August 11, 2016

Quebec killed a billion trees and 10,000 animals for an ENERGY project. Where’s the “green” outrage?

Rebel Staff

Quebec Liberals are so self-righteous about their energy. If you ask them, they say it’s renewable, clean energy, from hydroelectric dams. Not like that “dirty” Alberta oil!

Except Quebec’s dam system was created by flooding thousands of square kilometres of forests.

When you flood a forest, you kill the trees just the same as if you chopped them down — except their wood can't even get used for anything, and they don’t grow back.

And 10,000 caribou died from the mercury released by the flooding. But when a single duck gets covered in oil in the Alberta oilsands, it’s international news.

To create the James Bay system, aboriginal people were ordered to move and given a trifling settlement. But nothing happens in the Alberta oilsands without a dozen Aboriginal consultations and financial arrangements. The same with any pipeline project.

See a pattern here?

Why doesn’t Alberta get credit for its boreal forest?

Because if Alberta got credit for the trees it didn’t cut down, Quebec would have to penalized for the billion trees it did cut down.

And Quebec Liberals like Denis Coderre and Justin Trudeau couldn’t have that.

How could they justify their tax on Alberta then?

NEXT: Tom Harris, Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition, comes on to talk more about this blatant environmental double standard.

THEN: Our own Andrew Lawton rushed to the scene of the "home grown terrorist" and now he joins me with updates.

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