July 06, 2016

Six months ago, Justin Trudeau rushed in the first “Syrian refugees” — Let's see how they’re doing...

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Six months after Justin Trudeau airlifted the first “Syrian refugees” to Canada, they’re clogging Canada’s food banks and welfare lines — and bringing sexual harassment, bullying and anti-Semitism into our otherwise tolerant schools.

It’s impossible to rush through so many people while doing proper security checks, let alone health checks, as the law requires. So we didn’t do them. 

(The “Syrian” migrant who marched with Justin Trudeau in Toronto’s gay Pride parade, who actually came from Egypt, also has HIV.)

As a senior civil servant has testified before Parliament, we’re not really taking Syrian refugees anyway. They’re from places like Jordan and Lebanon, and some of them now want to go back home. 

If Jews had fled Nazi Germany in 1940, and made it to Canada, and the food wasn’t great and the hotel was small — do you think they’d be musing about going back to Berlin?

So why are we still briging "Syrian refugees" here, to the tune of 50,000 every year, according to Justin’s plan?

I think I know…

NEXT: I’m joined by Liberal Toronto City Councillor Justin Diciano. He and Nick Kouvalis of Campaign Research Inc. just launched a grassroots campaign called Keeping Voting Simple, to push back against the Liberals’ election reforms.

THEN Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter and I discuss Justin Trudeau’s decision to double down on his opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline.

FINALLY: Your messages to me — and a BIG announcement about the Rebel's Lauren Southern.

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commented 2016-07-09 17:25:26 -0400
Kick them out these people deserve a one way ticket back home but after spending 30 years on a one way trip to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where they will be sodomized and forced to watch episodes of Glee the best torture for terrorist, freeloading, invaders.
commented 2016-07-08 13:14:44 -0400
I imagine the best we can hope for are Sharia muslims on welfare. I imagine most will not get jobs, but sit on welfare promoting Sharia law. But this report from Ezra makes me fear an eventual epidemic of rapes and violence. I once thought it was 20 years away, now I think it is more like 10 I think my kids will need fire arm licenses. Already it appears the media is a co-conspirator here, silent on reports of violence.
commented 2016-07-08 00:33:06 -0400
There saying Islamophobia which is a lie, so we don’t say Islamofascist which is not a lie.
commented 2016-07-07 18:36:09 -0400
Not true Jay. The displaced are Christians and Shia muslims. Sunnis are supporting, aiding and abetting the crimes of ISIS. They are faux refugees.
commented 2016-07-07 17:18:06 -0400
Jay Kelly

“….At the same time, we need you to agree. Are you a woman of some compassion? If not you are not with us… Are you with us? Perhaps you are just a fraud who has not feeling for others… We can overcome nastiness with compassion. We can overturn hatred with affection….”

Just let it out. Admit it. You are an idiot. Your hormones and your “Aww, cute!” reflexes override your brain and your logic and they control you, due to a lack of wisdom that comes from a lower age and a university de-education. Say it. You will start waking up. You will feel better about yourself because you will be less of an idiot. Do it. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and say it out loud.
commented 2016-07-07 14:35:31 -0400
The biggest mistake of all, was Canadians voting in this inept government and their ridiculous ideas, that if left unabated, will bring Canada to her knees.
commented 2016-07-07 13:54:47 -0400
Ezra. Please keep working on stories about electoral reform — I believe this is the most important thing that is happening in this country at this time — without democratic elections we have nothing.
commented 2016-07-07 13:49:50 -0400
Syrian Christians are in the process of receiving genocide, and yet we’re importing Muslims from surrounding areas who are either complicit or are refusing to help and running away.

If you don’t see the very obvious flaw here, then you probably also voted for Prime Minister Selfie.
commented 2016-07-07 12:25:01 -0400
Cathy Stone: I saw some interesting comments yesterday by Donald trump when he was speaking live on CNN calling them out for their lies and dishonesty and going so far as to suggest CNN should call themselves the The Hillary Network. The same can be said of the CBC. It should be called the Trudeau Network.
commented 2016-07-07 11:03:23 -0400
they arent bringing any more anti semitism into canada than the cbc showed during the last election..jennifer harwood said that it was random.. but then again her husband as a mansbridge producer also showed his anti semitic side.
commented 2016-07-07 10:58:50 -0400
our prince just invited those english refugees kate and wills for an all expenses paid vacation … my knees are trembling with anticipation.
commented 2016-07-07 10:55:18 -0400
The open borders refugee con is a fraudulent front to demonstrably change electoral demographics with an entitlement/subsidy-dependent voting block. – This new dependent voter block will be relocated into ridings where the LPC had marginal success – this combined with the new ballot tampering will secure the eternal single party state in which globalists thrive.

If you think the liberals are simply power hungry, you don’t understand the globalist end game – that being the eternal power of a single ruling class “party” (junta) and austere socialism for the rest of us.
commented 2016-07-07 10:33:57 -0400
Bringing in Christians who are by their very existence in danger, should be a priority over and above Muslims. We aren’t doing that and it is a disgrace.

When it comes down to it I think the only Muslims who should be allowed entry should have to go through the regular rigorous immigration process over several years like anyone else who wishes to immigrate to this country.

