July 26, 2017

Who’s really colluding with Putin? The environmentalists who killed BC’s LNG project

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Yesterday, the largest investment in Canadian history was cancelled.

$36 billion: Not Canadian taxpayers money, either, like Trudeau’s giveaways to Bombardier.

No, a company wanted to build natural gas wells, pipelines to the west coast, the facilities to put the gas on special ships and ship it to Japan, China, Korea and India.

There’s no such thing as a natural gas “spill.” It’s the cleanest-burning fossil fuel.

But the LNG project was killed after seven years of delays.

This was a huge win for the dictatorships that dominate “conflict gas,” like Russia, Qatar and Iran.

And now you can imagine why foreign funded anti-fossil fuel extremists have so much money.

Take it from the former head of NATO, who revealed that Russia infiltrates environmental groups to stop fracking in Europe, so Gazprom can continue to have a near-monopoly in that market.

It’s all dead. Fracking is now banned in all four Atlantic provinces, the highest unemployment region in the country.

Russia, Qatar, Iran — and Australia and America — they’ll own the energy century. 

Not Canada.

TONIGHT'S GUESTS: Filmmaker Phelim McAleer (FrackNation) joins me to talk about the canceled LNG project. Then broadcaster Dave Rutherford and I talk about Alberta's new United Conservatives Party.

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commented 2017-07-28 06:11:25 -0400
commented 2017-07-27 14:49:48 -0400
Let’s get Kevin on your show Ezra to tell his side of the story a.s.a.p. Get the details by all means but if it passes the sniff test we have a duty to support him. How can we support Tommy in the UK and not support Kevin who puts his neck out for Canada? I think I understand the reluctance but the left will not hate us anymore than they already do for standing behind someone like Kevin. He is a bit rough as you put it, but he is a patriot and he is highlighting many things the left are trying to keep quiet, such as the hate preached by Canadian Imams in Canadian Mosques.

If not for Kevin I would not know much about the problems with Islam in Peel Region. Sharia law implementation there is a very important story and a sign of what is to come for the rest of Canada. The local politicians there and the police are harassing him. It is no different from the treatment Tommy was/is getting in the UK. Kevin was also recently beat up by a bunch of Muslim thugs, and refused service in a store by a Muslim employee. Now he is arrested ? This is nonsense. This is Canada. We cannot allow ourselves to be pushed around by those we have invited into our country. Islam is behind this and they are controlling the local government and police force in Peel to get rid of Kevin and make an example of him.
commented 2017-07-27 12:19:10 -0400
- If you want to get an idea of who owns environmental groups just look at who they consistently give a pass to. You’ll never hear them condemn Russia, China or OPEC. Indonesia is clearcutting its’ rainforest to make biofuel for the EU – so environmentalist groups are rather selective in placing their never ending outrage. So now the federal & most provincial governments are bought & paid for by the same folks. Canadians will pay the price for this – as usual.

- Country of origin labeling would be a great idea. Any government that wants to start changing this disgrace of an energy policy around should make it job one. Looking forward to seeing the Gosnell movie – the book was great.

- The people want the NDP gone. I pity anyone who tries to get in the way of making this happen. The NDP calling anyone else an extremist will be funny to say the least.
commented 2017-07-27 11:34:03 -0400
Mean to say “deep-sixing”… Must get better reading glasses, eh?…
commented 2017-07-27 11:32:50 -0400
Got that right Robert McClelland…. The night of Petronas dee-sixing this massive project, CHEK News TV in Victoria buried the story into mid-broadcast and gave it about one minute of coverage… At one time B.C. had about 10 LNG terminal projects being examined; now there are none… The years and years of lost revenue and jobs are being studiously ignored while provincial and federal lefties keep whistling past the graveyard of our economy… Economic suicide evidently at work…
commented 2017-07-27 09:58:23 -0400
Trudeau is going to tax the hell out of those who are still employed. After all someone has to pay for the Islamic welfare recipients he’s importing. I look forward to when all of these traitors have to answer to God, the true God of Israel, on Judgement day. Bring the popcorn, because it will be worth the show to watch these snakes squirm.
commented 2017-07-27 09:41:06 -0400
Robert McClelland,

