February 27, 2017

My exclusive interview with Dutch politician Geert Wilders!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The Netherlands has its Parliamentary elections in a couple of weeks, and the man who is leading the polls right now is Geert Wilders. 

He’s the leader of the Party for Freedom. His chief campaign focus is de-Islamification. Stopping mass immigration, especially the cultural, legal, criminal and social ramifications of bringing a million Muslims into a country of 17 million Dutch.

That’s twice the Islamification that Canada has, proportionately – we have just over a million Muslims in a population of 36 million.

I sat down with Geert Wilders in The Hague on Thursday morning. 

That very morning, news broke that one of Wilders' own security staff was caught secretly passing on information about Wilders’ movements to a Moroccan jihadist group.

Of course they want to kill him.

He’s the only one trying to close the door, while the rest of the politicians there are prying it further open, in return for power or votes or money…

Tonight, I'm bringing you selected highlights from my interview with Geert Wilders. You can see the whole thing at RebelEurope.com.

NEXT: Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein talks about the ongoing financial repercussions of the Ontario Liberals' botched energy program — will it cost them the next election?

THEN: Following the Manning Centre Networking Conference, broadcaster John Gormley and I discuss the state of the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race, and the future of the Right in Canada.

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commented 2017-03-06 22:16:32 -0500
Poor video feed….very hard to watch. Too bad, it sounded like it might be good.
commented 2017-03-02 08:22:10 -0500
Isn’t it somewhat ironic that the Dutch authorities continue to hound Wilders for expressing views that have required him to live 24/7 under intense security paid for by those same Dutch authorities, as was Aayan Hirsi Ali before him?
commented 2017-03-01 03:09:48 -0500
Even if Wilders does win, nobody wants to form a coalition with him. Got to love that proportional rep.
commented 2017-03-01 01:47:51 -0500
God I hope Wilders wins the election and is the new Dutch PM
commented 2017-02-28 16:23:39 -0500
The bleeding hearts liberals and our evil /stupid minded politicians are selling us down the river. I wish they would pick up a Koran, read a few different translations, do some research and learn what Islam’s intentions really are for us. Look at the history, look at what happened to generous, welcoming majority Christian Lebanon (only majority Christian country in the ME) in the 50’s and 60’s. They welcomed in too many Sunni and Shite immigrants and exiles, and by the 70’s not only had they been suffering under majority Muslim rule for several years already, but the Christian population was being brutally murdered and chased out of their own country. It didn’t take very long for it to happen. They may not murder us all anytime soon , but they will dominate us and become completely intolerant of non Muslims. That is not what I am willing to accept for my country.

As an aside, FYI, Christian Arabs in Lebanon were begging the U.S. to help them, they did not come. The only country who came to help save those Christians was Israel. You can find much literature out there by Muslims and apologists blaming Israel for the death and destruction in Lebanon, but they were the saviours of the Lebanese Christians.
I don’t want to see Canada become an Islamic country. We are playing with fire, and we will get burned. By the time Trudeau is done it will be situation critical.
This is no joke.
commented 2017-02-28 11:14:41 -0500
We need him to win
commented 2017-02-28 10:34:50 -0500
For the lame stream Media to try pushing to change CPC into a DEAD AND BURIED PC Party – they’ve got another thing coming!

OUR WAYS BENEFIT EVERY CANADIAN! We are anti Establishment, anti Elitist, anti Totalitarian, anti Gun Control, anti Crime and Leftist OLeary and the Media Party ( CBC / CTV / GLOBAL ) need to go away! 🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️🔥❤️

