August 23, 2017

SPECIAL: The future of The Rebel — Will you stand with us?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

It’s been a rough week for The Rebel. Everyone says so: The Toronto Star, the National Post... There have been 30 different stories saying the same thing. 

Some people have quit us, like Brian Lilley. National Post columnists were told not to come on our shows.

Norwegian Cruise Line ripped up the tickets for our cruise because we’re “conservative.”

For the past four days, our website was unavailable in most of the world when a DNS provider (that's part of the internet) would no longer allow a partner to host our domain.

Even so-called conservative politicians like Andrew Scheer are blacklisting us.


It started when our reporter, Faith Goldy, went to a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia. I explained the whole story last week.

Then, as I told you earlier, two disgruntled former Rebel staffers in the UK tried to extort a massive severance payment from me. 

Today, though, we’re back up on 96 per cent of the Internet now. We’ve lost about two per cent of our YouTube subscribers, and the same percentage of premium subscribers.

I won’t lie to you: 

I was sad last week because I felt I had let our team down, along with our hundreds of thousands of viewers and tens of thousands of financial supporters.

I am here to apologize, to tell you what I did wrong, and take responsibility. 

The Rebel is in genuine jeopardy, but tonight I'm here to to tell you that our future is up to you. 

If you want us to live, please go to and let us know, especially my staff.

Next: We’re going to make some changes. Not because 30 journalists hate us, but because we need to fix a few things if we’re going to get to the next level.

First, we need to bring in more management help to run the business side The Rebel, so I can do what I’m good at — journalism and activism. That's why today we’ve retained a professional corporate recruiter to find another manager.

Second, when we were small, I used to watch every single video before we put it online. Now we need more oversight, to make sure we’re on brand with what we believe, what we stand for. So we also need what’s called a managing editor.

We're going to reboot with a new team, new talent, new journalists, new TV shows. Not to prove anything to our haters — I promise you they’ll hate our new reporters as much as they hated the old ones. But to prove to you, our viewers and supporters, that we haven’t lost it.

Our Managing Producer, Hannah Vanderkooy, will join me to tell you about our future editorial plans.

We're going to continue bringing you the other side of the story without taking a dollar from the government. We’re going to do it the same way we built the company — through your support, through crowdfunding.

Some people have asked me to disclose more about our crowdfunding. Why not? I’m extremely proud of it.

Tonight, Eitan Gilboord, our Community Manager, will take us through our crowdfunding campaigns in detail.

(See these documents at TheRebel.Media/Trust )

Please go to and tell me you still believe in me.

And then I need your help to pay for this new plan. (I’m proud to ask you this way, rather than by going to Trudeau for a bail-out, like Postmedia is doing, like the CBC does.)

We are Canada’s last, best chance at having any sort of conservative media.

Please go to

Help us come back stronger than ever, so we can keep on bringing you the other side of the story.

Thank you.





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commented 2017-08-23 01:30:49 -0400
@ Sarah Stallone commented 1 hour ago
Eitan Gilboord,

You weren’t how I pictured at all.
…work at National Drapery.

commented 2017-08-23 01:23:38 -0400
Caolan is just mad no one is talking about him anymore. I don’t care what he thinks. He is a nobody.
We have to protect ourselves from those who would shut us down and that means setting things up so they can’t. I am prepared and did throw in some more voluntarily, because I understand that the vultures would love nothing more than to see us die, and the government doesn’t want us talking. We have to be completely independent in every way possible so the government can’t tell us what we cannot report on, and the liars can’t do any damage, through complaints to advertisers and associates, to get them to dump us. We have to make the Rebel ‘dump proof’.
My donations have not been large because I am not in a position to do that, but I figure every dollar counts . I give what I can. I don’t want to see this ship go down, and I don’t believe it will if we stand by it and support it. Personally I think a strong and free Canada is a pretty worthwhile cause.
commented 2017-08-23 01:13:53 -0400
Jay Fayzal is my favorite host on the Rebel. I think it is clear just having him as a host proves you are not a racist network. I also like Sheila Gunn Reid, Christopher Wilson and Tommy Robinson. The unfortunate series of events that snowballed suddenly took momentum because people tend to become afraid and they wouldn’t want to support a network that is racist. They don’t know so it is easy to doubt the intention of the Rebel. I believe most viewers are just conservatives that are sick of Liberal and NDP nonsense and want to hold the government accountable. The ones who are racist or Nazi’s should pick another network because Ezra makes it clear he is a Jew.
commented 2017-08-23 01:12:26 -0400
Ezra the most important thing is not the apology but a clear understanding of the thinking that led to this scenario. I recommend you read a book called “Philosophy, who needs it?” to get insight into the vital importance of sticking to principles. Without a clear philosophy to guide one, one will end up on the rocks of reality. This has caused major damage to the quest for freedom.
commented 2017-08-23 00:59:40 -0400
I couldn’t stand this Caolan guy at all. He seemed to be fake and dramatic, so I always thought – “why is he doing that? does he really believe in what he says?”.

