February 17, 2017

Meet the foreign billionaire pushing for Canadian censorship of “Islamophobia”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Iqra Khalid is a Pakistan-born Muslim MP for the Liberals, and former campus activist.

Khalid also introduced M-103, the motion condemning Islamophobia, and calling on the government to prepare a report to “eliminate” it, using the full power of the state, which means everything from the CBC, to the RCMP, to the Canada Revenue Agency, to our foreign policy.

But there’s something else.

Last September, Trudeau announced that the government of Canada had officially teamed up with George Soros, not only to bring Muslim migrants to the west, but to propagandize, to “mobilize citizens” in support of them.

And just before Christmas, the government of Canada had a big conference to start implementing this agreement:

"They also committed to working together to make sure that the global narrative on refugees is a positive one.”

So it’s not just about actually helping refugees.

It’s about making sure people only say “positive” things about them.

I wonder if Trudeau has ever flown on Soros’s private planes, or vacationed at his private getaways. I wonder if Soros has funded any of Trudeau’s NGOs, like Canada 2020. 

But really, we don’t have to wonder, because the government of Canada put out that press release about it.

No need for a conspiracy theory, my friends.

It’s a conspiracy fact.

Tonight, Faith Goldy brings us the latest developments on the M-103 story, and Brad Trost and I discuss the possible privatization of the CBC.

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commented 2017-02-25 12:47:01 -0500
In postwar history, annexation of a part of a sovereign country’s territory to aggressor state has no precedent. http://eurokrym.ho.ua/01ta/ CRIMEA POSSIBLE to still SALVAGE! TAURIdA – FREEd POLITICAL EURO ZONE ! EUROVISION IN #EUROCRIMEA ! TROOPS BEING WITHDRAWN, EURO INTRODUCED! Better a small earthquake, than great war. Or? http://eurokrym.ho.ua/06al/ Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has led to RF international isolation, including NATO’s suspension of all practical cooperation with Russia. “Crimea was TAKEN by Russia during the Obama Administration. Was Obama too soft on Russia?" Putin is Right, Not Only Russia No Has Borders. http://eurokrym.ho.ua/01ta/borders.html Annexing a neighboring country territory by force, overturned in a single stroke assumptions on which Cold War European order has rested. https://eurokrym.blogspot.ru/ Simp.ly/publish/PH4tyK EuroKrym@yahoo.com
commented 2017-02-21 08:06:01 -0500
@space Moose……hmmm…..freedom of speach or sharia blasphemy laws…..hmmm…decisions..decisions

Hmmmm….separation of mosque and state or paying the jhizza tax on bended knee like a good little dhimmi who knows his place…..hmmmm….decisions …decisions..

Hmmmm…getting a kick out of a gay commedian or having to duck and dodge him being thrown from a roof in compliance with sharia law….hmmm….decisions…decisions

Hmmmm….putting up with the rain on a rainy day…or being prohibited from walking in the rain lest the haram from my pork eating kuffar body contaminate the street….hmmm…decisions…decisions..

Hmmmm….speaking up about this bullshit or having self appointed political corrections commissars ram it down my throat…..hmmm….decisions…decisions

Hmmmm…CABELAS sales flyer in the mail….pump action or semi-auto…..hmmm….decisions…decisions…

Hmmmm….CBC liberal Manchurian candidate parachuted in to Tory leadership race or honest to god real genuine authentic human being ….along with forms and return envelope from the party….also in the mail…….hmmm….decisions …decisions…

Hmmmm….let bullsit asserted by troll on REBEL forum go or call the bullshit…..hmmmm….decisions …decisions
commented 2017-02-20 02:47:12 -0500
And just what is this free speech you are fighting for? Are you salivating at the thought of drawing Mohammed, or to badmouth Islam?

If you people hate Muslims so much, then why don’t you do something besides bitch on the rebel? Go grab your precious fire arms, and defend our borders from the fake refugees that are coming over.

The Salvation army is opening rooms for the refugees. And to make the refugees more at home, there will even be a Muslim prayer room in the sally ann.
commented 2017-02-19 20:27:55 -0500
I never thought, growing up in what I believe was the BEST country on the planet to grow up in … that the day would come that I would have to fight for basic rights and freedoms … in a country that actually once believed in and defended basic rights and freedoms!
commented 2017-02-19 16:35:45 -0500
Space Moose thank you for exhibiting such a shining example of left winged non logic.
I realise that when cognitive dissidence becomes that entrenched it is an actual brain disease, and should be medically treated, so I will refrain from attempting to disabuse you of your misconceptions. Assume your natural posture, where your head will be out of sight and enjoy the time you have left to live in a free and stable country. Staying out of the way would be good too, because things may start getting a little more complicated fairly soon.

