August 04, 2016

Canadian Pacific’s CEO wanted to pay a carbon tax. How’s that working out?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Hunter Harrison, a Tennessee-born railwayman, is the CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway. Shortly after Rachel Notley and her NDP destroyers were elected, Harrison generously volunteered to pay a carbon tax.

He said:

We’re a citizen here and we take the good and we have to help with the bad times and we’re willing to do our fair share.

If they ask us, or if they impose another per cent or two of fuel tax we’re not going to lay down and cry.

So that was Harrison being a real bigshot with other peoples money — not only his shareholders' money, but all Albertans', too.

So how’s that working out for CP Rail?

Well, over the past year, share price is down 16 per cent, revenue's down 12 per cent, and they cut 2000 jobs.

But don’t you worry about Hunter. He personally earned $19.9 million last year.

And he still gets use of the company's million dollar private plane -- which, like his company's trains, runs on fossil fuels...

NEXT: Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter and I talk about the Alberta NDP’s carbon tax and other things Rachel Notley’s government is doing to destroy the economy.

Gunter talks about his recent visit to the Calgary Stampede and how different the mood was this year.

It’s one example of how bad things are across the province — unless you work for the government, that is.

THEN: Our own Faith Goldy talks about why we've launched our campaign against "sharia creep."

It was inspired by a program supposedly meant to integrate Syrian refugees, but it's actually carrying out gender apartheid.

How unCanadian can you get?


FINALLY: Your messages about my trip to Montreal, bringing the message of ethical oil to the streets.

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commented 2016-08-05 20:48:32 -0400
It’s NOT the first time Canadian Pacific hires an American citizen for one of its Enterprises! Canadian Pacific Airlines did exactly the same thing. Its successor, Canadian Airlines International, Ltd, ALSO hired an American citizen as a CEO! Result? GONE WITH THE WIND, BANKRUPT, KAPUT!!!
commented 2016-08-05 20:31:09 -0400
Too bad Hunter Harrison is not a Canadian
He would make a greater PM than a snowboard instructor
commented 2016-08-05 13:16:44 -0400
- What’s happening to CP rail is typical of what happens when businesses get in bed with socialists. They’ll get some benefits at first but eventually they’ll pay a price for that.

- Alberta’s high unemployment no doubt has the NDP & their supporters happy as hell. This is clearly what they were after. Socialists always see themselves as brilliant & when their theories meet reality & fail (which they always do) they look for any cause other than socialism itself.

- They don’t want to assimilate these “refugees” to Canadian culture. They want to destroy Canadian culture.
commented 2016-08-05 11:28:37 -0400
David, no changes in traffic with respect to tankers, etc. Slight increase in congestion due to equipment being transported out of province, but that will be temporary since there is not much equipment left in the North to sell off. I do hope to not be on the road when the camp Levant was talking about is auctioned off, hopefully it goes directly to Dawson and then North. Then it should be clear roads all the time until 2020, when the new government thoughtlessly recreates an economy.
commented 2016-08-05 10:58:48 -0400
“So how’s that working out for CP Rail?

Well, over the past year, share price is down 16 per cent, revenue’s down 12 per cent, and they cut 2000 jobs."

How’s what working out? There’s no causal connection whatsoever between the carbon tax comments – they aren’t actually paying additional carbon taxes to what was existing a year ago – and falling revenues due to broader economic malaise and/or declining markets for bitumen in favour of higher quality, cheaper shale oil.

The Rebel is inventing its own “news” again.
commented 2016-08-05 10:53:52 -0400
MONGREL: Problem is it only makes sense to play a game if there is some chance of winning. I would say you would have a better chance of finding a dollar in my bank account (thanks Rachael), but that is impossible as well. Must be nice to top up your pension, collect a bloated salary, and RARELY show up for work. Especially when you are the Energy Minister, and energy is front and centre in Alberta. I wish the nicotine stain masquerading as our Premier would become invisible, permanently.