Ezra is a smart guy, he’ll pull it through. We need somebody like him in Canada. I happen to agree with most of what he says – in substance – minus excessive self-promotion and patting himself on the shoulder, but who of us is without sin?
commented 2017-08-23 00:55:35 -0400
Caolan Robertson has responded:

Having now watched Levant’s video and more closely examined the page, however, he and partner Caolan Robertson say they are less than impressed.

“I literally can’t believe he is using this as an opportunity to collect more emails and solicit more donations,” Llewelyn-John says. “This is Ezra and The Rebel at rock bottom.”

“They have revealed practically nothing in that trust article,” adds Robertson. “1) It’s a shame it took me exposing them to even TRY, and 2) This is not the accounts, release your accounts.”
commented 2017-08-23 00:54:22 -0400
Awesome comment Shobhna Kapoor. The Rebel is not racist and the fact that the haters including our politicians and our competitors in the media keep repeating the lie is really concerning to all of us. Islam is a worry to anyone who doesn’t have their head in the sand, and I am proud of the Rebel for slogging through and reporting on it. I believe it is one of the biggest taboo topics in this country.
I look forward to the new hires.
commented 2017-08-23 00:52:04 -0400
Hey trolls i just sent a contribution , when was the last time you volunteered or paid YOUR OWN money to a cause you support? Now go and demand others do more then sit back and pat yourself on the back even though you never did a damn thing.
commented 2017-08-23 00:51:31 -0400
Sarah it must really suck to be you. What kind of person spends 24 hours a day on a web-site it really doesn’t like. You must be some kind of psychopath. I would suggest that the rebel restrict her or it to one or two posts a day as it is really a waste of bandwidth!
commented 2017-08-23 00:50:03 -0400
Hey trolls , even if you fascists do get the Rebel taken down , we will still be around and we will not take your crap from you. All you will have accomplished is to stop a medium of expression and you will have made everything we claimed would happen ,come true.
commented 2017-08-23 00:48:39 -0400
Sarah Stallone please tell me which accusations were true? And left wing attacks are not fact. When exactly did the MSM disavow the riots in Quebec by their left wing hate group Antifa? We both know that with equal footing and no double standards the Rebel would stand as the beacon of reality. Now enjoy your marxist shithole you bent over for, when the crap turns against you and you find there is no recourse or justice , make sure you look in the mirror.
commented 2017-08-23 00:45:19 -0400
Sarah Stallone it must be hard for you to look in the mirror and sleep at night knowing you are a pro censorship bigot.
commented 2017-08-23 00:44:14 -0400
Sarah Stallone the fear mongering does not come from her e, it comes from idiotic left wing media and their sheep, sorry but the world is not ending if we do not pay carbon taxes to marxist scum. And i am stil waiting for Harpers hidden agenda LMAO!
commented 2017-08-23 00:43:04 -0400
Aman Dahuginkiss actually your BS tying Faith and the Rebel into Neo Nazis is wacko , you are an ignorant fool. Now go support the liberal media as they cheer on BLM and Antifa fascists.
commented 2017-08-23 00:41:02 -0400
It was cool to meet some of the staff. Eitan mentioned that Rebel’s are patriots, and that is true. We are, and we care about this country, and worry about the road it’s taking. Both Hanna and Eitan strike me as dedicated to the vision of a strong and free Canada. Young, enthusiastic and good at their jobs. I thought they both did great for not being used to being in front of the camera. Glad there are good people behind the scenes who keep the whole thing running.
commented 2017-08-23 00:24:11 -0400
Eitan Gilboord,

That wasn’t really a personal attack.
commented 2017-08-23 00:20:02 -0400
I am confident that the Rebel will reboot. I want to thank the staff that has been unrecognized but is doing a crucial job. As a successful, rapidly expanding business, the Rebel has had growing pains which will now be corrected. I have proudly donated to various causes including the Speer’s Kids fund. No other media has seemed so concerned about the victims of terrorism. As a Hindu and being from India, the issue of terrorism and sharia law is an issue for me. To come to Canada and see this poison whitewashed by the media party infuriates me. The idea of the Rebel being racist and antisemitic is laughable at best and obscene at worst I certainly would not be a subscriber if it was true. Let the dogs bark, including the 30 presstitutes braying over the Rebels supposed demise.
commented 2017-08-23 00:16:39 -0400
Sarah Stallone, I’m one of the people who monitors the comments section. Best not to break our commenting rules, especially when your personal attacks are aimed at me. Please, be civil, avoid personal attacks.
commented 2017-08-23 00:11:52 -0400
Eitan Gilboord,

You weren’t how I pictured at all.