commented 2017-02-28 10:09:18 -0500
The Ontario liberals & Kat Wynne particularly, should be up on criminal charges with respect to their handling of the Ontario energy file.
commented 2017-02-28 08:55:55 -0500
Oh Space Moose!, I agree w/ you on many other issues, but this is NOT one of them. Brilliant interview Ezra! WIlders is so right you sure have GUTS. Perhaps a political career is in your future Ezra. Canada could sure use someone like Ezra to shake up our political climate.
commented 2017-02-28 08:04:48 -0500
DEATH TO AMERICA!!! DEATH TO AMERICA!!! the crowd chants in Tehran.
Overhead a Boeing 747 descends into the airport. Filled with Muslims , the cargo hold full of food , produce , car parts , light bulbs to illuminate their homes… you name it.
As for the Netherlands , the Dutch can all come over here and we will see if Allah can hold back the seas when there are no infidels to run the place.
commented 2017-02-28 08:03:04 -0500
Wilders speaks of a “patriotic spring” emerging in the West, but Canada still seems to be in the grips of a deep freeze.
Liza, oh, that there would be a politician in Canada who like Geert Wilders was bold enough to speak the truth about the ‘religion’ of Islam.
commented 2017-02-28 07:11:14 -0500
It is to laugh, Lorrie Goldstein, talks about how the Liberals failed to admit they were wrong on their green energy policy. Well it’s time Lorrie admitted he was wrong about the man made global warming scam. Face it Lorrie, the evidence is in. The U.N., the University of East Anglia, NASA and the NOAA all manipulated the data. C’mon fess up, you’ve been had.
commented 2017-02-28 06:22:50 -0500
ive noticed that Ontario police sure do go after the person voicing opposition to sharia, they get arrested or removed and the muslim mob get away free. Police will soon be sharia police. Trumps Nation looking so attractive to anyone wanting law & order.
commented 2017-02-28 02:15:15 -0500
After watching the full interview, I can only conclude that Wilders is a god damn clown and a disgrace to people that are against the mass migration. I can’t believe Ezra blew $7000 on this guy. For that amount of money, Ezra could be stationed at Emerson, Manitoba for way longer to keep track of the illegal crossings.

Or for that matter, Ezra would have been better off going to Hungary, to show us how Hungary got it right not allowing the migrants in.

And the worst part of it all? That one video did not even get that many hits. Tommy Robinson doing an Ezra Gypsy style rant on Sweden got more hits. Ezra, it is time to rethink how you spend your resources.
commented 2017-02-28 01:14:05 -0500
…and as far as I am concerned Muslims are welcome to their ideology. But that shouldn’t mean we have any obligation to accommodate it in our society.
commented 2017-02-28 01:04:40 -0500
For Geert Wilders to say out loud that Islam is not a religion and should not be treated as such, is very encouraging, and music to my ears. He describes it is a totalitarian ideology, which not unlike fascism or communism demands total control. To compare Islam to religion is a false equality. The reason THAT truth is so dangerous to Islam, is because the logic of it threatens to disqualify Islam from the protections it has enjoyed under our constitutional freedoms of religion. If that happens they are rendered impotent in our country. An ideology does not have the right to be designated a religion. Ottawa is so invested in Islam at this point in time that the chances of declassifying Islam and calling it what it really is, would be a hard battle to win, with many casualties. The horse is out of the gate now. I don’t feel that as a country we ever had the obligation to recognise Islam as a religion. I don’t consider what I have posted here to be hate speech. It is a conclusion based on logic.
commented 2017-02-27 23:29:31 -0500
It is reassuring to know that there are people like Donald Trump, Geert Wilders and Marine LePen in the West who will stand up for democracy and freedom. I hope the EU’s days are numbered.

In Canada, I think two prime ministers with the last name “Trudeau” has been more than enough and I hope no one with that last name ever runs for public office again.
commented 2017-02-27 23:18:38 -0500
In a year or so this interview could very well be considered hate speech.

I fear for the western culture.

