August 07, 2017

BC headed for Alberta-sized disaster thanks to far-left coalition

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I remember when Rachel Notley’s NDP won the election in Alberta two years ago. A poll showed more than 90 per cent of people weren’t voting for NDP policies, but just to get rid of the Tories. 

We all know how that’s turned out: The Rebel has been covering the Alberta NDP’s disastrous policies since the first day.

Now the same thing is going to happen in B.C.

In this summer’s election, the Liberals didn’t get a majority. So the NDP’s far-left party did a coalition deal with the even further-left Green Party.

As soon as the coalition was cemented, an even larger deal for B.C. — valued at more than $30 billion — was cancelled by Malaysia’s Petronas.

Now Andrew Weaver, the leader of the Green Party in the coalition, is saying the modernization of the last remaining B.C. pipeline — called the Transmountain Pipeline, owned by Kinder Morgan — that it will never happen.

Tonight I’ll show you just how bad it’s going to get in British Columbia, by talking about the Site C dam project. An approved $9 billion project. Over two thousand jobs — that means over two thousand families.

And the BC government wants to shut it down...

GUESTS: David Goldman, a.k.a., Asia Times columnist "Spengler," comes on to talk about the Media Party's shameless anti-Trump media; then Sun columnist Lorne Gunter talks about the latest "climate change" hysteria and junk science.

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commented 2017-08-08 18:42:21 -0400
Daryl Herman i was doing the Grizzly Valley loop, the affected areas were incredible to see. Very sad.
commented 2017-08-08 17:43:59 -0400
“BC derives relatively little of its economy from energy, and that’s unchanged now.”

So, throw the main breaker and shut down the gas and diesel pumps….then come and tell me how the Province is doing.
commented 2017-08-08 15:20:27 -0400
Fildebrandt just tweeted that he won’t be seeking the leadership this time. So, instead of dismissing both Jean and Kenney start thinking who has the best experience and leadership capabilities to get ’er done. Thus far 8 WRP MLAs have endorsed Jean and 4 (including Drew Barnes who lost to Jean in previous leadership race) have endorsed Kenney. Of the remaining 6 who are not part of the interim executive, that includes Fildebrandt who has made it very clear that he would not support Jean.
commented 2017-08-08 15:13:36 -0400
I understand “oh look there’s an unusual weather event!” is the basis for Gores’s new film touting man-made climate change.
commented 2017-08-08 10:39:57 -0400
A little off-topic but Derric Filderbrant will announce his bid for the leadership in the UPC later today..
Derric is a vertebrate and a non-politically correct Albertan unlike Jayson Kenny your Brian Jean.
Just remember the whipping we got folks from harmlessly chanting “lock her up” by all the politicians who are lovers of the media and the lovers of their own secure positions at the cost of the Alberta people.
Vote Derrick Filderbrant for leadership of the UCP in October.!!
commented 2017-08-08 10:17:54 -0400
Great show Ezra. Enjoy your summer vacation with the family!
commented 2017-08-08 09:26:30 -0400
Ron Joseph – I love your optimism and I agree that anything can happen.
commented 2017-08-08 09:13:20 -0400
If Andrew Stephenson had an eight cylinder car, he would be quite happy if it ran on six cylinders.
commented 2017-08-08 08:04:45 -0400
Meteorologists are calling for a much cooler than average August for North America east of the Rockies. Carbon taxes and environmental extremism are going to be a tough sell in the face of reality.
commented 2017-08-08 02:43:39 -0400
I don’t see why a pipeline could not be built to Churchil, Manitoba. That would solve a lot of the problems.
commented 2017-08-08 02:16:54 -0400
Environmentalists ( Tree huggers) have caused more devastation to our forests and wildlife than the worst dumbed down ,litter bug and average polluter. Its is the tree huggers who protest any kind of prescription logging or prescribed burs used to control bark beetle attacks and decadent growth respectively. Politically correct governments and Foresters bow to these wailing cry babies and as a result bark beetle kills run rampant and wild fires burn super hot and uncontrolled. Wild fires no kill trees and wipe out homes and whole towns rather than just burn the decadent undergrowth . All thanks to tree huggers. Foresters are not allowed to do controlled burns to assist in wild life habitat either, thanks to Huggers.
commented 2017-08-08 01:42:28 -0400
@ Drew Wakariuk commented 24 mins ago

Very good point Drew!!
I worked in that Chetwynd high country too & was living in the south Thompson Valley when that pine beetle problem started & forestry literally plead with the damn tree-huggin loonys to begin a spraying campaign – that would have stopped the beetle dead – but NO these lunatics are so WISE! Now the red dead pine is what is fueling the biggest fires BC has known!
More CO2 – to make the remaining trees grow like crazy! …too bad it doesn’t make them tree-huggin idiots smarter!
commented 2017-08-08 01:35:04 -0400
@ Andrew Stephenson commented 2 hours ago