It must be horrible saying to people that you work for Ezra Levant and seeking their reaction. I bet you got to a point where you just tell people that you work at National Drapery. It’s much easier that way.
commented 2017-08-23 00:07:28 -0400
Aman Dahuginkiss (Amanda Hug ‘n kiss. you can always tell a childish Lefty when they try to have names they think are pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. It’s on the same level as “I make you say underwear”). Here’s what she says;

If you are hostile to human beings coming to this country as refugees simply because they are muslim and not christian or atheist for all you know then that makes you a christian supremacist bigot. ISIS kills human beings. They don’t give one fuck who you worship.

Well Amanda, they weren’t refugees. Actually Amanda, yes, ISIS does care about who you worship. In fact, it’s all they care about. Tell me Amanda, as the Muslims are getting off the plane, filing into the airport, can you tell which ones are Islamic extremists, and if so – how?
commented 2017-08-23 00:06:41 -0400
Eitan, do you have a mouse in your pocket…..who’s we?
commented 2017-08-23 00:04:34 -0400
Yeah, but what did we think of that Eitan Gilboord guy?
commented 2017-08-22 23:55:36 -0400
I see amanda hug and kiss has slithered from beneath the slime it has been hiding under and istrolling this site. I’m sure it is the same cowardly leftist regressive fucktard that posts under other assumed names,but no matter. This parasite is all warm with glee about what has been said lately about the Rebel. Get your joys now sickos because shit is about to hit you all back in the yap.
And wee AMAN DAHUGINKISS, take your own advise: “Try looking in the mirror and think about how you’re behaving and what you’re saying.”
Oh the hypocrisy of these useful idiot, leftist regressive fucktards.

Sarah…it is you and your ilk that will eventually be doomed, you clowns have zero survival skills.
commented 2017-08-22 23:51:41 -0400
If the haters succeeded, what would that say about Canada? Justin Trudeau’s totalitarian term as PM in Canada will go down in History alright and it won’t be good. I know he was probably spoiled as a child, but that is some omnipotence he has, to expect to control the media by only allowing the government funded media to exist in Canada. He is worse than Putin and his control of the media narrative. Where is our free country. That is why we need the Rebel!

Rosemary Barton should be taken to task for saying what she said. I mean come on, how can these people get away with this kind of slander? They spin and spin, confuse and mix up facts until they have their own version of the truth that they then feed to Canadians to attempt to take us down. They know we are not the names they call us, so they manufacture a version to fit their narrative.
commented 2017-08-22 23:36:45 -0400
Make that: He weathered the storm of almost universal manufactured rage in the swamp, went to the people and emerged the clear winner.
Too quick on the post button.
commented 2017-08-22 23:33:01 -0400
Wow great rally by Trump. He destroyed the MSM. He weathered the storm of almost universal storm of manufactured rage in the swamp, went to the people and emerged the clear winner. I wonder if there are any lessons for the Rebel?
commented 2017-08-22 23:32:04 -0400
Carole Masse,

People gave money to Bernie Madoff happily too.

Clearly the accusations haven’t been unfounded at all – hence the reboot.
commented 2017-08-22 23:28:58 -0400
I stand with you Ezra and with all the Rebel members who know how crucial it is to have a strong voice to tell the other side of the story.
This too shall pass and the truth shall prevail.
commented 2017-08-22 23:15:09 -0400
@Sarah Reece Staline
Nobody gave money without their own will. Please disappear from this site. You are a negative person with your never-ending unfounded and stupid accusations.

Ezra, I’m always in unless you become a centrist or a politically correct hypocrite. Stay true to true conservatism and despite the liberal attacks, you will win in the long run.
commented 2017-08-22 23:13:47 -0400
As I have said before, it is imperative for the Rebel to survive. Canada needs this voice.
I will always stand with the Rebel.
I like the sound of having more management and better editing. Good move.

The only people who will be stuck with the stink of this, will be the Liberals, the cucked Conservative MP’s, the cucked turncoats and our very very sad excuse of a PM. Unbelievable that any government would weigh in this way in an attempt to silence dissent. The smell of it will live on them for the rest of their short careers.

“I support the Rebel reporters because they are willing to risk their professional careers reporting unpopular stories that counter the mainstream’s biased narrative.”
well said Rick Johnson.