August 23, 2017

SPECIAL: The future of The Rebel — Will you stand with us?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It’s been a rough week for The Rebel. Everyone says so: The Toronto Star, the National Post... There have been 30 different stories saying the same thing. 

Some people have quit us, like Brian Lilley. National Post columnists were told not to come on our shows.

Norwegian Cruise Line ripped up the tickets for our cruise because we’re “conservative.”

For the past four days, our website was unavailable in most of the world when a DNS provider (that's part of the internet) would no longer allow a partner to host our domain.

Even so-called conservative politicians like Andrew Scheer are blacklisting us.


It started when our reporter, Faith Goldy, went to a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. I explained the whole story last week.

Then, as I told you earlier, two disgruntled former Rebel staffers in the UK tried to extort a massive severance payment from me. 

Today, though, we’re back up on 96 per cent of the Internet now. We’ve lost about two per cent of our YouTube subscribers, and the same percentage of premium subscribers.

I won’t lie to you: 

I was sad last week because I felt I had let our team down, along with our hundreds of thousands of viewers and tens of thousands of financial supporters.

I am here to apologize, to tell you what I did wrong, and take responsibility. 

The Rebel is in genuine jeopardy, but tonight I'm here to to tell you that our future is up to you. 

If you want us to live, please go to and let us know, especially my staff.

Next: We’re going to make some changes. Not because 30 journalists hate us, but because we need to fix a few things if we’re going to get to the next level.

First, we need to bring in more management help to run the business side The Rebel, so I can do what I’m good at — journalism and activism. That's why today we’ve retained a professional corporate recruiter to find another manager.

Second, when we were small, I used to watch every single video before we put it online. Now we need more oversight, to make sure we’re on brand with what we believe, what we stand for. So we also need what’s called a managing editor.

We're going to reboot with a new team, new talent, new journalists, new TV shows. Not to prove anything to our haters — I promise you they’ll hate our new reporters as much as they hated the old ones. But to prove to you, our viewers and supporters, that we haven’t lost it.

Our Managing Producer, Hannah Vanderkooy, will join me to tell you about our future editorial plans.

We're going to continue bringing you the other side of the story without taking a dollar from the government. We’re going to do it the same way we built the company — through your support, through crowdfunding.

Some people have asked me to disclose more about our crowdfunding. Why not? I’m extremely proud of it.

Tonight, Eitan Gilboord, our Community Manager, will take us through our crowdfunding campaigns in detail.

(See these documents at TheRebel.Media/Trust )

Please go to and tell me you still believe in me.

And then I need your help to pay for this new plan. (I’m proud to ask you this way, rather than by going to Trudeau for a bail-out, like Postmedia is doing, like the CBC does.)

We are Canada’s last, best chance at having any sort of conservative media.

Please go to

Help us come back stronger than ever, so we can keep on bringing you the other side of the story.

Thank you.





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commented 2017-08-23 17:48:51 -0400
As I have mentioned on here before. The problem with the Rebel is it does not know how to begin a fight let alone end it. If it really wants to reveal to Canadians what has been going on in this country since 1920 and completely destroy the left and Trudeau, all they have to do is popularize a DEMAND to see all the RCMP, Cabinet, Ministry of Justice papers on Communists that ran Canada to include Trudeau’s father. We are not talking about the tit for tat speculation of newspapers of the past, all that is free domain, what I am talking about is all the evidence gathered in several RCMP investigations into collusion between Lester Pearson, Trudeau, Norman Robertson, Saul Rae etc. etc. that reveal what they really were. They sure as hell were not Liberals. I tried contacting people like Eitan Gilboord who simply blew me off. I am a F**ing researcher at the Library and Archives Canada. I have seen the paper trails. I have applied to ACCESS TO INFORMATION and they have repeatedly LIED to me about what is held in government vaults. If you really want to completely DESTROY the Liberal Party and the NDP, this is all you need to do. It will lay open for all Canadians to know the scum we call our leaders. Not only Liberals and NDP but also some in the Conservative ranks. Their sick perverse lifestyles, their working DIRECTLY with Soviet intelligence and their outright betrayal of Canada. What the hell else do you need! I have received replies from the Minister of Justice, RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service stating that there is no evidence or ANY information available on these investigations . They tell me there is NOTHING. Yet Pierre Elliott Trudeau MENTIONS HIMSELF that there was a file on him. There are finding aids at the LAC referencing this information and also referencing the fact that even some of the finding aids are restricted !!!!! THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. While the Rebel continues to play these f-in games with small fish, THIS IS WHAT THEY NEED TO PRESSURE THE FEDS TO GIVE UP. If they don’t, this is evidence of their guilt. It is a fact that the RCMP uncovered information that would destroy the entire legacy, even in the minds of the leftists ( if they actually have one) of Trudeau and his spawn. It will tear apart the history of the Liberal Party going right back to the appointment of Oscar D. Skelton and his appointment to create Canada’s permanent bureaucracy. These men were traitors in the purest form and many of their decisions resulted in the murder of millions of human beings. But alas, the Rebel has no interest. Hmmmmmmm????
commented 2017-08-23 17:28:59 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented 2 hours ago
Kelly Weber you are an idiot, that stupid video is a lie. Do you really believe Ezra would accuse the Norwegian cruise line of cancelling their trip if Ezra cancelled it himself because of ‘lack of money’? The campaign for the cruise just started, the trip was for November, the money just started coming in for it. Damn I am sick of these lying trolls and plants and disturbers.

