March 24, 2015

Ezra Levant: Calgary police response to Nazi slogans depends on who's doing the shouting

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Over the weekend, a Calgary man shouted "white power" at some anti-racism demonstrators. During a run-in with police, he was shot.

Contrast this with what happened last summer in the same city, when Muslims chanted "Heil Hitler" at pro-Israel demonstrators.

And the cops stood by and did nothing.

Keep in mind, that pro-Israel rally was held to protest an earlier incident of police indifference:

The assault on a Calgary Jewish family by rioting Muslim thugs, who were only charged after pressure from me, the Sun News Network and concerned citizens working through RiotStoppers.

Why the double standard at the Calgary police force?

PS: I finish this report with two interesting tidbits about just who organized last weekend's anti-racism rally -- and the Calgary chief of police's next career move.

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commented 2015-03-25 10:45:29 -0400
So Terry, the police defender saying the man was shot because he pulled out a pipe. That is the claim made by a police force willing to stand by and watch a muslim mob beat up Jewish women and children on the streets in front of them. Why was he chased Terry, for walking while white? Is it not possible he was carrying a weapon to defend himself from unruly and protected muslim mobs? Or Muslim cops? Anyone expect the enemedia to ask the Mayor tough questions?
Would there be any interest in petitioning the mayor to make Calgary a Sharia-Free zone?
commented 2015-03-25 10:37:25 -0400
A simple question. Was the shooting officer Muslim? Mayor Nensharia won’t say.
commented 2015-03-24 23:28:06 -0400
Listen. Does anyone think our police have not been covering up crimes by turning a blind eye and fabricating evidence similar to what police did in Rotherham UK? By practicing bias, intentional bias? Some people think police are too stupid to recognize that how they act violates legislation. But they aren’t. They understand the lessons of Nuremberg but ignore their duties to righteousness and our rule of law because they prefer the sunshine of their middle-class status to personal integrity that sometimes requires personal sacrifice. It’s pathetic. Not all cops … but the executive? You betcha!
commented 2015-03-24 23:06:38 -0400
There was a time when I almost revered the police including the RCMP but no more. I have friends & family now retired from the police force who had pride in their profession. There have been many incidents in the past where the police have abused their power & gotten away with it. In the incidents you describe Ezra it is certainly using a double standard. What is political correctness doing in police business anyway?? This is where I have lost a lot of respect for some. When the protesters on Burnaby Mtn were verbally abusing KinderMorgan employees & that sweet female Sun News reporter, the police did absolutely nothing & I felt nothing but disgust & disrespect for those cops because I thought they were nothing but a bunch of cowards for just standing there.
commented 2015-03-24 21:43:43 -0400
Jack, as you say, underlying it all is the politically-correct ‘progressive’ agenda (aka “the code”).
commented 2015-03-24 21:01:55 -0400
There is more than just a “double” standard at work in these situations. The politically correct identity hierarchy involving race, culture, gender/sex, religion, politics (aka “the code”) comes into play – dark skin trumps light, Eastern culture trumps Western culture, LGBT trumps hetero trumps female trumps male, socialist trumps capitalist, pro-death trumps pro-life, atheist trumps Buddhist trumps Muslim, trumps Christian trumps Jew.

