July 01, 2016

Why Canada is the best place in the world, and how to keep it that way

Rebel Staff

We complain about politics on this show. We complain about economics, about foreign affairs. But that’s because we have something very good here in Canada, and we want to keep it.

There is a reason that people come here from Pakistan and China and Syria, and no-one goes from here to Pakistan and China and Syria.

It’s not because of our weather, and it’s not because we’re a huge country —90% of our population lives within a hundred miles of the U.S.

People come here because of our rule of law, peace order and good government; ordered liberty; democracy in the British tradition; freedom of speech, religion, association. Equality of men and women. Meritocracy. Non-violent solutions to problems.

It bothers me that the new government is trying to redefine everything about Canada.

In the past, Liberals simply had an entitlement mentality and a fill their pockets mentality. Now they have a messianic motive to replace the state and its history with their own identity and ideology.

Canada is a great country.

It doesn’t need to be reformed, undone, repudiated, silenced.

TheRebel.media’s Resident Historian, John Robson, joins me tonight to talk about what’s wrong with Justin Trudeau’s vision of Canada, which he calls “incoherent” and “scatterbrained.”

Donald Trump is vowing to undo globalization, but is that even possible? I’m joined by Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire, to talk about Trump’s promises.

Shapiro calls Trump’s latest speech “garbage” and the candidate’s economic policies — such as protectionism — discredited.

I’m a “Trumpaloompa” but it’s always valuable to hear the other side from Ben!

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