January 05, 2017

Guess which Liberal MP wants to ban “fake news”…

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals want to study the scourge of “fake news,” and see how they can ban it.

One of the Liberal MPs excited about this venture is Seamus O’Regan, the former journalist from CTV’s Canada AM. Now he wants to regulate other journalists, to make sure they don’t say anything fake. (That is: anything that might look bad on him and his boss, Justin Trudeau...)

And Hedy Fry, the Liberal MP from Vancouver, is also leading this charge against fake news.

Yes, this is the same Hedy Fry who once stood up in the House of Commons, and said:

"We could just go to Prince George, British Columbia, where crosses are being burned on lawns as we speak.”

Of course, there has never been a police report of a cross burning — a KKK activity — in Prince George’s history. She just made it up.

I don’t want to ban what Hedy Fry has to say. I think everyone should know what an idiot she is.

I don’t even want to ban the CBC, and their fake news stories about Trudeau’s socks.

I just don’t want to have to pay for that kind of fake news through my taxes...

NEXT: Obama supporter Alan Dershowitz recently expressed shock and disappointment over the outgoing president's recent treatment of Israel.

Tonight, the Rebel's own Barbara Kay comes on to say that, given "Obama’s education, mentors and ideology," no one has any right to be surprised.

THEN: Notley's NDP has actually called for the opposition Wildrose Party to fire one of their MLA's because he is a climate change skeptic. Today, the target of this witch hunt, Don MacIntyre, comes on to talk about this push to punish him for daring to criticise the carbon tax.


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commented 2017-01-06 19:35:00 -0500
Pretty brazen of the Liebranos to be pushing censorship, which is really what this is, so early into their term! I suspect it is inspired by “Trumpophobia” which has prompted them to tap into their latent dictatorial lust for power in an attempt, (probably of desperation) to maintain power! A prediction: The mentally obtuse who voted for the prick (Trudope) along with the resident trolls will applaud this attack on free speech. Meanwhile, opposition in other Canadians will grow. Trudope, fearing being tossed from Ottawa will send as much of the military as possible out of the country on some bogus “peacekeeping mission”. Then Canadian Police Forces under direction of the RCMP will be ordered to arrest and fire upon Canadians opposing this attack on freedom! Civil war will follow. It will not be pretty!
commented 2017-01-06 18:00:53 -0500
Why do journalists always think free speech is just for them?
commented 2017-01-06 17:19:56 -0500
I imagine that the mainstream media would want a blanket exemption for themselves. Otherwise things like not focusing on Bush Sr.‘s ambassador giving the go ahead to Saddam to invade Kuwait or that the Kuwaiti “witness,” before a congressional committee, of Iraqi troops taking babies out of incubators was the ambassador’s daughter (and at 15 certainly went to school with the children of Washington’s elite) and not in Kuwait at the time might get them in trouble. Also things like reporting of attacks by the KLA in Kosovo against the Serbs and their own citizens for a couple of years then, all of a sudden, reporting that Clinton was invading Serbia to stop a genocide might raise eyebrows. Would the media and liberals consider burying an article (1" X1") in the back pages of the Star saying that the UN commissioner investigating that same genocide quit in disgust, calling it a “put up job” count as fake news? How about reporting a massacre of boys and men in Tusla that never happened? Only things that the establishment does not want us to hear will count as fake news.
commented 2017-01-06 14:45:13 -0500
The Rebel is already called fake news by the left, its not a matter of when. They are already trying to put into place mechanisms to shut us down (who else in Canada reports what is really going on).

This move to regulate journalists and stop fake news is because we have become a threat to them, just as other truth sayers on the internet are becoming. The influence of alternative media is recognised and feared by the totalitarians. It makes it too hard for them to control the narrative.

My question is, how is little Shamus and Hedy in Ottawa going to be able to do spit about it? Unless they censor the entire internet, how is it accomplished? I know private companies are censoring, but it will be a while before there is a body which will approve or deny IP addresses, no?
commented 2017-01-06 12:46:10 -0500
It’s obvious Ezra there is no limits to the crass effrontery of so-called progressives …
Ezra thank you for your principled conservative view and saving the sanity of “right-thinking” people.
commented 2017-01-06 11:55:28 -0500
Don McIntyre has 1000 x the resume of justin and the ndp wants to remove him. Makes sense. I wish more Albertans knew what the opposition consisted of. Calgary swung the vote to ndp, like Rachel’s riding, like BC, too many seniors expecting social programs. Sorry about the CBC, I know I gave them too much money but I don’t engage them.
commented 2017-01-06 11:24:58 -0500
So who gets the job of calling out fake news from the left?
commented 2017-01-06 11:14:42 -0500
I call CBC, CTV, Global news, Huffington post ETC the Gobel News Network. Gobel was the minister of propaganda for the nazis. The granola crowd: Once you get rid of the fruits and the nuts what you have LEFT are the flakes.
commented 2017-01-06 08:37:46 -0500
@anonymous…as recently as September I would not have listened to Alex Jones for five minutes and the word “globalist” was not part of my vocabulary. I now consider INFOWARS to be the second dose of red pill in my life.

Yes Alex Jones has a tent show evangelist style and yes he finances his show with President’s Choice branded snake oil…..but he speaks the truth. My news sources (other than the carefully vetted ones in my e-mail that have been garnered and trusted over decades) are now the DRUDGE REPORT, BRIETBART, INFOWARS, and theREBEL. ALL OF THE OTHERS LIE LIE LIE LIE LIE….or just neglect to tell you the truth.