I didn’t say it was true, I said it was hilarious. You might have found some of it to be funny too if you ever took that stick out of your ass. Now go back to your bitching and whining.
commented 2017-08-23 17:06:24 -0400
go chase a car.
commented 2017-08-23 16:54:14 -0400
Liza Rosie,

If you believe that – you are even more an idiot than you confirm here with every post.
commented 2017-08-23 16:49:29 -0400
“I guess Jesse Brown coaching women to falsely accuse Jian Ghomeshi of rape has run it course, so has moved on to falsely accuse people of being a Nazi . Same old Left wing media”
I came along this when I googled J.b. of Canadatrollland, I didn;t say it, but it sort of explains where he’s always coming from.
commented 2017-08-23 16:24:27 -0400
Yes, I sure miss Ms. Southern and now Faith. People on the right need to learn a lesson from Donald Trump – instead of backing down – double-down! You think staying away from controversies will make them think differently? Of course not. The left will criticize and discredit us on the right no matter what. They won’t stop until the western world is destroyed.
commented 2017-08-23 16:17:02 -0400
Of course Faith will rise again. She is young, and will have many followers. The Rebel made her famous. I don’t think she would come back if she could, why would she, going independent after a while seems a perfectly natural thing for these young ones to do after a time. Yes she was fired , for a fairly serious mistake. The rally was one thing but that interview with the stormer, was very bad optics for the Rebel, and quite frankly I am a little pissed at her for doing it. The left were poised and ready to pounce on us and they took the opportunity Faith foolishly provided for them. I always enjoyed Faith, but this was the beginning of this sht storm. Mind you if the excuse Faith handed them wasn’t the one they pounced on they would have eventually found another. I wish her the best, but elsewhere.
commented 2017-08-23 16:11:02 -0400
The firing of Faith Goldy was a knee-jerk reaction as that’s exactly what the left wanted. The want to pick us apart no matter what and how. Hire her back and we will talk. I will always stand with Faith.
commented 2017-08-23 15:41:16 -0400
Space Moose,

The 30,000 support thing is still about acquiring email addresses.

As Caolin and his partner said: “I literally can’t believe he is using this as an opportunity to collect more emails and solicit more donations,” Llewelyn-John says. “This is Ezra and The Rebel at rock bottom.”

“They have revealed practically nothing in that trust article,” adds Robertson. “1) It’s a shame it took me exposing them to even TRY, and 2) This is not the accounts, release your accounts.”
commented 2017-08-23 15:19:15 -0400
Kelly Weber you are an idiot, that stupid video is a lie. Do you really believe Ezra would accuse the Norwegian cruise line of cancelling their trip if Ezra cancelled it himself because of ‘lack of money’? The campaign for the cruise just started, the trip was for November, the money just started coming in for it. Damn I am sick of these lying trolls and plants and disturbers.
I have met people like you Space Moose, you are a drama queen and long after any crisis has passed you still have to keep kicking the ashes to see if their is a coal that will re ignite the firestorm. If you’re that bored go back to your tv soap opera’s. Go get your drama fix somewhere else. If you want to know why Lauren left tough nuts, have you ever heard of employee confidentiality? Employee Non-Disclosure Agreements are common place and any media company without one would be crazy. You will never know bro so give it up. The rest of the stuff is none of your damn business. Who the hell are you to make such demands.
Most of these trolls are just stupid pain in the asses, but our Sarah here is a paid little bitch.
commented 2017-08-23 15:12:16 -0400
Ezra was right to fire faith. HE should have done it earlier. Do you people remember the video that faith did on white people becoming the minority? That was when EZra should have sat down with her, and turned her around. Since he did not, faith only got more and more insane in her videos.

I mean, come on. She was on a pod cast with white supremacists. They made references to Berlin, the beer putsch, and made wise cracks about Ezra’s Jewish eating habits. And worst of all, faith was sympathetic to the Nazis.

If you people feel that strongly about faith, then you can encourage her to start her own channel, and give money to her.
commented 2017-08-23 15:05:43 -0400
i stand with The Rebel. Always.
commented 2017-08-23 15:03:37 -0400
I signed the page, saw it saving, but not sure it took. I hope so as my email has changed and it would reflect on the page if it saved. I have supported the Rebel since day one with monthly PayPal donations. Easy! I plan to continue. I agree with some of the other commentators about Faith Goldy. She could be brought back under T’s and C’s (Terms and Conditions). Suggestion. With new managers coming in, Rebel should be looking at Operating Principles for employees as well as disclosure issues.
commented 2017-08-23 14:46:08 -0400
Just because Ezra is a millionaire does not mean he will not crowd fund. That was the point that Caolan was trying to drive home. That Ezra is rich, but still asks for donations and e-mail addresses.

