December 08, 2016

Why Trump’s EPA pick is great for the US — but could be bad for Canada

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Donald Trump has made his selection for the director of Environmental Protection Agency. His name is Scott Pruitt, and he’s awesome.

Pruitt was actually suing the EPA, to stop their illegal war on coal. Now he’s running it!

In the thirty days since Donald Trump won the election, he has changed the psychology of the country. Stock markets are at new highs; companies are talking about hiring again — even U.S. Steel is talking about 10,000 new jobs in America. Trump says he’s going to cut the U.S. corporate tax rate down from 35 per cent to 15 per cent.

And so my point of today is: what does this mean for Canada?

If you’re Exxon or Chevron or Shell or BP or any of the super majors, or even a little company, would you invest in Alberta right now, or America?

How much higher will Alberta’s carbon tax go? Kathleen Wynne plans to raise electricity prices for 15 more years, every year. Justin Trudeau wants to put a carbon tax on every single province.

Which way do you think the jobs will go, the investment? What about our bright young university grads?

Our entire political leadership is racing in the wrong direction. We’ve got trust fund kids like Trudeau where our chief competitor has a gritty entrepreneur. We have tokens and affirmative action hires like Catherine McKenna as our environment minister, who has never worked a private sector job, while they now have a hard-nosed, states’ rights activist from Oklahoma.

Scott Pruitt is an amazing pick for EPA director. And that rising tide is either going to lift our boat too — or swamp us.

But it depends on whether Trudeau, Notley, McKenna and Wynne are going to keep marching in their direction, or turn around and get with the times.

NEXT: Is the Trump effect real, and can it be replicated around the world?

Breitbart Editor Joel Pollak joins me to talk about Marine Le Pen's tough talk on immigration, and anti-globalist movements in Europe.

THEN: Alberta Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt comes on to talk about the ongoing fallout from the Rebel's "controversial" anti-carbon tax rally in Edmonton last weekend.

PS: This Sunday, December 11, the Rebel is hosting another rally, this time in Calgary.

VISIT for details. 

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commented 2016-12-11 12:50:03 -0500
LIZA ROSIE commented: “It is the only chance we’ve got of jolting the left out of their day dream.”

Never gonna happen. They’ll blame Harper!
commented 2016-12-09 20:53:56 -0500
I believe Scott Pruitt will make a big difference how business will be done under the Trump Admin. Trump is making a Cabinet of people who know how to do what is right for progress. Trudeau and the left wing Premiers would have and did bet their last dollar on Hillary winning the election and thought they would all be on the same side with green energy and carbon taxes and rolling ill begotten funds. Now it has back fired and all of us will pay. Never trust a politician that stars out saying, " All Canadians believe ……. "
commented 2016-12-09 19:14:53 -0500
Trudeau will start to look more and more like a loser with Trump in office…Trudeau, Notley and the rest of the heavyweights that are dragging the whole country into oblivion…and their leader,a man with no vision, no ideas and lots of hair.
commented 2016-12-09 13:50:22 -0500
- The moves by Trump will be bad for Canada for a time. The length of that time will depend on the Canadian voters. Keep the “progressives” / globalists & Canada’s finished. Turf out the “progressives” / globalists & Canada can join in on this prosperity.

- The Democrat formula has been to paint Republicans as old, evil, stupid or any combination of the 3. It hasn’t worked with Trump. Old was off the table because he was running against Hillary & is more energetic than many others – he doesn’t come off as old. They’ve been pushing the hell out of the evil narrative but it really hasn’t taken hold outside of their own base – again having to deal with the Hillary factor. They love to think of him as stupid but doing so puts them at a huge disadvantage. Trump is not stupid & many have gotten burned thinking he was. Looking forward to January 20th, 2017.