We shouldn’t be bringing Muslims in as refugees at all. Any Muslim refugees should be dealt with abroad in safe havens and proper camps, supervised and protected from ISIS and from each other. The hope would be that they could eventually return home. We should not bring a bunch of warring tribes of Muslims to the west and expect it to go well. It will never go well. Most will never assimilate. They will be a drain not an advantage. They cannot leave their hatred for one another and for us at the door. It is a part of their existence. To hate us is a part of who they are. The only Muslim I want in my country is an EX Muslim. I cannot put Islam in the same bag as other religions. It is a subservient political system and has no place in the west.
commented 2016-07-07 10:15:05 -0400
Thanks to The Rebel for providing a free and open forum in order for us to provide our opinions, both left wing views and right wing views. It appears the CBC has a new policy of limiting the comments of Canadians. The CBC is especially censoring any comments criticizing Trudeau while at the same time permitting name calling and any comment that is anti-Conservative. I know this nothing new but it is becoming more prevalent then ever.
commented 2016-07-07 10:05:13 -0400
Jay Kelly Well jay if you support it I don’t, if you don’t support it I do with everything, you love muslims I DONT, you have a man crush on the PM, I cannot stand him, he is like you weak and useless, SO JAY I AM AGAINST YOU , AGAINST EVERYTHING YOU SUPPORT, SO IN CASE YOU CANNOT FIGURE IT OUT I AM AGAINST YOU. last comment you will ever get from me you useless troll,
commented 2016-07-07 09:40:58 -0400
Jay Kelly: Your argument is absurd. No doubt anyone who leaves home would at some time miss family and friends and possibly a life they were more accustomed to. However you completely miss the point that no one facing a sure death if they returned home would be bitching about the food and accommodations and threatening to back over it. It only serves to make the point that one group really were refugees whereas the other one for the most part aren’t that is unless you are one of the holocaust deniers in which case you would see both groups as equal. I’m hoping you have enough honesty and basic intelligence to admit the holocaust was real but I’m not holding my breath.
commented 2016-07-07 09:23:12 -0400
Just wondering how come nobody flags Jay
commented 2016-07-07 09:18:24 -0400
When the hell were you a refugee?
And by the way, the refugees and immigrants of the past did not bring their violence with them to this country.
In the whole, they respected the rule of law of their adopted country and worked hard to make a life for themselves.
They enriched this country.
As for the immigrants and refugees showing up at our borders since the first Trudeau. They have brought naught but dissent, cultural divide, demands on our health system and government agencies.
Known terrorists and killers have been allowed to become Canadian citizens. I thought we had enough here already.
Since Trudeau number one, there has been a disproportionate number of third world immigrants with no education, training, skills or health allowed into this country. Only a small proportion of Jews or Christians from European countries with skills, training, education and health have been allowed into the country.

commented 2016-07-07 08:55:42 -0400
P.S.: The “useful idiot” must be laughing his head off given all the attention being paid to his inane comments.
commented 2016-07-07 08:50:31 -0400
CARRIE DODDS, “I used to read comments, now I end up scrolling most of the time past that j.kelly person…”. Well put, don’t waste your time with the attention-seeking “useful idiot”!
commented 2016-07-07 07:48:53 -0400
Canada, Sweden this has to stop. why aren’t we rescuing Christians facing genocide in the middle east? Hell America declared it genocide but were doing nothing about it. These coming over aren’t refugees and western governments don’t care. It’s all about globalism and destroying the weest by western leaders because we have been to successful and must be punished.
commented 2016-07-07 07:44:10 -0400
I used to read comments, now I end up scrolling most of the time past that j.kelly person. what a waste of time for him, I’m sure I’m not only person that sees that name and scrolls, and scrolls and scrolls past his comments :) get on a cbc site buddy with your likeminded friends. they might actually read your crap.
commented 2016-07-07 07:27:56 -0400
Jay Kelly commented 8 hours ago
How sad.

Ezra Levant, who could do better, slurs innuendoes into biases as though he thinks his readers prefer ignorance.

commented 2016-07-07 07:20:00 -0400
JAY KELLY: “We can overcome nastiness with compassion. We can overturn hatred with affection.”

Compassion and affection did not win WWII. Bombs did. When your enemy wants to destroy you, you have to bomb the fuck out of them, all of them. Our enemy today is Islam. They dont care about compassion, or affection. They see those as weaknesses to exploit to our peril.
commented 2016-07-07 06:20:44 -0400
Sad but this situation was totally expected given the information coming out of the Middle East last Autumn. Trudeau put his political agenda ahead of the practical realities. The social and medical support was and is not there! The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau does not show signs of seeming to care as long as there are selfies and a a parade where he can remove the mask and act like the fool he is. We are already experiencing the downward trend with Liberal governments in Ottawa and Toronto. They have to go!
commented 2016-07-07 06:09:30 -0400
There will be 150,000 more Muslims in Canada by the end of Trudeau’s first term. Odds are the Liberals will win the next election also.So add another 200,000 Muslims by the end of his second term. That is a lot of people who will be a permanent burden on Canadian society. No other mass migration of any people to Canada has cost so much to the tax payer.
commented 2016-07-07 02:58:52 -0400
Have faith, Ezra. This time next year, the refugees will be active members of black lives matter, busy protesting the gay pride parade.
commented 2016-07-07 02:44:12 -0400
Jay Kelly who is us? Sorry but appeasement does not work. We have been decent to them idiot, and look what we get. Europe has bent over backwards for them and they get crapped on in return. Are you blind or just stupid. When a sharia patrol attacks you just hug them.