I really do not understand why Ezra needs to ask for thirty thousand people to show his staff that we care. I would think the video view counts and page visit figures speak for themselves.

And I have not bothered to remember where I read whatever I did on the rebel on the internet.

I do have one more concern. By the end of this month, Ezra will be the only rebel personality with their own premium paywall show. Perhaps it is just me, but does this not feel like the rebel is giving less paid content to its paying subscribers?

Lastly, I have this to say. I am not a rich moose, but I feel like supporting somebody financially on the internet as a matter of gratitude. Who to give it to? Ezra? Lauren? Caolan? None of these three get money from the government like the CBC.
commented 2017-08-23 14:45:56 -0400
Peter Babich,

Are you stupid? That’s not how crowdfunding works. You have to be transparent about your financials. Ezra is not.
commented 2017-08-23 14:39:43 -0400
Our “useful idiot” trolls do provide comic relief.
commented 2017-08-23 14:32:16 -0400
Sarah, it’s none of your business what Rebel does with the money. It’s theirs
commented 2017-08-23 14:22:44 -0400
Rick Johnson,

Have you not been paying attention? Ezra admitted it himself – there was a bunch of supportive alt-right content on here before “realizing” the truth of the alt-right.

Even Brian said the same thing – questioning Ezra on the alt-right and also being a factor as to why he left.
commented 2017-08-23 14:20:49 -0400
SARAH STALLONE said: " Apparently retiree’s are the biggest supporter of The Rebel. Out of touch old people."

Careful Sarah. In today’s PC world that comment could be considered age discrimination. I’m offended. HRC?
commented 2017-08-23 13:50:38 -0400
Assuming that Richard Spenser first coined the term “Alt-Right”, please provide the evidence for your accusation that “before this whole thing blew up in his face, Ezra was quite supportive and enamoured with the alt-right” and by extension, Richard Spencer.
Suppose someone, who the whole of humanity considered evil incarnate, stated that raping children was wrong. Who would denounce that statement because of the source? A fickle mindless Waffle who’s afraid of being identified and equated with someone who’s not liked very much. This phenomenon is prevalent mostly in children who need to fit in because they feel insecure.
commented 2017-08-23 13:27:41 -0400
Hey trolls if the Rebel is what you say it is then you’re guilty by association best be leaving this site save yourselves !🖕
commented 2017-08-23 13:18:03 -0400
Thank you Rebel for being the lone voice of reason and sanity in a country and world that is swirling ever downward in the toilet bowl created by leftist globalists and their Liberal/NDP kool-aid mainlining minions! Go Rebel Go! Onward and NEVER GIVE UP!!!
commented 2017-08-23 13:13:55 -0400
“Dan Mancuso commented 25 mins ago
As traumatizing as these attacks against free speech and THEREBEL are, and have been, I keep telling myself this:
I’d say they’re scared shitless… "
The same thing was said about the rumours of Rob Ford’s crack habit. As it turns out, it was less a case of leftists being “scared shitless” and gnashing their teeth, and more one of Rob Ford actually having a crack habit.

Space Moose, did you see the Press Progress piece about Levant?
commented 2017-08-23 13:11:44 -0400
Ron Voss,

Ezra himself has stated that The Rebel is far right.

Not only that, but before this whole thing blew up in his face, Ezra was quite supportive and enamoured with the alt-right.

There is nothing mainstream or center right about The Rebel. This place is an extreme right perspective.
commented 2017-08-23 13:07:43 -0400
DAN MANCUSO as you point out, “disseminating THE TRUTH and giving voice to a silenced people” terrifies the ‘progressives’, as well as, unfortunately the spineless so-called ‘conservatives’ who yield to the lies fed to the population by the left, such as Islam is ‘a religion of peace’ and those terrorist attacks where the perpetrators shout “Allahu Akbar” have nothing to do with Islam; and man-made climate change is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.
commented 2017-08-23 13:07:26 -0400
Ezra should just up his monthly subscription rate to $30 a month.
commented 2017-08-23 13:02:15 -0400
Space Moose,

There are a TON of questions that Ezra needs to answer, but he is not doing that. In fact, he is doing everything he can to avoid answering those questions from both his supporters and from those looking to hold Ezra accountable.
commented 2017-08-23 12:58:34 -0400
The more wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from the jealous far left media and assorted Ministry of Socks butt kissers, the more we know that Rebel Media is ideologically on track.
Interesting petition going virol in the US calling for Antifa to be declared a terrorist organization. They need 100,000 names for the government to consider it. As of yesterday afternoon it was pushing 300,000. Go Trump.