Dave T. agreed. This is war.
When the roosters come home to roost people like Space Moose will be whimpering in corners, sucking their thumbs and calling out for mommy.
commented 2017-02-19 13:20:52 -0500
If you want to kill a snake, you cut off its head.

Want stop the left-wing temper tantrum that has been going on since the U.S. elections? Then you have to cut off the money paying for the busloads of goons rioting in our streets. Soros and his spawn need to be tried and stripped of their assets under U.S. RICO statutes and turned over to one of the many countries who want their heads (preferably Russia). Do the same to the CEO’s of his fake NGO’s as well, and things will start to get quiet, fast.

We are not just fighting for our freedom, we are in a battle for our very lives. Trump needs to act now and crush the Globalists, while he has the upper hand.

What Soros is doing would be considered an act of war if it was done by a nation-state.
commented 2017-02-19 12:23:37 -0500
Space Moose; Look out your front window. That’s as far as you will ever see. Ignorance is bliss.
commented 2017-02-19 07:03:37 -0500
heard on the radio that this Kalhid person from iran who is pushing this sharia law being enforced is getting scary emails and calls from people PISSED OFF! The cops are investigating the “threats”
commented 2017-02-19 04:20:22 -0500
If the mail man does not come to your front door, that does not mean I should be denied it. This is not a zero sum game. If you do not have something, then perhaps you should ask about getting it.

As for retirement age, Harper did not campaign on it. Too bad he snuck it in there, and it likely costed him the election. It turns out not everybody wants to work until 67. Many people have health problems at that age, and are unable to work.

Perhaps you need to pull your head out of your own backside and look around. Do you see Muslims outside your front window? There are plenty more things to be afraid of in this day and age. Just ask the families of the six Muslim men that were shot dead.

This is fear mongering.

Do not forget that it was a Muslim man in a french super market that saved the lives of all those people.
commented 2017-02-19 04:06:02 -0500
Got any kids Space Moose? Raising it to 67 was to attempt to insure that the generation next to retire just might have some of their money back from the government in their old age. I don’t want to pay for your door to door postal service. I don’t have it, in fact most people don’t.

You are one very naive space moose if you think Islam won’t be a threat. It is a threat now. Left uncountered it will morph into full blown …….
Space Moose, do you ever take your head out of your posterior? Do it, and have a good look around.
commented 2017-02-19 03:42:24 -0500
If you want to retire at 67 instead of 65, then go ahead and do it. If you don’t want mail delivered to your front door, then I suggest you get yourself a box at the local post office.

All of you need to stop with the fear mongering. We are not turning into some sort of an Islamic country. At worse, we will just end up paying for refugee re settlement and tolerate more politically correct drivel.

But look at the bright side. It is just a matter of time before some Muslims go and crash a slut walk. Sit back and enjoy the left fall apart from within.
commented 2017-02-19 02:29:41 -0500
So the libs getting behind m-103 claim to be receiving lots of disgusting hate mail. Even poor Notley now has more security than the pope. I totally disagree with that tactic for a couple of reasons. First I’m not going to suggest that as a person I’m any better than anybody else but I was just brought up to be respectful. Old school I guess. Second, it just plays straight into the libs narrative and stereotyping that conservatives are racist knuckle dragging white supremacist rednecks. Leave the name calling and vitriol to the lefties. We need to attack their ideas and opinions with truth and reason-something they are sorely lacking. Now they just have all the more reason to push their anti-free speech agenda because in their minds we are just proving their point. Having said all that, perhaps Jihad Joe Trudeau should take his own advice and start looking for the ‘root causes’ of why so many people are so upset. Would it possibly have anything to do with Implementing sharia law, conniving with Soros, praying in mosques, bring in thousands of Muslims but calling bringing in Christians and other minorities “disgusting”, doing nothing about real hate speech coming from imams in mosques, allowing illegal migrants legal status to jump the queu, accommodations in schools for Muslims but no other religions, ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, the list goes on and on. Everybody with eyes can see the hypocrisy of how the left wing media and liberals treat Muslims compared to Christians and Jews. Never mind all the havoc Muslims are creating in Europe and around the world. Never mind all the murderous violence being committed in the name of Allah, and never mind that many of them want to implement the intolerant doctrine of sharia in their adopted countries and subjugate the entire world. But apparently we’re the irrational ones. Damn right I fear Islam and I’ve never been more rational.
commented 2017-02-19 02:22:06 -0500
Space Moose the retirement age was raised as it cannot be afforded since Martin and Chretin stole so much, and my mail service is terrible. And we only need it 2 or 3 times a week. If that.
commented 2017-02-19 01:52:29 -0500
Hey iqra or whatever your stupid name is.. as a Canadian I would just like to say fack you buddy and suck my dogs pink lip stick! Your breed will never ever control our words and thoughts .. once again FU bitch!
commented 2017-02-19 01:48:37 -0500
Trudeau has done three things that I like.

