August 23, 2016

Limos, photo shoots, rock stars: Justin’s Liberals live like celebrities on your money

Rebel Staff

For the first time in ten months, a mainstream media news outlet actually criticized Justin Trudeau. Well, not him. But a Liberal cabinet minister.

Health Minister Jane Philpott was caught giving huge limo contracts to a campaign volunteer, including a whopping $1,700 just for one day.

So the media were primed when the second story hit, yesterday, surprisingly by Glen McGregor of CTV. He found out that Catherine McKenna, the environment minister, spent more than $6,000 on a vanity photographer at last November’s Paris global warming conference.

They’re photographs an intern could have taken, and were put on the ministry’s website. Until this story broke, they had fewer than 100 views.

As Sheila Gunn Reid has reported, McKenna already has a team of 24 people who work on her tweets and photos and other vanity work.

Stephen Harper was frugal. He didn’t have two nannies on the public payroll. He refused his super-pension. He fired a cabinet minister, Bev Oda, for expensing a $16 dollar orange juice. The greatest scandal in his nine years as PM was when his chief of staff, Nigel Wright, cut a personal cheque TO THE GOVERNMENT, to cover an expense question for a Senator, Mike Duffy.

But the Libranos are back now...

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