December 19, 2016

Another honour killing? Time to rethink Somali immigration to Canada

Rebel Staff

Two Somali women were found dead in their Ottawa home over the weekend: Asma A-Noor, age 32, and her sister Nasiba A-Noor, age 29.

Their brother, Musab A-Noor, has been charged with first and second degree murder.

A double murder is always shocking — if you look at it from a Canadian point of view. Because it is actually common in Muslim countries. If the allegations against the brother are proved true, this will be the latest honour murder in Canada.

But here’s the bigger issue:

Why is Canada taking so many thousands of Somali migrants in the first place?

Somalia is a 99 per cent Muslim country, so Muslims aren’t persecuted there. (Muslims aren’t persecuted anywhere in the world, in fact — except by fellow Muslims.)

Imagine looking at such a squalid country — war, crime, piracy, terrorism, illiteracy, violence against women, valuing the Koran ahead of our laws, and clannish customs over Canadian ones — and thinking, hey, let’s bring that to Canada?!

Perhaps the brother will be acquitted. Perhaps he really was just “mentally ill,” or whatever excuse the media cooks up. But the powers that be have made up their mind: there’s nothing Muslim to see here.

Not us. We’ve dispatched Faith Goldy to Ottawa to actually ask questions. Including to go to the mosque, as an uncovered female reporter, to talk to the imam.

If you want to see all of her videos, VISIT

Unlike the mainstream media, we promise to follow the facts, wherever they lead.

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