I really think you are wrong on that!
Over the past decade O&G industry in BC has grown to the 25% range of provincial economy and would be much higher if the damn tree huggers would get a f**kin brain – even a very small one would work – these damn tree huggin lunatics wanting to shut down Site C is proof they have no idea of what they speak or believe! Site C is a very GREEN project & will be for a good 100 years. The land, contrary to “popular” belief, which will be flooded (very small %) is less than good for agriculture. If these NDPigger loonys are concerned about agricultural land – maybe they nought to be burning down their houses & clearing all that lower mainland – which is very fertile agricultural land!
commented 2017-08-08 01:19:13 -0400
Nordica. 24 day trip across the Northwest passage. 9 years ago it was a 25 day trip.
commented 2017-08-08 01:14:26 -0400
Andrew Stephenson and this article is about more than just energy. Maybe try some lessons in comprehension.
commented 2017-08-08 01:12:20 -0400
Andrew Stephenson you mean the lefts single minded focus. And sorry but jobs matter and so does investment. Maybe BC should have not listened to green idiots and the pine beetle disaster could have been stopped before it got insane. How much did it cost? How much carbon did they release burning the wood? I was working at a good elevation near Chetwynd in 2008 and you could see the damage , it was ridiculous.
commented 2017-08-08 00:21:57 -0400
It will be interesting to watch a B.C. NDP government trash an Alberta NDP government.

Notley intention was to use a carbon-tax to subsidize (bribe) B.C. Liberals into accepting the pipeline. Social-license succeeded, but only from those who were at the trough. The B.C. NDP banked considerable political capital into stopping the pipeline. With their Green fellow travelers, they can not only stop the pipeline, but they will also put a knife into Notley and crush her only chance of surviving the next election.

JT will try to argue for the pipeline. But the B.C. NDP will consult the thing into oblivion. JT will be alright with that because he never supported the pipeline anyway. His mission has always been to shut down the oilsands and he will do it by permanently landlocking the resource from tidewater.

Hope that Keystone XL will save Alberta? Nope. That’s not going to happen. The Feds will permit any access to that pipeline from Alberta to be consulted out of existence. That will be the end of the Canadian oil industry, according to plan.
commented 2017-08-07 23:29:03 -0400
The situation in BC Politics is bleak, but not impossible. We must not forget that the Liberals (the preferred Party in BC) are only 1 seat short of a majority. All it will take is 1 NDP or Green lonely backbencher to get bored or angry at being ignored. These Parties have people that are unstable at best.
Someone may get sick, pregnant or die, creating a by-election.
The Liberals can also bribe someone promising them a great job if they resign. I believe Wynne did this to an NDP in Thunder Bay, and so far she has gotten away with it.
commented 2017-08-07 22:58:54 -0400
The Rebel’s singleminded focus on the energy industry blinds them to the reality of the economy – BC derives relatively little of its economy from energy, and that’s unchanged now.
commented 2017-08-07 22:38:50 -0400
- Voting for leftists these days is the same as voting to cut your own throat. Even the public sector unions will eventually pay the price. They can only run the debt up so high & eventually you hit a point where raising taxes won’t raise more revenue. Eventually they’ll pay as well.

- Watching CNNs’ death spiral has been entertaining. They’ve gone into meltdown over Trumps’ planed fireside chats.

- If you want to get funding for a study you simply attach climate change to it & you get a good chance of being successful. This is why it’s gotten so bizarre.
commented 2017-08-07 21:49:07 -0400
What is it with Canadian voters lately? Voters replaced the best Prime Minister in my lifetime, Stephen Harper, with Sonny Boy, who is easily the worst. Albertans elected the NDP of all parties, despite their long-time aversion to the policies of that party. Now, an NDP-Green coalition runs BC. What next? Will Kathleen Wynne get replaced by the NDP in the next Ontario election who will surely find ways to grind Ontario even further into the ground?

If only we had Conservative parties that were actually conservative! Then we wouldn’t be struck with these horrible leftists…. With new or newish Conservative leaders in both Ontario and Canada, neither of which seem very conservative at all, we’re probably stuck without a genuine alternative for at least another few years before Scheer and Brown have proven to be the duds they are shaping up to be. Maybe then we’ll choose some real conservatives and can start working to get sensible governments in place again….
commented 2017-08-07 21:48:44 -0400
The Goracle’s “Inconvenient Sequel” movie bombed on it’s opening weekend. It finished in 15th place. Looks like the “big lie” is getting a little old.
commented 2017-08-07 21:17:17 -0400
Horgan is a Venezuelan styled blood libel hater of capitalist enterprise – BC will learn a hard lesson. IF they survive this deconstructionist regime, and the vote them in again the Province would be better run by Aboriginals.
commented 2017-08-07 21:10:15 -0400
There has never been a good ndp government on the provincial level.


Wait until one gets in at the federal level.

Voters get the government they deserve.

Better get started on the cash economy folks – or you WILL be sorry.

Do it asap.
commented 2017-08-07 20:58:47 -0400
Yeah EZRA , Good show tonight
Enjoy your time off with family
I’m afraid, the green dippers are going to plow everything under , and make it impossible to restart it back up again

The construction workers that take part in this destruction, will do so at their peril
commented 2017-08-07 20:51:14 -0400
Good show Ezra!
commented 2017-08-07 20:49:37 -0400
Regarding Horgan, the socialists no longer try to hide their distain for people. What is the saying? Socialists are all for improving humanity, it is people they don’t like.
commented 2017-08-07 20:45:56 -0400
I stubbed my toe today, and no one has ever stubbed their toe before global warming.