so-nice!

One of those letters was about last night's report on the latest crisis in Attawapiskat.

In my reply to this message tonight, I'll explain how the Indian Act was written, with the absurd racist assumption that First Nations people were like children who needed government protection -- which is exactly why it needs to be repealed.

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