August 23, 2017

SPECIAL: The future of The Rebel — Will you stand with us?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It’s been a rough week for The Rebel. Everyone says so: The Toronto Star, the National Post... There have been 30 different stories saying the same thing. 

Some people have quit us, like Brian Lilley. National Post columnists were told not to come on our shows.

Norwegian Cruise Line ripped up the tickets for our cruise because we’re “conservative.”

For the past four days, our website was unavailable in most of the world when a DNS provider (that's part of the internet) would no longer allow a partner to host our domain.

Even so-called conservative politicians like Andrew Scheer are blacklisting us.


It started when our reporter, Faith Goldy, went to a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. I explained the whole story last week.

Then, as I told you earlier, two disgruntled former Rebel staffers in the UK tried to extort a massive severance payment from me. 

Today, though, we’re back up on 96 per cent of the Internet now. We’ve lost about two per cent of our YouTube subscribers, and the same percentage of premium subscribers.

I won’t lie to you: 

I was sad last week because I felt I had let our team down, along with our hundreds of thousands of viewers and tens of thousands of financial supporters.

I am here to apologize, to tell you what I did wrong, and take responsibility. 

The Rebel is in genuine jeopardy, but tonight I'm here to to tell you that our future is up to you. 

If you want us to live, please go to and let us know, especially my staff.

Next: We’re going to make some changes. Not because 30 journalists hate us, but because we need to fix a few things if we’re going to get to the next level.

First, we need to bring in more management help to run the business side The Rebel, so I can do what I’m good at — journalism and activism. That's why today we’ve retained a professional corporate recruiter to find another manager.

Second, when we were small, I used to watch every single video before we put it online. Now we need more oversight, to make sure we’re on brand with what we believe, what we stand for. So we also need what’s called a managing editor.

We're going to reboot with a new team, new talent, new journalists, new TV shows. Not to prove anything to our haters — I promise you they’ll hate our new reporters as much as they hated the old ones. But to prove to you, our viewers and supporters, that we haven’t lost it.

Our Managing Producer, Hannah Vanderkooy, will join me to tell you about our future editorial plans.

We're going to continue bringing you the other side of the story without taking a dollar from the government. We’re going to do it the same way we built the company — through your support, through crowdfunding.

Some people have asked me to disclose more about our crowdfunding. Why not? I’m extremely proud of it.

Tonight, Eitan Gilboord, our Community Manager, will take us through our crowdfunding campaigns in detail.

(See these documents at TheRebel.Media/Trust )

Please go to and tell me you still believe in me.

And then I need your help to pay for this new plan. (I’m proud to ask you this way, rather than by going to Trudeau for a bail-out, like Postmedia is doing, like the CBC does.)

We are Canada’s last, best chance at having any sort of conservative media.

Please go to

Help us come back stronger than ever, so we can keep on bringing you the other side of the story.

Thank you.





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commented 2017-08-23 22:42:41 -0400
404 Website not found

commented 2017-08-23 22:38:26 -0400
Lies about refugees from Ezra Levant and the like are exposed.

Refugees receive limited, if any, social assistance from government authorities

Lies about crime from Ezra Levant and the like are exposed.

Grande Prairie in Alberta is Canada’s most dangerous city.

Muslims account for less than 1% of Grande Prairie residents (search “NHS Profile, Grande Prairie, CY, Alberta, 2011”).

Canada is a much safer country today than it was in the 70’s when Canada’s population was overwhelmingly White.

“The British Columbia city of Kelowna had the highest crime rate last year while Toronto had the lowest for the sixth year in a row. "

According to Statcan:

Toronto: 50% White, 6% Muslim
Kelowna: 90% White, 0.2% Muslim

Ethnically diverse cities like Toronto and Vancouver are considerably safer than predominantly White cities like Grande Prairie and Red Deer.

According to Statcan:

Grande Prairie: 86% White
Red Deer: 88% White
Toronto: 50% White
Vancouver: 46% White

Is political correctness preventing us from discussing how we can address rampant crime in predominantly White cities like Grande Prairie and keep Canadians safe?

Lies about terrorism from Ezra Levant and the like are exposed.

In EU, White people are responsible for the vast majority of terrorist incidents.

“The largest number of attacks in which the terrorist affiliation could be identified were carried out by ethno-nationalist and separatist extremists (99). Attacks carried
out by left-wing violent extremists have been on the rise since 2014; they reached
a total of 27 in 2016, of which most (16) were reported by Italy. The number of
jihadist terrorist attacks decreased from 17 in 2015 to 13 in 2016, of which 6 were
linked to the so-called Islamic State (IS).

Apart from jihadist, ethno-nationalist and left-wing extremist attacks, an increasing
stream of violent assaults by right-wing extremist individuals and groups was
noted across Europe, in particular over the past two years, targeting asylum
seekers and ethnic minorities in general. An average of nearly 10 attacks a day were carried out on refugees in Germany in 2016, according to Germany’s Interior Ministry, as reported in open source media."
commented 2017-08-23 22:28:15 -0400
That’s awesome LOIS MCQUINN, kudos. MGE- Direct has the integrity to stand up for the The Rebel and I am impressed and grateful.
commented 2017-08-23 22:22:16 -0400
A spanking would be more like it Space Moose, go play in traffic.
commented 2017-08-23 22:21:02 -0400
The story does not add up.