1. He lowered the retirement age back to 65.
2. People are getting their mail delivered to their homes again.
3. Trudeau dumped some much needed money on Churchil, Manitoba.
commented 2017-02-19 00:52:42 -0500
non-lying Jay Kelly, thank you for not lying.
commented 2017-02-19 00:34:27 -0500
D Millard, thank you for your brief comments.
commented 2017-02-19 00:10:47 -0500
From the Parliament website, Iqra Khalid Member:
Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development
Subcommittee on Agenda and Procedure of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights
Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights

Maryam Monsef is the Minister of the Status of Women.

Oh the hypocrisy of it all.

Ron Voss, I agree completely with what you say about the cross on Mount Royal. It’s a matter of time. Thank you for the links as well.

Linda Querel, Islam is not a religion it’s an ideology (a cult.) Kind of like the Manson family on an international scale. Regarding the mosque shooting in Quebec City, I saw a tweet that had come out late that Sunday night or early Monday morning from someone who had a police scanner. Apparently it had been confirmed that the police had two men who were Syrian refugees and had been here a week. It gave their names (I just don’t recall them.) I watched the police news conference at 9 am Monday where they stated that they had 2 shooters in custody. They would not tell the names of the men in custody even after being asked repeatedly. The news conference ended about 9:30am. After the news conference, someone being interviewed on CBC was very upset that no information was provided in the 30 minute news conference. Within 15 minutes after the news conference, CBC gave the names as Mohamed Khadir and Alexandre Bissonnette. The police would not give the names to us, but CBC did. Where did the names come from?

There is a cctv camera outside the entrance to that mosque, and supposedly Alexandre called 9-11 to turn himself in. We have yet to see the cctv footage that shows Alexandre going into that mosque, and we have yet to hear the 9-11 call. We should all see that video footage and hear that call. One night a week or so ago I read a comment somewhere in an article where the commenter said that it was reported by CBC Radio that the man who called 9-11 to turn himself in was…Mohamed Belkhadir.

Apparently witnesses also said that one of the (2 or 3?) shooters had gone outside to reload his weapon and it was also stated by a witness or witnesses that a couple of the men praying in the mosque jumped on one of the shooters to try and stop him.

A day or two after all this, the Clown Broadcasting Corp. fake news CBC wrote an article telling us essentially that when there is breaking news like this we should not trust what we’re being told in real time. We have to wait until all the ‘facts’ are in. Never before have I ever seen an article like this from any MSM. None of this makes any sense. However your comment about what happened in Australia is interesting to say the least.
commented 2017-02-18 22:22:04 -0500
Because I still can I would like to tell Iqra Khalid and her murderous cult to go fuck herself.
commented 2017-02-18 22:21:36 -0500
MARK……The answer is sweet fuck all, except give away a bunch of our money and begin the process of giving away our country. You, I and many other Rebels know. It is just too painful to answer that sometimes.

BARB HOPKINS…..A few deep breaths dear, I’m with you as are others, but don’t give yourself a heart attach. We need more posts from you in the future. You hit the nail on the potato head though.
commented 2017-02-18 22:02:20 -0500
Again I ask what has Trudeau done for the average Canadian?I ask my fellow Rebels?I know the answer.do you?
commented 2017-02-18 21:42:07 -0500
I just can not call Islam a religion. A religion does not pass laws in Parliament, a religion does not trump the laws of a country, a religion does not push for their own law. To call Islam a religion is part of the deceiving. Everyday þhe Liberals are springboarding their agenda off the tragedy of the killings at the mosque in Quebec City. We never really heard the true story. Right away witnesses said 2 or 3 masked men, the police said another man from Morocco was involved, then two,the amount of weapons retrieved doesn’t fit a lone gunman. The gov got involved immediately and the story completely changed, no explanation, nothing further, the story was shut down. A week of blaming it on a white supremacist, a connection to Pres Trump, he liked something about him on fb. End of story. The official story makes no sense. Almost the same thing happened in Australia, the news report said ISIS had made a list of Mosques to be targeted and sent their own to do it.
commented 2017-02-18 21:09:54 -0500
Things are changing for George Sauron. He can no longer work in the shadows. His name is in the news everyday now, usually in a negative sense.

