August 05, 2016

Guest Jason Kenney: Is it too late to save Alberta?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Alberta is a disaster. Unemployment jumped almost a full point last month to 8 per cent. It’s now higher than in Quebec, Ontario or Nova Scotia. For 15-19-year-olds, it’s skyrocketed to 24 per cent.

And Notley insists on raising the minimum wage. How many young people who are barely employable at $11.20 an hour will be let go when Notley thinks their evil corporate bosses can afford to pay 30 per cent more for labour?

Of course, Edmonton is doing just fine. Last year, according to Statistics Canada, public sector jobs in the province grew by 47,000, while 100,000 jobs were lost in the private sector.

Based on this and other economic indicators, I’m worried about Alberta’s reputation as a place to invest.

My guest Jason Kenney may be facing off against Notley in the 2019 provincial election. Is there anything he thinks we can do?

We talk about the Alberta NDP's junk lawsuit (they're basically suing themselves over cancelled power contracts), Kenney points out that this move is an assault on the sanctity of contracts, which the entire free enterprise system relies on.

THEN David Harris, Director of the International Intelligence Program for INSIGNIS, joins me to talk about a troubling story about a former Washington, DC transit officer who converted to Islam who has been charged with helping ISIS.

Harris talks about the implications of this case. Isn't it only a matter of time before we see a Muslim law enforcement officer use his own weapons in a terror attack?

He says Muslims themselves have been raising the alarm about the loyalty of some police officers in Canada and the U.S, and he gives some troubling examples.

FINALLY: Your messages to me about my trip to Montreal, and our new anti-OPEC billboard on wheels!


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commented 2016-08-08 11:40:38 -0400
That would be great Peter, but don’t you think it’s a bit premature to expect Kenney and Brian Jean to appear together? I doubt they would agree to at this point. I would like to hear shorter questions and longer answers though.
commented 2016-08-08 08:56:33 -0400
Liza Rosie said, "I would hope that it is Ezra’s intention to have Brian Jean interviewed as well. "

For sure! That is a must, but I would also like to see Ezra interview both of them at the same time on the same show. … … And let them talk amongst each other in front of the camera the most, Ezra just spur on the conversation from time to time.
commented 2016-08-08 02:47:48 -0400
I was the one who came up with the idea for the billboard on wheels! I said to do what they do in Las Vegas, but instead of advertising hookers, to advertise a rebel cause.
commented 2016-08-07 17:45:07 -0400
anyone with a brain knows ndp have chased out all our investors in our energy sector so HOW DARE YOU SAY ITS THE PRICE OF OIL!!! IDIOTS
commented 2016-08-07 15:00:25 -0400
I regards to my comment to Ken Hanson about the subborness of Conservatives to budge in regards to switching their votes to PC because of Kenny, that is not what I was suggesting. Liza Rosie and Mac Cummings made excellent comments and I agree with both of you.

My point to Ken was two fold:
1) Conservatives in Alberta cannot afford to be so intransigent otherwise Notley could win again.
2) Some compromise might become necessary in order to keep the right from splitting.

Which is preferable, a Conservative party with a few wolves in Conservative clothing or the NDP in power again?

Like it or not, Kenny really will pull Wildrose votes to the PCs. And Brian Jean does deserve to be Premier, but I doubt that will happen with Kenny in the mix.

Just my opinion.
commented 2016-08-07 14:59:44 -0400
I would hope that it is Ezra’s intention to have Brian Jean interviewed as well.

Ron Christensen says, “too sleazy for me” , that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all morning. Think of a Notely supporter calling anyone sleazy. She is the definition of sleaze ball. A slimy no good greasy sleaze.
commented 2016-08-07 14:45:48 -0400
Jay Kelly, give up you bs about the price of oil being the cause of Albertas’ economic woes.

Ralph Klein brought Alberta into the black and left a profit when the price of oil averaged $ 34 per barrel.

