April 27, 2016

Canadian Muslims say they love it here (but not our western liberal values)

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The pollster Environs recently interviewed 600 Muslims about life in Canada. You might have heard Media Party stories about it already, but I was more interested in some of the stats buried in the report:

For example, 75 per cent of Canadian Muslims want the right to pray in public schools. And only 36 per cent of Canadian Muslims say homosexuality should be accepted.

But that was the only controversial question.

What if a poll of Muslims were taken that wasn’t paid for by a Muslim lobby group, and was much more rigourous?

Earlier this month, a massive survey exactly like that was done in the UK, by Channel 4, a large public broadcaster. The results were reported by Trevor Phillips, the former Chair of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission.

He wrote the report popularizing the phrase “Islamophobia”, but he also just admitted, twenty years later, that he regrets thinking Muslims would assimilate like other immigrants.

We’ve embedded a copy of Phillips' broadcast, below. I encourage you to watch it — it’s riveting and important.

We’ve also embedded the questions and answers by the UK polling company, questions the Canadian Muslim lobby would never pay a pollster to ask.

Like: Do British Muslims believe that a homosexual should be allowed to be a teacher?

Only 28% say yes.

And wait until you hear what they say about Jews, the Holocaust, and whether or not they’d call the police if they learned of a terrorist plot.

Now: What makes you think the answers in Canada would be different...?

My first guest, Marc Morano of Climate Depot, talks about their new “Climate Hustle” movie, which launches in Toronto on Monday. 

Next, meet Don Sharpe. He's not Jewish, but he just became president of the newly launched Jewish Defence League's Calgary chapter.

He'll explain how it all came to be, and share a truly shocking story about what he heard at a local anti-Israel BDS meeting.

Finally: Your emails, tweets and other messages to me, especially about last night's monologue about Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP pretending they suddenly "love the oil sands."


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commented 2017-05-25 15:16:16 -0400
Great documentary. M 103, the objective of Jihadi Justin will encourage non integration of Muslims into Canadian Society. Further, Muslims will use it to increase their control over affairs until Canada devolves into an Islamic hell hole! Just my thoughts.
commented 2016-05-02 12:30:16 -0400
This whole scene is mind boggling. Justin Trudeau has let his ego go to his head and Canadians can do nothing to stop him and his cronies? ? ? He hired so many of the old Liberals and the old Liberal values. What have Canadians done. I will tell you what happened. He promised to make weed legal. That is how he got all those votes. It was a cheap shot at winning votes. I cannot stand this man. I also cannot stand the Immigration Minister. He looks and talks like a retard. They are holding back information and deceiving all Canadians about what plans they had before the election. They could not tell what their overall plans were before the election because it may have caused a problem for them. I am so sorry that the Conservatives were not voted in. There were good things I can say about them since the liberals have been in.
We were much safer as a nation under Harper. We really did have a balanced budget and surplus when the Liberals took over. It was proven. Now what, we just sit on our asses, wait for more sunny ways +more refugees who are not from Refugee camps.
How much more can Canadians take from this Prime Minister.We need to work at this.
commented 2016-04-30 08:58:04 -0400
I would be glad to help fund a poll Ezra to show Canadians how they are being miss lead by the main stream media and their political friends. I know the results would be similar, but just the same it’s important to take any doubt that this is what’s really going on here.
commented 2016-04-28 16:57:14 -0400
Peter Netterville: I have watched as many of Donald Trump’s speeches as are available to me online and he has repeatedly stated that, under his Presidency, he will wipe ISIS out. Now who in God’s green earth could disagree with that???? Let us Canadians just hope for our own sake that Donald Trump wins.
commented 2016-04-28 16:06:00 -0400
ron christensen

No rebuttal, just name calling. Pathetic.
commented 2016-04-28 14:07:03 -0400
Nothing in this documentary is surprising at all to anyone who has been paying attention. As an aside – this limey’s voice is just painful to listen to. Whatever that lisp is – holy s@#t it’s hard to take.
commented 2016-04-28 12:49:05 -0400
Clearly Canada isn’t nearly Muslim friendly enough. The only answer is to send those who are offended by our nation back to Trashcanistan along with the bleeding heart journalists that support them. Good on Trevor Phillips for challenging his beliefs & seeking the truth.

I love Marc Morano’s work. This climate doomsday crap has been going on for decades now. The world’s going to end – it fails to end – the date is reset & we’re supposed to forget the original prediction – repeat the process in an endless loop. These fools need to be called out.

Hitler’s anti-Semitism didn’t raise alarm bells during his rise to power because anti-Semitism was commonplace throughout Europe. We need to stop that ground from being prepared again in the West or we will face another disaster.
commented 2016-04-28 12:00:11 -0400
Easy solution Get out then go away never come back, go back to your muslim hell holes you came from
commented 2016-04-28 11:53:54 -0400
Ron Christensen said, “Islamic terrorism will be eradicated under President Trump. What a naive moron.”

