April 18, 2017

He was locked in a psych ward over angry tweets: Why you could be next

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

A couple of years ago, police in Newfoundland shot dead a man named Donald Dunphy. Dunphy was opinionated, vulgar, ranted a lot, sometimes made vague threats. 

After he posted some political tweets one day, a plainclothes cop with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary came to his home and shot Dunphy dead.

So another cranky Newfoundlander, Andrew Abbass, angrily tweeted about that.

Guess who showed up at Abbass’s home? The same Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

Now, lucky for Abbass, he wasn’t shot dead. And he wasn’t charged either. (Charged with what?)

No, they threw him in the psych ward.

The details are shocking, but this is happening more and more.

I've told you before about a Montreal man who was arrested for criticizing Islamic extremism on Twitter.

These word police, jailers, political doctors and thought patrols are trying these things out on eccentrics and marginal people now.

Watching the reaction, seeing who cares, and who doesn’t.

And then I think they will do more...

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Our own Gavin McInnes on the latest Berkeley riot, and "Moldylocks," the Antifa girl who was punched by a Trump supporter.

Then Rebel commentator Eric Duhaime and I discuss the French presidential electionwhich he'll be covering for the Rebel!

We're very excited about that, and we trust you are too. Imagine getting honest coverage of this event that will be nothing like the mainstream media's reportage, especially the CBC's.

Of course, unlike the CBC, we don't receive $1.5 billion in bailouts each year from Trudeau's Liberals. 

The total cost of our trip, including cab fare and meals, is approximately $4,500. (That’s how much the CBC would spend on Peter Mansbridge’s hotel room alone!)

But we are 100% crowdfunded. If you want to hear the truth about Marine Le Pen, please help us bring it to you. Please donate at RebelFrance.com. Thank you!

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commented 2017-04-26 22:05:33 -0400
Hey Ezra! How often are you gonna post this totally distorted bucket of lies??

Ezra Levant is a convicted liar. Look it up! 😎
commented 2017-04-21 20:36:30 -0400
I am glad to follow “le rebel” from Québec.

And yes unfortunately, uni lingual francophone are at a very bad disadvantage when it comes to information medias strictly leftist here in Québec. I keep urging my patriotic friends to learn English so that they can receive information coming from more that a population basin of 7 million ppl and get the real info from a real diverse population pool of more that 350 million ppl. This is diversity and the information coming from that pool of ppl helps us have a better judgment on events surrounding us all.
commented 2017-04-21 12:23:06 -0400
i care, but alas im just a " little people" person so will be in same position as the grumpy guys that were shot & locked up for the views i have of these governments in my province & country. Maybe we all will be locked up, shot until we get out of Canada all together.
commented 2017-04-19 13:38:57 -0400
TREE fungus….As stated by others, we ARE capable of thinking for ourselves. Seems like you enjoy
a good brainwashing yourself though. As for your hate for Ezzra, that has been well documented so no need to preach to us. Or do you have some latent hidden love for him and secretly want to suck his dick? Whatever the case, move on to the cbc.
commented 2017-04-19 13:38:57 -0400
TREE fungus….As stated by others, we ARE capable of thinking for ourselves. Seems like you enjoy
a good brainwashing yourself though. As for your hate for Ezzra, that has been well documented so no need to preach to us. Or do you have some latent hidden love for him and secretly want to suck his dick? Whatever the case, move on to the cbc.
commented 2017-04-19 12:43:54 -0400
When I think back to some of my earliest Rebel comments, I’m probably on a watch list. Proud of it.
commented 2017-04-19 12:41:47 -0400
The first person that should grace the psyc ward should be pm dumb dumb. Then start on radical Imams. Watch then how rapidly Canada would be on the road to recovery. The head of the snake should go first.
commented 2017-04-19 06:31:24 -0400
I don’t get my opinions from Ezra Levant or any other single person as you probably don’t. I get my opinions from myself. I read and listen to a variety of sources and then draw my one conclusions and opinions.
So Mr. Stump, f….k off and do your tramp trolling elsewhere.
commented 2017-04-19 03:49:21 -0400
The tree, why don’t you use your real name ? Your calling someone fake , but yet your using a fake name. You ask i how know your name is fake ? Who in the f… Call’s themself The Tree.
commented 2017-04-19 03:16:31 -0400
I absolutely agree with Ezra. The police state run by corrupted politicians at all levels of gov’t is just starting. How else can they stop the normal people (the christians, the people who have always paid their taxes, the people who have worked in their lives without abusing the welfare state, the people who believed in true democracy and justice, etc) how will they stop those people revolting against sharia laws like M103, or getting very angry with their tax dollars given away to fake refugees and criminal migrants and crony friends of gov’ts, or getting mad as hell that the borders are wide open to muslims illegals, or refusing to submit to muslim extremism. The only way left to them is to use violence against its own population and every means of coercion will be allowed. But what they fail to understand is that anarchy will ensue with thief, murder, and hell, because no institution will deserve any respect.
commented 2017-04-19 01:22:24 -0400
What is a true definition of violence? Obviously, speaking out and supporting righteousness, the truth, exposing the lies and deception, of our elected politicians and mainstream media presstitutes, exposing tolerant radical leftards who accept any viewpoint of their own, but intolerance of those from the right. Beam me up Lord! There isn’t much intelligent life here.
commented 2017-04-19 01:02:31 -0400
The Tree please tell me what law Ezra broke when the HRC tried to prosecute him for 900 days? Or was Ezra lying about that as well? LOSER!
commented 2017-04-19 01:01:33 -0400
The Tree do you know that the OKA crisis came about because Chretin and his buddies wanted land for a golf course that they tried to steal from the natives? Or is that a lie as well you halfwit. Now go have the liberal media make up your mind for you.
commented 2017-04-19 00:59:24 -0400
The Tree still waiting for your proof of that, if he was convicted it should be easy to produce. Now go be subjugated , and commies are filthy murdering scum. I will never bow to them. You are pathetic.
commented 2017-04-19 00:51:46 -0400
Good show Ezra, keep them coming.
First, " The tree" Go away the grownups are talking.
While I don’t condone violence towards anyone, moldylocks needs to learn, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. She assumed it would be a cake walk, since the right has taken the lefts abuse in the past, well guess what honey, there’s a new Fed in town and he’s called " Fed up ". When these total losers have nothing to bring to the table but violence, then bring it on. Those of us who are willing to have a conversation with you will wait till you are ready to sit, talk and be civilized, but you have been warned, if violence is to be your talking point, then we just might also have a lot to say.
commented 2017-04-19 00:26:50 -0400
Keith Barnes wrote, “Best to watch your Ps and Qs, in future.” Well, certainly don’t advocate violence or make threats against anyone: those things are illegal. Unfortunately, the law that will follow motion M103 will presumably make any criticism of Islam illegal (since that would be islamophobic – whatever “islamophobia” is: they don’t bother to define it). So essentially it will be a blasphemy law, in a 21st century Western nation, incredible and tragic as that seems. But all the more reason for as many people as possible to speak out since if enough do, they can’t arrest us all and if, to quote Mark Steyn, the State or religion of peace enthusiasts decide to go “full Charlie Hebdo, they can’t kill us all.”
commented 2017-04-19 00:02:35 -0400
That’s what they did in the Soviet Union.
commented 2017-04-18 23:39:08 -0400
Shalom Ezra, thrown in the crazy house? Well, our politicians are in there daily, but if we are forced in, grab the pillow and smother the traitors that want to kill us.
commented 2017-04-18 23:04:37 -0400
The Tree said, “Ezra Levant is a convicted liar.”

