December 07, 2016

New book exposes secret collusion between the Liberals and CBC to mock opponents

Rebel Staff

Tony Blair was the UK prime minister when Jean Chretien was Canada’s prime minister, so the two of them had many conversations. 

Now Tony Blair’s senior aide, Alastair Campbell, has written his memoir, which includes a conversation between Blair and Chretien:

Blair “had a good time with Chretien, who told him the hilarious story of how Opposition leader Stockwell Day made a pledge that if three per cent of the population wanted a referendum on any issue, they could have it, so the Liberals got a TV station to organize a three per cent write-in campaign for Stockwell to change his first name to Doris. It really took off, to the point the Liberals even adopted ‘Que Sera Sera’ as their campaign song.”

What Campbell obviously didn’t know, is that that “TV station” was actually Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC.

It’s like if Barack Obama personally ordered "Saturday Night Live" to attack his enemies — but even that analogy doesn’t work, because Obama doesn’t pay "Saturday Night Live" $1.5 billion a year.

The entire CBC is a corrupt, Liberal propaganda outfit, of course.

Remember when Peter Mansbridge actually flew out to Italy, to preside over the luxury wedding of Trudeau’s communications chief?

You just can’t believe a single word the CBC says — except for when they call you “deplorable.” Believe that.

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