August 08, 2016

Alberta: Notley NDP declares war on… pick-up trucks

Rebel Staff

There’s nothing more Albertan than a pickup truck. Jason Kenney is driving around Alberta in a pickup truck right now, on a campaign tour. So what does Rachel Notley’s NDP have to say about it?

A shocking amount, actually. Their online war room, Press Progress, put out a huge campaign attacking him for it, headlined:

“Jason Kenney is driving around Alberta talking about local jobs in a foreign-made truck.”

Well, the thing is, there are no pickup trucks made in Canada. It’s just that simple. So… what’s their point?

The NDP — that once upon a time pretended to be the party of the working man — is calling every working man in Alberta, in Canada, disloyal. For driving a pickup truck.

Who is writing this stuff?

Such a strange parallel universe they’re in.

We know the kind of car the NDP prefers: they used government money to buy a luxury Lexus for one of their very important bureaucrats...

One of the biggest causes on college campuses is the call for universities to divest from fossil fuel investment. My guest Pierre Desrochers has co-authored a paper on this subject for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

He explains why these boycotts don't work, and points out that they aren’t even true boycotts: They don’t demand any sacrifices by the virtue signalling activists.


NEXT: My theory is that anti-gun mania has metastasized into the anti-cop hysteria we’re seeing now, thanks to Black Lives Matter. Author and gun rights scholar John Lott says I might be onto something.

We talk about the differences between police chiefs in Canada (who can be very politically correct) and those in the U.S. who tend to be more supportive of legal private gun ownership and self-defense.

As well, we discuss his new book "The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies.

FINALLY: I respond to your messages about Jason Kenney and the Alberta "unite the right" movement.

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