April 05, 2016

Wall’s big win should give all Canadian conservatives hope

Rebel Staff

When Stephen Harper lost the election last October, I said a factor was that he had fatigued voters after nine years; and that the media was against him, and the unions, and universities, and NGOs.

Well, Brad Wall is in his ninth year as premier, and the Saskatchewan media is against him, and the unions, and universities, and NGOs.

But last night he won a third majority in a row. Wall's Saskatchewan Party got 63% of the vote. Incredible.

Let’s see what happens in Manitoba’s election two weeks from now. If they get the courage to break free from the NDP, we’ve got ourselves a little trend. I hope so.

I want to believe that Canadians believe in freedom...

I can’t make sense of the Liberals’ drastic and distrubing immigration and citizenship changes. Joining me to try to explain them is Toronto Sun columnist Candice Malcolm.

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Usually when we talk about Canadian oil, we talk about Alberta, but tonight, we’re looking at New Brunswick’s insane ban on fracking with Brian MacDonald, a PC MLA in that province, who wants to make it legal again.

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