Do you realize, The Tree, that you can be charged for libel making a statement like that?

And if you think you are safe behind the alias “The Tree”, think again. You can be traced.
commented 2017-04-18 22:49:11 -0400
In Ontario they already have 50 so called, Hate Police who scan sites like Twitter, FB and the Rebel, for people who post bad things about Justins new friends. Best to watch your Ps and Qs, in future.
commented 2017-04-18 22:42:22 -0400
@ the tree – You obviously are a Bolshevik troll. Stay away from us civilized people – your health depends on that!
Oh, by the way no one on this forum needs advice from a Bolshevik TREE!

Good show Ezra – as you can see the Bolsheviks already have their foot in the door in Canada – I guess trees don’t realize they can be fallen!
commented 2017-04-18 22:37:06 -0400
Ignore it, they only have a short memory span.
commented 2017-04-18 22:33:07 -0400
Go to the Home Page, scroll down to ‘More Content’, look for Gavin McInnes 17th, open the link and you will see this female punching the Guy in the face, before he hits her. According to McInnes the Guy was an ex Marine and not a Hooligan as stated by Ezra.
commented 2017-04-18 22:04:54 -0400
Uh oh, Troll Alert!
( The Tree )
commented 2017-04-18 22:04:13 -0400
Happy to help with Rebels in France. Looking forward to the reports!
commented 2017-04-18 22:02:24 -0400
The doctor committed him in order to protect him from the police. I have seen this sort of thing many times as an advocate for MGTOW. Getting screwed by the family court is very bad for your health and peace of mind.

Some jurisdictions are real snake pits…they can order electroconvusive therapy.

Make no mistake….men have been killed by the police over temper tantrums in domestic/divorce conflicts…the doctor is trying to protect him.

It took MGTOW a lot of effort to get the police not to kill men over their wife’s or their wife’s lawyer’s accusations…it was cases where members of the RCMP and other police forces got caught in this web that made them willing to listen and change their policies and procedures.

This more than any other (of many) reasons….makes me utterly despise Justin Trudeau for his little struts about being a feminist…..I will believe that a woman’s shit does not stink after I witness Justin Trudeau eat a pound.

I wish Eric well in France.
commented 2017-04-18 21:45:04 -0400
Ezra Levant is a convicted liar.
Every one of the the people and incidents in this article is grossly mischaracterised by Levant. Some of the things in the Montreal story are outright lies.
Please start reading and thinking for yourselves, folks.
It is about time to stop letting yourselves to be led around by the nose by this pos liar Ezra Levant.
commented 2017-04-18 21:41:24 -0400
On the twitter police:
No wonder half of all illegal migrants crossing into Canada are criminals, because they know that the RCMP and police are too busy with rude tweeters (not to mention providing bellhop services). Trudeau’s prisons are also going to need room for the M103 Islamophobes and blasphemers: no room for violent criminals.
Canada is ripe for the taking.