I have not seen anyone suggest that “Islamic terrorism will be eradicated under President Trump.” This is an extremist statement.

I have heard people say, including Trump, that this will stop the incoming flow to the US any possible Islamic terrorists.

Ron Christensen, if you have to take what someone says and twist it into an extremist statement when the person obviously did not say that, then you have already lost the argument and lost any credibility.
commented 2016-04-28 09:46:48 -0400
Why do we insist on handing the West over to people who after a millennial couldn’t carve out a system that functioned for even a fraction of their populace?
commented 2016-04-28 09:40:49 -0400
We need to shut the Welfare taps off. Everyone is welcome but make your own way just like every other immigrant had to in the past.
commented 2016-04-28 09:26:35 -0400
“Several of them would have protested if they could have found the right arguments.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm
commented 2016-04-28 09:26:24 -0400
Not to mention we cannot edit….arrrrrrrgh!

*over the counter headache medications….
commented 2016-04-28 09:24:46 -0400
Holy crap! The font size! I thought for a second I had to return to the eye doctor for a stronger lens prescription. Like some of the labels on the back of food and over the headache medications I can’t read worth a shit even with glasses.

And fuck Islam!
commented 2016-04-28 09:21:50 -0400
“Islamic terrorism will be eradicated under President Trump. "

Unfortunately Donald Trump expressed the EXACT foreign policy of the current administration. Trump is a liberal democrat.
commented 2016-04-28 09:18:20 -0400
Sean, Jay and Ronny……here is a little light reading for you. I have said for some time now that you need to seek help for your serious mental issues. CHEERS!
commented 2016-04-28 08:54:36 -0400
ANDREW commented Interesting how the marxists and their SJW’s have everything to say about racism when it comes to blacks, but not much is said about a candid show such as these.

Is the problem islamic terrorism or is the problem the billionaire marxists like George Soros that finance these conflicts or is it both.

Islamic terrorism will be eradicated under President Trump.

What a naive moron.
commented 2016-04-28 08:29:11 -0400
Islam is a medieval barbaric cult, end of story. It has no place in our modern society.
commented 2016-04-28 07:32:26 -0400
Excellent show!!
commented 2016-04-28 04:52:18 -0400
Interesting how the marxists and their SJW’s have everything to say about racism when it comes to blacks, but not much is said about a candid show such as these.

Is the problem islamic terrorism or is the problem the billionaire marxists like George Soros that finance these conflicts or is it both.

Islamic terrorism will be eradicated under President Trump.
commented 2016-04-28 04:00:41 -0400
Canada is great because of our values. Muslim countries are unrecoverable shitholes because of theirs. So who should we allow to shape our society?
commented 2016-04-28 03:55:16 -0400
Loves Canada but have to change it to an opposite Canada. Great logic.
commented 2016-04-28 01:57:39 -0400
What a different story from what Canada’s Pravda organization was saying on the radio this evening. Nice reminder to try to to find out who commissioned the poll prior to eating up the poll results.
commented 2016-04-28 01:56:22 -0400
I do not believe you, Rae Fraser. You would not follow a nine year old girl into a washroom because you are a pervert. You might have to go into a washroom to attend to your own child or grandchild, and no one would fault you for that, but you would not go in for perverse reasons.
commented 2016-04-28 01:45:17 -0400
Good. Jay Kelly- when your daughter is 9 years old – I will follow her into the wash room because at that moment in time —-I will be feeling queerily inquisitive. Every little girl should have the life experience of a Pervert slinging his schlong while in the wash room.
commented 2016-04-28 01:29:20 -0400
Rae, you can follow your granddaughter into the washroom. I have never seen people object to others entering into a public washroom, except politely if it was a mistake. Fathers have to change their daughter’s diaper, mothers have to calm their little sons, and into the washroom they go.

Muslims think that men should be men and women should be women, but that does not mean you can not look after your own children or grand-children.
commented 2016-04-28 01:19:31 -0400
Well ,Jay——I am still attempting to adjust to the new Canada where I must just sit there as a 50 year olde man follows my grand daughter into the wash room.
commented 2016-04-28 00:48:39 -0400
“36 per cent of Canadian Muslims say homosexuality should be accepted.” What do you make of that?

Font size big or small, Muslims tend to agree with non-Muslims that homosexual acts between men are not acceptable.

Should Muslims be demonized for their opinion, or should we recognize them as fellow Canadians? What do you think?
commented 2016-04-28 00:05:42 -0400
commented 2016-04-27 23:36:41 -0400
The font size is representative of my Respect for Islam.