So, Jay Kelly, stop the lies and bullshit.
commented 2016-08-07 01:04:45 -0400
Ron. If she’s so hard working, why hasn’t she made any updates to the government website in the last year with the 50000 new hires in her control
commented 2016-08-07 00:55:24 -0400
Lol Ron. “Our hard working premier.” After she took half the MLAs to Paris then took a vacation. Where is she vacationing now? Bet it’s not in Alberta
commented 2016-08-06 22:21:37 -0400
Dizzy Levant says Jason Kenny will be facing off against our hard working Premier next election. I think Dizzy is being a bit premature. The come from the “calgary school” of Alberta idiots. Down with both of them. Too sleazy for me.
commented 2016-08-06 21:47:54 -0400
So sorry to see you hitching your wagon to the Kenny wagon, Ezra! He strikes me as a political opportunist who is more interested in his own career than Albertans! We have been down the “unite the right” trail before with the disastrous result that we are facing today. It is the right of Albertans to choose if we want to unite these parties and I find your bias very sad! I would hope you would give Brian Jean equal time and the opportunity to answer these same questions. There is nothing in the present PC party that I would ever support. The corrupt old PC party hacks are all still there just waiting for a chance to get back to the trough!
commented 2016-08-06 16:43:22 -0400
Does anyone have the StatsCan link reference for the number of public sector jobs in Alberta?
commented 2016-08-06 13:55:44 -0400
- Alberta NDP, socialism at work. A small group of ruling elite & their cronies bleed the people dry in the name of “fairness.” It always fails, it’s just a matter of how long it takes.

- How big a disaster do Muslim extremists have to create before people wake up? I think some people could be dragged out of their homes & have their throats slit, all the while insisting it’s just some kind of “lone wolf” attack or some other nonsense. Political correctness enables Muslim extremism at every turn.
commented 2016-08-06 11:37:34 -0400
Liza, I think many countries were fooled by the muslim immigration policy. Awareness and knowledge of the Koran is the main reason people, including government, were fooled by the muslims themselves and the traitorous media. Even the US military, before they received the red pill briefing, were unaware of the muslim ideology, ie, what makes them tick. One senior ranking member of the US Army stated that if he knew this info about the muslims and islam some of his soldiers would not have been killed.

There is no excuse now for importing sharia law and this will be a major issue for any politician. Also the climate change policy is another hot button issue and I wrote an e-mail to my MP and advised him against supporting this tax grab as he will probably lose a large number of supporters. He responded that he does not support the climate change mantra.

I wouldn’t make too much of the Fildebrandt mistake or even the Jean reaction. This is the type of thing the leftards feed off and want to perpetuate and milk it over and over. Meanwhile, Notley is destroying Alberta and people get distracted from the real issues. People in government make mistakes and that will never change but to make a mountain out of mole hill is not the answer. It is time to organize and fight the communists and support those on the front line such as Kenney, Jean, Fildebrandt and all of the other people who are on the front line against Notley.
commented 2016-08-06 11:17:01 -0400
Jay , the price of oil is dictated by the united states . That is the only one that Canada sells there oil to this is why we need to get our Alberta and Saskatchewan oil to the east and west coast ports to sell to the rest of the world . Warren Buffet owns the railroads in the united states so the less pipelines running from Canada to the states the better for him . OPEC oil is transported into QUEERBECK up the Saint Lorence river off loaded in QUEERBECK then pipelined into Texas or pipe lined to our East Coast and refined by IRVIN Oil .Ill Bet QEERBECK is getting back door residual money to keep this going and not support western oil . ?
commented 2016-08-06 10:37:44 -0400
I like Kenney. He is a grown up and believes what he says. He is sincere. However I cannot agree with his immigration policy and his temporary workers program went too far. Having said that, Brian Jean has lost me a few times as well, one of them being when he didn’t stand behind Derek Fildebrandt.
They both have their flaws. I’m hoping they can find a way to insure the vote is not split and can work together for Alberta. Frankie Stacey said it best, they have to put their egos aside and do what is best for Alberta.
commented 2016-08-06 09:40:42 -0400
Brian Jean is a very likable man, but Jason has the aura of a leader who commands respect. And it is Jason’s’ type of leadership that we need. Brian really disappointed me when he tried to have Derek Fildebrandt removed. I think that Derek should lead the WR party, because he speaks the truth, and he has a great presence of character about him. And he isn’t a coward that pussyfoots around issues.
commented 2016-08-06 06:13:42 -0400
Ezra, you do talk a lot and encroach on your guest’s ability to respond. I would have appreciated some more discussion with Kenny, focusing on his past record in the federal conservative party. Kenny is an intelligent and articulate person so some pointed questions could have pushed his comfort zone in order to get a better measure of his character.
commented 2016-08-06 05:06:10 -0400
Is it too late to save Alberta? How about is it too late to save Canada?

Jason Kenney – the self-admitted 50 year old virgin / “confirmed bachelor” FLOODED Canada with 100,000’s of barbaric Muslim’s when he was Immigration minister. He also FLOODED Canada with 100,000 temporary visa workers to take jobs away from Canadians.