“I was upset that she went to the Charlottesville protests, despite my direction to her not to go in any capacity.”

Yet just two days ago, it was a different story!

“Our Faith Goldy was reporting from the leftists counter-protest to the alt-right rally in Charlottesville when a car plowed into the crowd.”

As The Rebel grappled with the departures, Norwegian Cruise Lines bent to the pressure of U.K.-based advocacy group Hope Not Hate and cancelled The Rebel’s booking for a Caribbean voyage featuring talks by Rebel personalities, saying the views The Rebel has espoused are “inconsistent” with the cruise line’s own “core values.” Meanwhile, the anonymous online activist group Sleeping Giants reported its long-running efforts to organize an advertising boycott of The Rebel has now resulted in a total of 237 advertisers, including major automotive firms, airlines, retailers and governments, dropping The Rebel from their campaigns.

In an explosive video posted to YouTube on Thursday, featuring secretly recorded audio of Levant, Robertson claimed The Rebel has dishonestly solicited donations in excess of the costs of creating its content, concealed its use of the money, and oriented its news agenda around stories that can be turned into activist campaigns, generating a vast database of email addresses of sympathetic viewers and readers who can be mobilized for fundraising.

Don’t forget to donate more money.
commented 2017-08-23 22:12:43 -0400
I could use a miracle right about now.
commented 2017-08-23 22:00:37 -0400
We should never forget Winston Churchill’s speech during WW2. When he reminded the world that he would never surrender, even at the most perilous part of the battle. He continued to fight even at a time when his U.S neighbor had yet to enter the battle ! The bible even reminds us of one of my favourite scriptures, once quoted by a great Pastor I know. The one who puts on the armour should not boast like the one who can take it off. Enough said !

This is for the opposition who believe they will win. Never forget the greatest weapon God holds is the one of miracles. A realm Satan cannot get near ! Remember when God told Satan while he was attacking Job, he set his boundaries. A miracle can always happens when you need it most, and the odds are stacked against you, when the devil believes he has won ! It’s when God shines at his best ! When it appears the darkest ! Victory is assured !
commented 2017-08-23 21:58:47 -0400
Unknown encoding


commented 2017-08-23 21:58:05 -0400
Interesting you bring up the part about being bought and paid for. This came up in Lauren Southern’s first video after she and the rebel parted ways.

Crunch out the numbers. It is impossible for the rebel to exist without some heavy financial backers.

Is it me, or is Sarah the name that Caolan goes by here?
commented 2017-08-23 21:42:00 -0400
“However, in typical Ezra Levant fashion, the Rebel came out with a complete story on the truth of what happened and why…”


OK, so you are bought and paid for.
commented 2017-08-23 21:10:00 -0400
How do you know that Ezra has not contacted the police in the UK?
commented 2017-08-23 20:46:38 -0400
Hey liberal wingnuts…tick tock…tick tock…You are being exposed on what you really by day…incident after incident..cnn is in total freak out meltdown mode…cbc soon to follow..Grab some popcorn Rebels the Canadian msm meltdown will long? Who knows..but it has started because of The Rebel Media…Right on Rebel Media!!…keep on truck-in….
commented 2017-08-23 20:32:54 -0400
I’ll bet they would be interested Ken. I am reading your summary at the bottom of the definitions you take exception to and you make some damn good points.
commented 2017-08-23 20:26:01 -0400
Ken Take it to Peterson. Maybe Molyneux too.
commented 2017-08-23 20:22:25 -0400

Consider this – when people are blackmailed, the police or other law enforcement typically get involved and it’s dealt with that way.

Why hasn’t Ezra contacted any such law enforcement.

David Letterman was blackmailed and the FBI got involved.