The “authorities” (police, university administrators) look up the current code for any given situation and use it to decide what to do (uphold the law, ignore it altogether as in the Calgary riot or harass someone they deem low in the identity hierarchy whether they are breaking a law or not, as in this case).
commented 2015-03-24 16:52:11 -0400
You may disagree with me, and that’s OK. This just my belief. In fact, if you’re not a Christian, you definitely will disagree with me. But, for what it’s worth, here’s my opinion. I think this is Satanic, in other words I believe it stems from a Satanic influence on our societies, cultures and institutions. As St. Paul states in Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Just my opinion, disagree if you must. It may sound like a glib, dismissive way of addressing the problem, but it’s the only explanation I can come up with. Otherwise, these attitudes and actions seem so illogical.
commented 2015-03-24 16:43:07 -0400
The fact that Calgary has a muslim mayor is probably the reason there is so much trouble there. Soon, if not already, there will be those muslim neighborhoods which are no go zones for non muslims. This is only my opinion but the signs are there and if there is some suspected muslim corruption and terrorist ties in Calgary, this mayor and all his associates need to be thoroughly investigated.
commented 2015-03-24 15:05:49 -0400
I sleep better at night knowing Ezra and friends are on the job.
commented 2015-03-24 11:13:04 -0400
With respect to “Hate groups and organizations”, at its web site the Calgary Police Service (CPS), gives the following as an example of “hate group propaganda symbols”: “88 – Represents the eighth letter ‘H’ hence HH – Heil Hitler”.
Maybe the Calgary police officers standing around the Muslim protestors were listening for “88” and didn’t hear “Heil Hitler” spewed out by the Muslim thugs.
The CPS web site also provides the email and phone number of the CPS’s Hate Crimes Coordinator for “reporting hate groups”, which I did on August 3, 2014. In a return email four days later, the CPS’s Hate Crimes Coordinator thanked me for bringing this to his attention, saying that he had seen the video, and that he also had been notified by another community member of the incident. The video shows at least 8 CPS officers in Ezra’s words “standing there actually guarding the Muslim Nazis”. Then why did the CPS’s Hate Crimes Coordinator require private citizens to report this incident to him?
You would think that what took place on the Calgary streets in July 2014 would fit what the CPS defines as a “hate or bias crime”:
Ezra you make a good point about the Calgary police force’s double standard and ask why? The phrase, “the buck stops at the top” still has merit.
commented 2015-03-24 09:50:23 -0400
Lincoln .. who cares what others think of you… stand for what is right and truthful… Anti-Semitism is rampant as to the muslims they are a hateful group who belong to a cult that wants to destroy Christians and Jews alike. The lack of courage and character of the Calgary police is shameful in light of this duplicity! We need to grow a pair, and call these hateful people out and arrest them for anti-Semitic behaviour and if they are all muslims.. so be it! To fear any group is not in character with the nature of law, which shows a blind eye! Law is to be applied to all in a fair and just manner regardless of race, gender, religion or muslim cult. Shame on Calgary and the police force for allowing such anti-Semitic behaviour in Canada!
commented 2015-03-24 09:40:00 -0400
Valid point. Officials are walking on eggshells at Muslim protests due to accusations of Islamophobia. Also sadly, I can’t even post that link on my FB page because I’ll be accused of Islamophobia myself. :(
commented 2015-03-24 09:37:40 -0400
You know that we as a country are in trouble when the police protect the very people who have come here to destroy us. We had better fix this soon or it will be too late to turn back and we will follow England, France, Germany, Norway and so many others down that 15’th century rat hole.
You can debate the headline if you want but by doing so you dilute the real message hear, but that may be your purpose.
commented 2015-03-24 09:17:18 -0400
@ Peter Netterville- Agreed. However, I’m noting that the headline is inaccurate and misleading.
commented 2015-03-24 09:07:32 -0400
@ Terry Rudden – "… the man in question was not shot for shouting "Nazi"slogans": he was shot because he pulled out a pipe and attacked a police officer."

Too true, but after he was chased for shouting the slogan. The twit should not have pulled the pipe, but why was he chased is the real question. Did he do something else that prompted the police to follow him? Was he suspected of other crimes? That is what we need to wait and see.
commented 2015-03-24 08:24:45 -0400
I’m usually in the corner with police, but Ezra’s made a valid point. There was an absolute and clear double standard at play.
commented 2015-03-24 07:36:27 -0400
For the benefit of folks who read headlines but don’t watch the video: the man in question was not shot for shouting "Nazi"slogans": he was shot because he pulled out a pipe and attacked a police officer.
commented 2015-03-24 07:25:22 -0400
“Observers believe that, ideally, someone such as he should NOT be allowed to ascend to elected office.”
These “observers” apparently don’t include the electorate, who elected him for a second term with 74% of the vote.
commented 2015-03-24 06:54:04 -0400
Ultimately, the homosexual Muslim mayor of Calgary is responsible for BOTH Jew-hating and white-hating events. Observers believe that, ideally, someone such as he should NOT be allowed to ascend to elected office.