Heddy-up-her-assy Fry has been trying to drive a spike through people’s tongues for a long time. The very fact that she did not get a cabinet appointment tells me that even the liberals don’t take her seriuosly any more.
commented 2017-01-06 08:05:26 -0500
Any bets on how long it will take the CBC to insinuate that The Rebel is “fake news”?
commented 2017-01-06 04:29:54 -0500
Dear “Anonymous”… You are obviously having troubles expressing yourself in the English language.. As in :-“Say who?”… State your “subject’s name” together with your implied “innuendo” eh?… Otherwise you are just taking up Rebel dialogue space… And yet again, why not use your real name?…
commented 2017-01-06 04:04:47 -0500
The only place where you see any actual amount of right wing fake news is on that loud mouthed radio host who talks incessantly about the new world order.
commented 2017-01-06 02:54:22 -0500
Hedy Fry???… Isn’t she the one that vacations at Nancy Pelosi’s vineyards in California so the girls can share one another’s pakalolo induced fantasies?… And, I hear Harry Reid has also now been invited… Meanwhile, in Prince George, the cross burners are undoubtedly stocking up on firewood?…
commented 2017-01-06 02:08:15 -0500
Jay Kelly any examples of the so called FAKE NEWS the right was using in the US? I can give you many examples of the left using it.
commented 2017-01-06 02:07:11 -0500
How about they quit being fake themselves for a change.
commented 2017-01-06 02:04:54 -0500
James Reid they are scared shitless to debate him on video, he invites but the left wing twits would never dare come face REAL QUESTIONS. With a few exceptions when he was on Sun News , ol Anjem Chowderhead at least had the guts to debate him.
commented 2017-01-06 02:02:07 -0500
At this rate, it is only a matter of time before the Liberal government attempts to ban the rebel as they will consider it fake news. Shall we pre emptively prepare for a save the rebel campaign?
commented 2017-01-06 01:59:50 -0500
Sorry but we do not need STATE APPROVED news here. That is Fascism. And of course if the libs were not in power they would suddenly attack any laws they made concerning this all of a sudden.
commented 2017-01-06 01:58:41 -0500
Jay Kelly the FAKE NEWS came from the left in the US , try and keep up.
commented 2017-01-06 00:37:53 -0500
Of course it would serve Comrade Trudeau’s purposes to make bad press go away.
commented 2017-01-06 00:30:58 -0500
I take it that the term “fake news”, and the issue, came up during the last election in the United States. Anxious to win votes certain right-wingers, distancing themselves from the campaign for Donald Trump, made up preposterous stories as a way of luring naïve voters toward the Republicans.

This “fake news” can also have traction among Canadian conservatives. It will take some courage for Canadians to call it for what it is.
commented 2017-01-05 23:44:13 -0500
Wildrose MLA Don MacIntyre seems to be waffling with respect to his position on man-made climate change:
MacIntyre is reported as saying: ”My statement was that climate change is real. Man is having an impact. We need to do something about it. The issue that everyone seems to want to focus on is that I’m saying the science isn’t settled. The science is settled. Is the scientific community on the degree of man’s contribution harmonious? Are they all together on that? I haven’t seen it. I haven’t seen that anywhere". Speaking to the Edmonton Journal’s Graham Thompson earlier in the week, MacIntyre is reported to have said, “The science isn’t settled”. Now he is saying, “The science is settled”, but that the scientific community is not harmonious on issue. Huh? Is it settled or not Don?He also said, “I’m not at odds with Brian (Jean) on this issue”. Really? These are Brian Jean’s own words on the issue of climate change during the 2015 election debate:
“We need to take climate change seriously. It’s a very serious issue and man-made climate change is real. We must tackle it head on in a way that makes sense for our economy, our specific economy. We will introduce the plan which is simple and clear. We will reduce emissions with the natural gas strategy and move away from Alberta’s reliance on coal.” Earlier in March 2008 as a M.P., Brian Jean said the following, “Climate change is, indeed, one of the biggest threats to our environment, to our people and to the future of our earth. This reality is clearer today than it has ever been.”
Will the real Wildrose please stand up?
commented 2017-01-05 22:39:41 -0500
Ezra, just be you, I like your interviewing style just fine.
To those who think otherwise, why not email privately instead of calling someone out in public.
commented 2017-01-05 22:34:28 -0500
exactly Peter.
commented 2017-01-05 22:33:26 -0500
Regarding the fake news, I think it will fade out pretty quick. The whole thing is so absurd. Canadians have to laugh that one out of existence at every turn, on every level, starting now. Won’t it be fun to make fun of Shamus and Heddy as they bungle this up. Just try to tape Canadian’s mouths and see what happens.
A country isn’t like a private business like Facebook. Trudeau will never get away with this.
commented 2017-01-05 22:33:09 -0500
Liza said, " I’m putting it out of my mind and pretending I have never thought it or heard it spoken,"

Heard what?
commented 2017-01-05 22:28:10 -0500
I had an absolute chill down my spine when Barbara Kay mentioned Michelle. I’ve thought the same, but didn’t want to think it let alone voice it. What a terrifying thought. I’m afraid that her real goal may be that which Hillary failed at. See, I just can’t say it. You thought Barack was bad, if that were to come to pass the world would really be in trouble. Lets not even put that thought out to the universe. I’m putting it out of my mind and pretending I have never thought it or heard it spoken,
commented 2017-01-05 21:44:35 -0500
The ministry of truth rises from the corrupt bowels of the single party state – single party, single narrative, no dissent allowed – Orwell was so prophetic.

I’ve always maintained Liberals have a fascist reflex, well here it is again.
commented 2017-01-05 21:34:08 -0500
Looking forward to BARBRA KAYS work

Yeah — maybe MARISSA
Maybe somebody to cover Saskatchewan and Manitoba down the line.
Out side of her riding here in bc , Hedy fry is a joke