July 22, 2016

“Greenpeace actually hates Aboriginal people” — PLUS guest Tommy Robinson

Rebel Staff

Greenpeace is sending a ship to a tiny hamlet on Canada’s Baffin Island, called Clyde River. About 900 Inuit live up there. According to Environment Canada, the average temperature there is above one degree Celsius only two months a year, in July and August, and even then, the average temperature reaches just five degrees. So, it’s like living in a freezer, with two months of summer a year when it's like living in a fridge.

It’s dependent on fossil fuels — big trucks, quads, ski-doos, airplanes. That town would be gone without diesel.

But that’s Greenpeace’s plan:

They’re bringing solar panels to Clyde River.

How do you think solar panels are going to work in a village that is north of the Arctic circle?

Meanwhile, that massive Greenpeace ship burns heavy oil, about the most carbon-intensive fossil fuel besides coal. Then there’s the helicopter and the speedboats. All of which run on fossil fuels.

The main purpose of Greenpeace is to hijack Inuit people, to turn them into unwilling extras in a propaganda movie.

Greenpeace actually hates Aboriginal people.

WATCH me explain...

NEXT: I have a long conversation with Tommy Robinson, founder of Pegida UK.

He talks about the threat of radical Islam to Europe and the rest of the world, with a special focus on France. Tommy also explains that his opinions about whether or not Islam can reform have changed over the years.

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