The Butts’ alternate economy is not a fantasy for him. He is profiteering from Russia, Iran, China, US ‘environmentalists’, Saudi Arabia, and the like. Not to mention, from squeezing the Canadian tax payer. In short, he is doing very well by his alternative economy of profiteering.
commented 2017-07-27 07:52:33 -0400
Trudeau, Notley, Wynne and Horgan have chosen to destroy the only source of income that can pay for their transfer payments, massive social programs and armies of public employees. The “alternate” economy of Gerald Butts is a fantasy. Foreign entities have been “hacking” our elections for years and our media cheers them on.
commented 2017-07-27 06:02:19 -0400
And who do you think got Trudeau elected? While everyone stares at Trump, it was money from environmentalists funded by Soros and Russia that provided liberals the money to win the last election. They printed the fake Canadian news.
commented 2017-07-27 01:17:59 -0400
Why do the useful idiots voters think this will all end well for them? It might not affect people like Justin or Notley as they have wealth , but the citizens who voted for this crap will suffer and they seem oblivious to it.
commented 2017-07-27 01:15:53 -0400
David Ross you got that right, but of course the left wing idiots think whatever they make up in their small minds is the only truth they accept. The left is Putins bitch and he used them quite effectively, it is easy to manipulate imbeciles.
commented 2017-07-27 01:01:08 -0400
The only real evidence of any collusion with a foreign government is on the part of Hillary Clinton . There is shit loads of it. Pay to play with 20% of US uranium deposits going to Putin in exchange for millions going in to the Clinton Crime Foundation, perverted Russian speaking fees for Bill Clinton, Saudi Arabia donating thousands ( or was it millions) to the Clinton Campaign( illegal) , outright collusion with Ukraine to help Hillary win.( this was posted in Politico but the MSM , congress,the senate and the Justice Department chose to ignore it.) Watch, if the FBI start looking into Clinton, this stuff will start unravelling. and the real Russian collusion culprits will be revealed. But Sessions( who I am not convinced isn’t a Deep State shill, must do his job first).
commented 2017-07-27 00:41:09 -0400
if communist Lieberals & NDPiggers think they are going to shut us Canadians down – I guess they need to learn about what revolution entales! Hooligan, Nutley, TruDope had better start looking for new places to live – I VOW I will never tolerate what is happening in Venuezala- or in that world controlling Saudis Arabia- the war has started & dickwad politicians had better start looking for hiding –
REMEMBER – tyrants have a very short life span.
commented 2017-07-26 23:58:57 -0400
They all talk about being a grassroots driven party. To what degree or at all will the grassroots determine the policies of the UCP? Seems very little. First will be the leadership race and the policy convention thereafter, the cart before the horse. In today’s paper the UCP interim leader WRP MLA Nathan Cooper expressed his personal views that, “UCP will be ‘open, inclusive,’ says interim leader whose views on LGBTQ community have recently evolved”. Laying out the policy of the new party by top down announcements? As interim leader, why doesn’t he keep his mouth shut? I don’t care about his views and certainly don’t subscribe to him defining the policies of this new party.
commented 2017-07-26 23:18:45 -0400
Although no sane person would not take Harper’s Leadership over Trudeau’s, I still believe the Conservatives sat on their majority for two years congratulating themselves instead of forcing the start of massive projects like BC’s LNG, and some large pipeline projects. Want proof? Look at the N. Dakota Pipeline project that Obama couldn’t get through because the Indians blocked it. After 6 days of Trump in office, they started working .
commented 2017-07-26 22:48:32 -0400
For politicians at any level, to wreak this harm on our economy for some fake cause, not to mention strengthen our enemies, putting us and others at risk, is not just egregious, it’s a Breach of Trust.
commented 2017-07-26 22:45:47 -0400
Funding Kevin’s defence is fine, but the tact that will have more impact on his case and benefits to Canada long term, is a petition demanding charges against know Imams preaching true hatred and the killing of Jews! Supporting that effort, would be Rebel reporters asking AG’s, police, prosecutors etc, why they’re doing nothing.

I appreciate and support TheRebel for all it’s great work, but I’m pushing for more nonetheless. Cheers!
commented 2017-07-26 22:42:03 -0400
What are the ‘progressives’ (cultural Marxists) thinking? All intended to undermine and destroy western capitalist civilization. GLENN CRAIG commented, “You know what?….the loss of this project is a sad day for Canada. But in all fairness I cannot blame Putin. He is just looking out for his own flock.” Good point! The problem is that the ‘progressives’ in government are not looking out for the best interests of their own flock, embrace and allow such intervention aligned with its objective to usher in its totalitarian utopia.
commented 2017-07-26 22:19:44 -0400
This is a day that will live in infamy for Canadians – the day our treasonous leadership conspired with foreign interests to steal billions of wealth that would free our children from debt slavery. just too disturbing to fathom but it is true – our government colludes against our best interests. You know what to do if you want your grand children to have any quality of live free from debt austerity.
commented 2017-07-26 22:18:38 -0400
Regarding M-103, Jordan Peterson asks “What can I say about Mohammed?
commented 2017-07-26 22:15:20 -0400
Kenney, Jean and any other candidates for leadership don’t have to convince the voters that they are moving to the “extreme” right, they have to convince Alberta voters they’re not moving to the left. But do they have the cajones to stand up to the MSM and attack the Trudeau/SJW/PC dogma?
commented 2017-07-26 21:33:46 -0400
You know what?….the loss of this project is a sad day for Canada. But in all fairness I cannot blame Putin. He is just looking out for his own flock.

Wish we had someone with HIS motivation and sense of priority…instead of the pain in the ass nice guy we’ve got.
commented 2017-07-26 20:48:17 -0400
No problem that Petronus bailed as far as Horgan, Weaver, Notley and Baby Doc are concerned. They received their dividends as profiteers in the green movement.
commented 2017-07-26 20:43:00 -0400
did anyone really think oil and gas and minerals will get developed under the Liberals and NDP ? Both know the natives will shut down all attempts to get these to market. As soon as Mr. Harper lost that was the end of oil and gas and mining.Mother earth is more important.
commented 2017-07-26 20:42:48 -0400
We’ve known that Russia and OPEC have been financing the eco terrorist outfits for hire for long time. Harper knew it and did nothing about it when he threw us under the bus.