- Very disappointed with so called conservatives who joined in & condemned the people at the last rally. I’ve come to expect “progressives” & their mainstream fake news media lap dogs to say disgusting things about people who dare question or oppose them but seeing conservatives jump on this bandwagon was truly disgusting. They need to be severely humbled before they go hat in hand to voters in the future.
commented 2016-12-09 13:19:11 -0500
we’re proud to wear the ‘pig’ and ‘deplorable’ labels
commented 2016-12-09 13:16:42 -0500
20 years ago i escaped from behind the straw curtain to alberta…alberta has been the land of prosperity and opportunity…until the last few years…now i’m almost back to where i started, working for subsistance wages…the difference now is i now have a wife and 4 kids…other than that it’s the same…seeing the ndp wrecking a province…
commented 2016-12-09 12:21:45 -0500
Awesome, end the junk science now. What even is the point with Canada cutting emissions without China and the US cooperating?
commented 2016-12-09 09:49:07 -0500
With the Donald at the helm America is once again on the move upwards towards prosperity while Canada is spiraling downwards towards nothingness. Say a prayer for what was.
commented 2016-12-09 09:37:24 -0500
The truth is, Canada is a joke with trudeau in ottawa. notley is reason why Albertans are broke for another christmas.
commented 2016-12-09 08:50:14 -0500
Government whether federal, provincial & or municipal sole principal mandate is not to impoverish it’s citizens. Canada’s miniscule contribution to so called global warming does not warrant taxing people or make a case that this will change the climate. Amoral virtual signalling to Canadians that the world is waiting for us to lead on climate change is nothing but unctuous and to a point fraud. Trudeau and the likes will destroy Canada for nothing but ideology.
commented 2016-12-09 06:44:17 -0500
I’m disappointed to see no big oil company or pipe line company has not taken the opportunity for some very cheap advertising to buy Ezra’s office.
Then maybe us REBELS will kick in. It would only take 250 REBELS to kick in $40.00 each then we could name the office " YAH HOO REBELS KICK ASS AGAIN" Remember only 250 Rebels have to kick in. Tell me what you think I ready to kick in the first $40 bucks.
It would take only 167 REBELS to kick in $60 to buy Ezra’s office and that way you get an extra brick

commented 2016-12-09 03:57:05 -0500
The Boy Blunder, and/ i.e Gerald Butts, will not know reality until President Trump slaps them in the face with economic reality… And given recent history, that is what it is going to take… The “beauty” of it is that it will inevitably happen starting at Noon, January 20th, 2017….
commented 2016-12-09 02:37:38 -0500
Trump will be very good for Canada. He will convince Trudeau to hold off on carbon taxes, and join the USA in a “fortress North America” concept of a truly intra-national partnership to battle ISIS influence and prevent the destruction of western values and society.
Yup, our prime minister is a smart man, and will have many conversations with Trump over economics, immigration, and keeping up the battle against pollution w/o regressive carbon taxes.
Sorry Ezra, but you’re wrong. I have every confidence that Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Trump will become great friends and partners and will make both our countries great again!
(just to be clear, I’m being sarcastic)
commented 2016-12-09 02:03:45 -0500
Trump is a very smart man. He’s hiring the best people for each cabinet position. He is really going to change america and probably draw Canadian businesses to the states because there will be such a big tax advantage there. Maybe it won’t happen overnight, but like with Ronald Reagan the US prospered and it will again with Trump at the helm. If Trump can keep most of his pre-election promises it wouldn’t surprise me if he would win a second term.
commented 2016-12-09 00:26:41 -0500
The people who attended the rally in the December cold to protest the Carbon tax are heroes to me. If I still lived in Calgary I would have been there. They went for me and I’m on the coast of BC. Thank you. Of coarse we can’t lock her up, but if you mess with my family with an unnecessary, uneffective tax that makes me choose between steak or beans, or in the sad case of the guy who had to sell his car to feed his family, I’m gonna talk some smack. Come on Calgary. 10,000 people. No to all carbon taxes.
commented 2016-12-09 00:16:34 -0500
Donald Trump has already done more before he’s taken office than Obama’s done in 4 years!
Baby Trudeau will feel so out of place dealing with D. Trump, he will regress back to his childhood trying to be heard by the adults.

Make sure you chant ‘lock THEM up’ this time…don’t want the media to feel left out.
commented 2016-12-08 23:44:11 -0500
Ezra, what about starting a petition to demand Notley do a plebiscite to get the social license to proceed with the carbon tax? Since it wasn’t part of her election campaign, and because she says she consults with the ppl, it’s only appropriate no? Sue her in court to demand the plebiscite perhaps?

Ezra, next rally, what about having Sheila and Holly and others go into the crowd, cameras on, and confront the infiltrators from the NDP that will be there? And be prepared for them to send mucksterers trying to start violence. Have lots of cameras in the crowd to catch the infiltrators red-handed. Don’t get caught with your pants down!
commented 2016-12-08 23:32:01 -0500
The discussion with Joel Pollak about Trump’s activities so far, was very informative. I was reminded about a concept that is frequently overlooked in politics: the personal requirements necessary for the Political Leader to have. Surprisingly, these requirements have less to do with “political” experience and expertise in any government Program or Policy, than they have to do with “developing and leading” an organization, whether it be, for example, a private business or a City , Provincial, National or Global Government. Experience working in a Government Agency or Department or lobbying and promoting an important and relevant policy are very useful, but for the Political Leader, they are still secondary to the requirements for successful leadership.