Jason Kenny – who is almost certainly a closeted homosexual – is a BIG part of the problem with Canada. He has made Canadians less safe and less secure with his policies in the past. This fat f*ck should never hold elected office again. BTW – Premier of Alberta is not the job that he wanted. You can bet he wanted to succeed Harper as PM but he knew if he ran for head of federal party the scrutiny on his mysterious public life would be too great. Absent of marriage of convenience to a female “beard” there is no way Kenney could run for the highest office in Canada.
commented 2016-08-06 04:42:06 -0400
And I still advise Jason to start each day by doing a few pushups and situps to start each day on the road…
commented 2016-08-06 04:40:10 -0400
NDP SUCKS… There is actually a natural progression of events that I see happening… The coming debate in the PC/Wildrose ranks will focus the minds of Western Canadians, not just Albertans, as to what the key issues are driving either economic prosperity, or, more of the Ottawa-driven/Laurentian Elites dictated “the same”… It is also inevitable, given Trudeau’s dangerous incompetence, that Western Canada will not be a “sunny” place in the coming years… Westerners, from the Ontario border west to Victoria, will find that the upcoming debates among conservatives in Alberta will also spur and swell the debate about Western Separation… They are inevitably linked…
commented 2016-08-06 02:25:36 -0400
I think Jason Kenney is doing exactly the right thing at the right time and saying the right things. Campaigning in his own truck, going from town to town, talking to people and building a consensus. The PC leadership will be determined in about one year and I can’t see anybody defeating him, especially that piece of work who calls himself Lukaszuk. The next step will be discussions with the Wildrose and Brian Jean is open to this which means the grassroots are in favour of a merger. The NDP must not only be defeated but destroyed by a fully recharged right wing conservative party representing the majority of people in Alberta. As a bonus, either Jason or Brian can lead this party and the province and to me that doesn’t really matter which one is the leader because together they will be very strong. I am a Wildrose member and financial donor and I have e-mailed them several times saying that they need to merge with the conservative members of the PC party. The progressives need to be kicked out hard and sent packing. The final step that I would like to see is a referendum on separation. The amount of equalization money sent to Quebec is the main reason, the Liberal corruption and destruction policies, make this a viable choice for Alberta. This separation movement is growing in western Canada and surprisingly in Ontario and Quebec.
commented 2016-08-06 02:12:48 -0400
I’m with you on that Frankie.
commented 2016-08-06 02:11:42 -0400
Really vajay jay?……you really need to start paying attention, do try to keep up. Also, don’t mix booze with your medications, it doing more damage than you think.
commented 2016-08-06 02:09:53 -0400
Maybe I am living in a fantasy world, but I am tired of the runaround of “who has to get along with who”. A question should be asked to Kenney and Jean are they in politics for their own special interests or are they here to serve the public that will vote for them. If the answer is to serve the public then get on with it and push their egos to the side and do what it takes to put Alberta and Albertians first. If it is the latter then both can fuck off.
commented 2016-08-06 02:00:08 -0400
Give it up Jay, everybody knows why except you. Everyone also knows Alberta’s exodus has more to do with Notely than the price of oil. Stop posting the same stupid comment.
commented 2016-08-06 01:37:09 -0400
The economy of Alberta has suffered in the last few months because the price of oil has plummeted.

Hopefully The Rebel will investigate the causes and come up with an explanation.

Why did the price of oil fall so far? What should Alberta do to reduce the effects of the oil collapse?
commented 2016-08-06 01:06:02 -0400
It must be remembered that, while Millennials voted for the NDP, they are the ones most likely to be screwed by the NDP, and screwed ninety different ways. Notley brings a special kind of incompetence to government that will only get worse. In fact, I believe that things will be so bad just before the next election, Notley will not seek re-election, and nor will a lot of NDP MLAs for that matter. Things will be that bad. So bad that 750,000 Albertans will be unemployed, poverty will be commonplace, and even the NDP MLAs will be considered (Horrors!) elitists because they will be granted themselves healthy raises right up until the end. The provincial debt will be well over $150 billion by then, with Alberta bonds dropping from investment grade and no more than junk.

Alberta will be finished, but this is not a bad thing. The NDP will be destroyed, the government insolvent, and the institutions ruined. Burn it all down and rebuild.
commented 2016-08-06 00:53:12 -0400
Oh vajay jay….try to keep up will you!
commented 2016-08-06 00:48:47 -0400
You stubborn Albertans need another year or two of the NDP before you unite the right.
What would Kenney do with the 40,000 unneeded Government workers?