Any changes in Peace Country traffic C Mongrel?
commented 2016-08-05 10:32:06 -0400
I think The Rebel should do a version of Pokemon Go (despite Ms. Goldey’s aversion to the game), except it should be called, Invisible Energy Minister Go. The participants then go around trying to find Marg McCuaig-Boyd. This would at least provide some entertainment for we Albertans as we spiral past Ontario into Oblivion.
commented 2016-08-05 08:44:18 -0400
Oh, come on Ezra! The socialists/progressives are all for diversity … so long as think and do as they do.

They are also in full support of free speech unlike us conservative minded people so long as you think and say as they say.

Our resident socialist trolls prove daily just how open minded they really are.
commented 2016-08-05 08:00:09 -0400
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commented 2016-08-05 06:46:45 -0400
Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management just sold 1.9 billion worth of CP stock. I guess he sees the writing on the wall.
commented 2016-08-05 03:15:44 -0400
Jay loves angry Tom who runs stop signs, breaks the law then insults female RCMP officers like a good sexist.
commented 2016-08-05 03:14:50 -0400
Jay Kelly he had to by law idiot and the provinces with an exception did not hold any votes moron. Of course you are lost in your own little world.
commented 2016-08-05 01:19:56 -0400
Ironically, Notley would have never had a chance to destroy Alberta if the voting system in the last election was proportional representation like JT is preparing us all for.
But Alberta is an anomaly where conservatism is a constant majority. For the rest of Canada, the leftist/racist/anti-freedom majorities in the big cities will forever leave conservatism as a minority culture, dooming us to a society like they have in Europe: becoming economically unviable and demographically unstable.
commented 2016-08-05 01:07:45 -0400
I’m sure glad ole hunter isn’t in charge of cn rail any more.he is however making us more profitable by mismanaging cp.
commented 2016-08-05 00:01:51 -0400
I remember Tom Mulcair having one of his finest lines in the House of Commons by asking then Prime Minister Stephen Harper about senate reform. (Harper, we recall, had promised an elected and representative senate and then screwed up big time.)

Making reference to the senate reform, Mulcair asked: “How’s that working out”.

Harper never really held a candle to Mulcair. Ironic that Harper was elected and re-elected but Mulcair was defeated.

I have never watched the U.S. talk show Dr. Phil.
commented 2016-08-04 23:16:52 -0400
Actually, Jay the line was popularized by Dr. Phil not doctor Tom.
commented 2016-08-04 22:58:00 -0400
A clever headline for Ezra Levant’s story, quoting Tom Mulcair’s line “How’s that working out?”

Mulcair, of course, was referring to Stephen Harper’s promise not to appoint senators based on partisanship, but to elect them. Then Harper appointed a series of Conservative “poster-childs” like Duffy, Wallin, and Brazeau.

Levant never forgave the Conservative Party brass for their idiocy, or the Main Stream Media for tearing Harper apart.

Good headline.
commented 2016-08-04 22:45:39 -0400
Wouldn’t it be nice to cut off fossil fuels from those that do not approve of them, see how they like struggling to do the simplest things.
commented 2016-08-04 22:31:41 -0400
How long are Albertans going to endure this socialist insanity or are they masochists?
commented 2016-08-04 22:26:08 -0400
Hunter Harrison. Actually, $10,000 per hour.
commented 2016-08-04 22:25:18 -0400
Hunter Harrison. $1000/hour to run CN Rail.
Not bad, if you can get it.
commented 2016-08-04 22:04:42 -0400
I wonder how many unemployed people are leaving Alberta in search of a better life. I would guess these people are mostly conservative voters.

Can we count on them coming back to Alberta before the next election and voting out the NDP? These massive job losses might actually work to Notley’s advantage if they don’t move back. It’s sickening to think about it.
commented 2016-08-04 21:44:18 -0400
All that victim blaming and hiding the truth will be here full force within 10 years.
commented 2016-08-04 21:34:15 -0400
First the people need to elect Conservative Provincial Govt. across Canada . Then the Liberals must be replaced Federally. Only then can this country can be turned around.
commented 2016-08-04 21:21:59 -0400
Notley is a lawyer so she knows. Like judges want to screw everyone to fuel the law machine.
commented 2016-08-04 20:59:45 -0400
Only one way to stop Sharia Creep is to stop the Sharia believing Creeps. Do we need these misguided idiots, who, after all are only sent here to kill us.

First we have to stop the King Creep, Justin Trudeau.