To be exceedingly brief, these Requirements (skills, experience and attitudes) that will make or break any organization’s leader and his or her organization, are:

1 Knowing how to ensure that everyone in the organization knows what to do, why they’re to do it, and how to do it. The leader doesn’t do this alone, but knows how to ensure that the organization is designed to make this happen.

2 Knowing how to ensure that everyone receives the support necessary to make them successful in their respective jobs. This includes, for example, having the right people, the right equipment and resources, and a healthy emotional and physical work environment.

3 Knowing how to ensure that everyone follows through and is accountable for meeting his or her performance expectations and obligations. The leader ensures the organization is designed to make sure this happens.

Failure of the Leader to have these necessary competencies, predictably leads to low morale, wastage, confusion, dissension, and fundamental organizational failure.

Unfortunately, many political leaders have some Policy or Technical expertise but lack most of the essential requirements for Organizational Leadership.

So what do we find when we rate our current Political leaders?
commented 2016-12-08 23:29:16 -0500
Out of a 51min. show, the only positive item was the US President to be, has hired an EPA Person who will allow people to prove that Climate Change caused by humans is a hoax. That is good for the US, but what was positive for Canada?
JT, Notley and Wynne are going to make this Country a 3rd World Welfare State. As Kevin O’Leary says, " we have the wrong management in this Country at exactly the wrong time".
commented 2016-12-08 22:14:17 -0500
Love the show Ezra. Trump is smart like a fox not like Trudope dump as a stump.
commented 2016-12-08 22:03:02 -0500
Lloyd good point, Kris Sims is great. We need someone in every province as far as I’m concerned. Manitoba and the Maritimes could use some coverage. What about the Territories. I hope to see more hires as the Rebel expands.
commented 2016-12-08 21:54:42 -0500
America is going to eat us for lunch and under Justin’s Liberal policy we will deserve what we get. I hope the slap is loud, hard and resounding, the sooner the better. It is the only chance we’ve got of jolting the left out of their day dream.
commented 2016-12-08 21:48:04 -0500
I’m disappointed to see no big oil company or pipe line company has not taken the opportunity for some very cheap advertising to buy Ezra’s office.
Then maybe us REBELS will kick in. It would only take 250 REBELS to kick in $40.00 each then we could name the office " YAH HOO REBELS KICK ASS AGAIN" Remember only 250 Rebels have to kick in. Tell me what you think I ready to kick in the first $40 bucks.

commented 2016-12-08 21:46:17 -0500
great show tonight EZRA , I am really looking forward to what those new studio areas are going to produce
I hope KRIS SIMS comes back as maritime correspondent — she’s got guts

All REBEL supporters in Calgary , please show up , and cam cord the LUGENPRESSE , maybe ask them a few questions
commented 2016-12-08 21:33:22 -0500
Well, don’t use any chants(like fuck her up) or anything just because people are excited. Talk about the corruption. But don’t worry. Trumps gonna buy Alberta from Frenchie. And Justin can finally realize his lifes ambition, to have Quebec as a separate matter. Amazing what we’ve achieved in a short time. Keep fighting
commented 2016-12-08 21:17:13 -0500
I know Donald Trump wants to put America first, so he is out for the best interests of America first and foremost. He did say, though, that America would be fair with other countries, too. I am hoping that Canadians who foolishly voted Liberal the last time around, will sit up and take notice as President Trump does make America great again.

As for the Alberta rally, it would be nice if CBC would just report what’s happening without putting their left-wing spin on things constantly. I don’t think the NDP or Liberals can stand a protest against their policies. To them, it’s unthinkable. They think they should have total and complete control. A mere tax payer speaking up against the socialist elite is unconscionable to them.
commented 2016-12-08 20:54:42 -0500
The decadent and corrupt Liberals, with the aid of their eco-socialist acolytes in Alberta and Ontario will run this country into the ground. Then maybe, just maybe, Canadians will begin to notice…
commented 2016-12-08 20:16:16 -0500
Just like any leftist state, name one… North Korea, Venezuela, Canada – the resources will remain unused and the populations will live in medieval conditions. This difference will be ‘in your face’ in the next few years.

If you do business and wish to be prosperous, it might be preferable to look outside of Canada.