April 08, 2016

Trudeau’s Liberals budget $8.4 BILLION for Aboriginals: See where this money is really going

Rebel Staff

You’ve probably heard of PayPal. It’s the popular online bank, a payment system, really. We use it at The Rebel. So do more than 170 million customers around the world.

But PayPal just cancelled a $3.6 million expansion in North Carolina, costing the state 400 jobs. On account of a "new state law that restricts protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.”

I'll read this law to you. It applies to schools mainly, not a private company like PayPal. It’s not really onerous in terms of gay rights.

But you know where there are NO gay rights? Saudi Arabia and other places where PayPal does business.

I’ll tell you what PayPal would really do with their $3.6 million if they really cared about gay rights…

NEXT: Paige MacPherson from the tax watchdog group Canadian Taxpayers Federation has the latest roundup of NDP Premier Rachel Notley's financial waste this week - and why it's not getting better.

THEN: Political Science professor and Aboriginal affairs expert Tom Flanagan unpacks the contributions to First Nations from Trudeau's budget. There’s a 20 per cent increase in Aboriginal funding, and Flanagan says it will be “very hard to track.” So much for transparency.

FINALLY: I read your feedback to me, good and bad!

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