He is persona non grata in a growing number of countries. He resides in the United States and if he were to attempt the sort of thing he did in the Ukraine for instance…Trump would arrest hi as quick as spit and Trumps battalion of lawyers can outmatch George Sauron’s . The owners of the LUGENPRESS REAL FAKE NEWS MEDIA …are learning that you cannot buy the truth…no matter how much you may have paid for the illusion that you could.
commented 2017-02-18 20:42:09 -0500
Oh and Trudeau you rat bastard FUCK you and FUCK all muslims!!!
commented 2017-02-18 20:40:03 -0500
Trudeau you bloody useless selfie king muslim scum bastard puppet of George Soros come here so I can literally kick your fucking braindead ass!!! Trudeau you rat bastard WHY are you SELLING OUR Canada to the evil sonofabitch George Soros and the New World Order?!?!? You fucking TRAITOR!! You are as evil as Hillary!! You sold your soul to the DEVIL George Soros!! WE DO NOT want the fucking muslim scum in OUR Canada!! The sonsabitches demand, demand and demand to install their sharia law and gutless politicians and bleeding hearts allow that barbaric shit to happen!! You rat bastard Trudeau you are giving away OUR FREEDOMS that OUR VETERANS fought and died for!! They would be rolling over in their graves!! You Trudeau are a WHORE with your “Pay to Play” scheme just like the evil corrupt bitch Hillary!! If you think that a NAZI based so called “law” is going to stop ANY REAL PATRIOTIC Canadians from telling the truth about your evil barbaric muslim scum then you’d better give your stupid ignorant head a shake because you NAZI bastard it will NOT stop us!! WE ALL know what you’re up to!! The Kenyan muslim scum Obama tried it and the evil corrupt bitch Hillary would have finished it!! You are NOT going to give OUR Canada away to the fucking muslim scum like the braindead assholes in Lebanon, Afganistan and at least 8 other countries did!! You sonofabitch and your muslim scum in parliament if you rat bastard TRAITORS want a civil war then you’re going about it the right way!! Take George Soros, your barbarian muslim scum in parliament and the muslim scum who you imported (who are sexually assaulting young girls and bullying young boys in grade school) and shove the evil sonsabitches up your ass!! WE THE PATRIOTIC CANADIANS will NOT allow you to give OUR country to the fucking muslim scum!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!?! Trudeau you fucking traitor you should be HUNG for TREASON!!! You are the worst evil rat bastard traitor that God ever strung guts through!!! May you burn in eternal hell!!!
commented 2017-02-18 19:42:26 -0500
The link is posted by MARA LOWE on the “Khalid Islamophobia” topic. A must see!!!

Hello MONGREL…….I will try that meat shop if I get near Grimshaw….Thx
commented 2017-02-18 19:22:15 -0500
D MILLARD, I was born in Manitoba and lived in Montreal for nearly 30 years. Therefore, I am familiar with that cross on Mount Royal. I suspect someone will demand that it be taken down and, if not, will remove it by other means.
commented 2017-02-18 19:16:21 -0500
A few interesting broadcasts by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilley exposing George Soros for what he is:
In this one entitled “Buying Political Power”, O’Reilly shows how he does so by funneling his money to various left-wing ‘progressive’ groups:
If you want to know what Soros’ worldview is, just follow the money – to whom he funnels the money and their worldview.
Another O’Reilly program exposes Soros’ ties to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party:
Note that Soros has funded the investigation of individuals in the U.S., such as Pam Geller, who are opposed to radical Islam.
And Justin Trudeau has warmly invited George Soros and his Open Society Foundations to shape Canada and its immigration policy!!!
commented 2017-02-18 18:55:33 -0500
LIZA R….. I agree fully with your disdain about the political infestation Islam is starting to enjoy in our political system. In fact what is Monsef doing in Canada???(lucky bitch) Look what happened with Obumble in the US. Scattered throughout the system, now they are entrenched. Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, all sick.He did big damage.

On another of Rebels topics of the day I was cruising through the posts and came across a link to a video of a muslim teacher (I think), who slaps the living shit out of a Christian girl. I mean this is UNBELIEVABLE. I urge you guys to hunt the link down and view it. Just leave ample time to recover before supper….your appetite may require some time.

RON VOSS….Thanks for another Koranic reminder. I’m becoming well depressed for the evening. Red Snapper and special rice should bring me out of it. I’ll be calling you next week Ron, SO much to catch up on.

Well said D. MILLARD
commented 2017-02-18 18:17:40 -0500
I just watched the show. This same request is probably posted somewhere in the multitude of comments below, so apologies if I am repeating someone’s point.

Anyway, as someone voting in May for the CPC leadership, I would like The Rebel to post a list of those candidates Mr. Levant stated will not be interviewed by The Rebel. Such an attitude towards The Rebel makes these candidates Baby Doc lite, who refused Sun interviews and presumably has forbidden his peons in the Lying Party of Corruption (LPC) from interviews with The Rebel and watered-down Sun. Such a list will help narrow the 14 candidate field. For myself, Scheer has moved up because he had a second Rebel interview despite being criticized by Mr. Levant after his first interview. Bernier, had been the top pick of mine, but I don’t think he has appeared on Rebel.

Of course I know O’Leary and Chong won’t appear on Rebel, but they were already 13 and 14 on my list.

Such a list will be a great service. Call it the ‘Guide to CPC candidates afraid of conservative media’.