So if Ezra is telling the truth, why he is not making it a matter for law enforcement. It doesn’t matter that he’s Canadian and Caolan lives in the UK.
commented 2017-08-23 20:10:49 -0400
Space Moose, there is nothing to indicate that as you would know if you ever read anything, you little drama queen fire starter. I always knew there was something off with you. You’re pathetic, just kicking the coals to see what will re lite. Go watch a soap opera. Or better yet watch this, it is a step by step of the audio you said you were too lazy to listen to but had all sorts of opinions about.
commented 2017-08-23 20:01:17 -0400
Well I have written to Ezra, Brian Lilley, Etan etc. etc and Etan said it was not of interest. Even the revelations about STS 103 / Camp X should be newspaper worthy but no one cares. I emphasized over and over again that this is NOT opinion. I have all the documents to prove what I say and I list all the sources and actually listed the actual documents on my site. I have these people IN THEIR OWN WORDS implicating themselves. I have been at this a long time and I have literally thousands of documents. Still, no interest, nothing at all.
commented 2017-08-23 19:44:12 -0400
Great to see you up and running, I’ll place your links back on my website- thanks Ezra for all the hard work and for standing. it was getting so bad I was wondering if we had to start and supply a Hiding Place for our Jewish friends! Wow
commented 2017-08-23 19:27:56 -0400
So was there any truth to Caolin claiming that the rebel was getting audited by the Canadian revenue Agency?
commented 2017-08-23 19:25:46 -0400
Ken Joyce, mistakenly hit post comment before finishing my last message. Sorry.
If you have written an essay outlining this history, I suggest you print a copy and send it via snail mail to Ezra’s attention.
commented 2017-08-23 19:24:08 -0400
Ken Joyce, very interesting posts. I would suggest e-mailing Ezra again to recommend an in-depth investigative report, starting with ATIP requests. Provide your website address, perhaps, you can offer to help with what to request from the government. If you have
commented 2017-08-23 19:10:06 -0400
I appreciate your views Liza and Deborah. The point was that all they had to do as an organization was submit an ATIP request for this information and then send a reporter to the Hill to demand it when it is refused. I don’t have that kind of power or exposure. I have already published background information on this and included evidence that these same Liberals were part of a secret Communist recruiting scheme in Canada during the war. You can go to my new website at and see for yourselves. This is the beginning. It relates the FACT that Fascism never would have existed without the spread of Socio-Communism. It brings forward the ridiculous back and forth about Communism versus Fascism when it is obvious both are evil and murderous. It begins to paint the picture of how the Communists took over the west and in fact the Cold War began with the establishment of the USSR NOT in the 1950’s. It brings forward all the new research and releases of information that now begin to exonerate those vilified by the Communists like McCarthy and how the Communists achieved this. It covers Communist tactics, the same being used by the left today to divide and create strife within what the KGB called the “Main Adversary”. It brings forwards the truth behind the rise of Hitler and why so many Socio-Communists do not want you to read Mein Kampff. Just like they deny what is actually written in the Koran. In short, once the Communist International was created, the Soviets implemented a plan in 1919 to infiltrate top western universities in order to work with existing Communist and Socialist youth groups and clubs to recruit promising students who could get inside western governments and various institutions and the military to erode away western resistance from the inside. This led to the catastrophic decisions made in 1945 with regard to Eastern Europe and Asia. Decisions that have now resulted in a nuclear USSR, China, Pakistan, North Korea and soon to be Iran. These morons impacted on all post war decisions regarding every single conflict that could have been prevented if they had been kept out. Decisions by Canada that ultimately aided in the murder of countless millions of human beings. Our history beginning in 1917 is a complete lie. Even Canadians proud of the UN peacekeeping championed by Communist Lester Pearson. Herbert Norman was a Liberal Bureaucrat under Pearson and championed the Communist Party in Japan, he was also made Ambassador to Egypt during the Suez Crisis. Ever wonder where and how Nasser got all that Soviet made hardware to attack Israel ??? The Peacekeepers were a front to weaken the west and create indecision and quarreling that would only benefit the global Communists. Nowhere did they ever achieve peace. It was simply just another roadblock in the way of common sense. This is but a fraction of what is implicated. There were also Soviet agents operating within A. V. ROE and the Arrow program as well as other projects in Canadian aerospace. This was AFTER Soviet defectors Krivitsky, Chambers, Gouzenko, Bentley etc. warned the government about what was happening in Canada. Things were supposed to tighten with the creation of the new Security Panel however they only weakened. Guess who ran the Security Panel and essentially intelligence in Canada during that time ! All this will be on the site. Enjoy – It all makes me sick.
commented 2017-08-23 18:36:02 -0400
Jimmy that is only the opinion of an extreme leftist. Not to be taken seriously.
commented 2017-08-23 18:35:28 -0400
Liza – what we got for the conservative leader is a clone of junior. They waited way too long to pick the leader. The left had too much time to infiltrate, and they did. I had sent “Schneer” an email after his Paris Agreement joke, but they still have their hands out for money. They aren’t getting a dime from me.
commented 2017-08-23 18:05:55 -0400
Besides the hope was to get someone into the Conservative party who had some gonads firs,t I would think. Timing is everything. We didn’t get one though, so I don’t know where that leaves your information.
commented 2017-08-23 18:00:35 -0400
Very interesting Ken Joyce. I certainly do believe just like the old guard Republican party, our Conservatives have some very bad eggs in its current and distant pasts. If we had any leadership in the Conservative party to charter the boat around the landmines as that information was exposed that would be one thing, but how can that be executed successfully at this time with this leadership.? Also, Trump isn’t having any success navigating through similar waters, what makes you think the Rebel can with no ‘Trump’ steering the boat?
commented 2017-08-23 17:51:58 -0400
My comment is for Kelly dear.
commented 2017-08-23 17:51:20 -0400
Alrighty then. You should have said so in the first place , I had no idea you were a staunch supporter of the Rebel. I have never picked that up in any of your posts, but so glad you have turned over a new leaf.