The rulers of today are planning to kill it.
commented 2017-02-27 22:56:02 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,896 Attacks, 210,877 Killed, 294,905 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-27 22:33:00 -0500
Oh Jay,
you funny little troll.
I have nothing of interest to say, so I will comment on the hair and see how
many Rebel commentators go on a Jay rant.
Glad to see you’ve been disappointed.
commented 2017-02-27 22:26:44 -0500
Peter, you’re asking a Shiny Pony voter why he’s fixated on hair? :D
commented 2017-02-27 22:26:08 -0500
Geert is absolutely right, we are fighting for our very survival.
commented 2017-02-27 22:12:33 -0500
Great interview Ezra. I can only hope that people like Wilders and Le Pen win and change the direction of their countries. They both have common sense, are not afraid to speak the truth and realize what’s at stake. Canada desperately needs someone with these values so we can vote Trudeau out before it’s to late. People just need to look at history, Islam doesn’t assimilate, it takes over countries.
commented 2017-02-27 22:03:50 -0500
- I’m hoping that France & the Netherlands deliver the final death blow to the EU. The arrogant elites have been their own worst enemies of late. This has given freedom fighters their chance to start turning things around.

- The Liberal green energy scam was a disaster for everyone, including the Liberals. The biggest advantage they have is PC leader Patrick Brown – the non-opposition opposition leader.

- I like Kellie Leitch for CPC leader. There are others who I would not be disappointed in seeing win. A Michael Chong or Kevin O’Leary win now will guarantee a Liberal win in the next election. They won’t energize the Conservative base that the elitists are so afraid of.
commented 2017-02-27 21:51:14 -0500
A timely informative interview Ezra, thank you! If we cannot identify the problem, we can’t ‘know’ the problem. An ideology is very different than a religion. Naivety is not an option. We must know facts to help understand the true issue at hand. Keep up the good work you are doing to inform everyone by getting facts.
commented 2017-02-27 21:41:07 -0500
@ Lee

Yes, Jay’s comments are much like the disjointed random thoughts of Syd Barrett. I could not watch the whole video clip. Spooky that someone could be so spaced out and still function.
commented 2017-02-27 21:33:34 -0500
Jay Kelly said, “His hair looks great but he is still in a lot of trouble. Does Ezra Levant want to leave it at an interview with Geert Wilders?”

What!?!? What a vacuous statement!

Out of all the Geert Wilders said, all you got out of it was how his hair looks?
commented 2017-02-27 21:30:34 -0500
Every time I make the careless mistake of reading one of Jay Kelly’s “comments,” I am left with the same feeling I had after I watched this video clip:
We only have one brain, people. Don’t barbeque it.
commented 2017-02-27 21:29:03 -0500
Wilders as a Euro-socialist knows you can have the welfare state or you can have open boarders but you can’t have both.

Wilders knows that unvetted immigration and rising crime and social unrest are symptoms – these are symptoms of the political class’s advancing “globalism”. In essence “globalism” is a scheme concocted by the uber-rich to destroy the working and middle classes through worldwide financial imperialism.

. Globalism replaces self-sustaining first world workers with 3rd world unskilled marginally employed welfare/subsidy clients and calls labor unionists, employment analysists or opposition politicians “racists” if they dare make a peep about it.

While it may be an economic windfall for transnational financiers who have bought influence with globalist governments, and unskilled manual laborers from the 3rd world, for skilled workers throughout the developed west, globalism has been a gallows to hang middle class wages and the depletion of the social welfare safety net. For the Western working class, globalism has meant retreat, defeat, relocation or dissolution. Somewhere Soros smiles knowing he finally killed the unions and middle class economic power, it just took a hook-up with transnational kleptocrats and the untapped wealth of unskilled 3rd world labor to do it, Rockefeller is probably spinning in his grave wishing he’d thought of this sooner.
commented 2017-02-27 21:28:15 -0500

Actually Ezra is greying so his hair does not look as good as it once did. Also, he has real hair and not a toupee, so how could he have left his hair with Wilders? Ezra obviously did not shave his head. Your comment makes no sense, as normal.