August 16, 2016

Even “conservatives” are pushing “the Religion of Green” — but HERE’S how to stop it

Rebel Staff

Guest hosting for Ezra Levant, broadcaster Jerry Agar says: These days those people who may have said they reject religion have adopted a new one. It's called "The Religion of Green."

Politicians are mortgaging our future on a plan to turn the earth into heaven.

In Ontario, even so-called conservatives, led by Patrick Brown, are talking about taxing carbon.

While we are free to practice our own religion, freedom also means that we have the right not to be subjected to the impact of the beliefs of others.

Get on the phone, on your email, and tell your local politicians, provincially and federally, to stop it.

NEXT: Dr. Tim Ball, climatologist and Rebel columnist, explains why leftist messaging on green policies is so much easier to market than sane, right-of-centre solutions.

THEN: Jordan Bateman, BC Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, talks about why the Supreme Courts' move to give unions more freedom could hurt the taxpayer in the long run.

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