July 08, 2016

Alberta, Ontario in record debt — while Quebec runs a surplus. So can they start paying equalization now?

Rebel Staff

This news caught me by surprise: the government of Quebec has run a surplus. This hasn’t happened in my entire lifetime. The city of Montreal has a huge surplus, too.

Compare that to Alberta, and even Ontario, which now has the largest debt in the world of any jurisdiction that isn’t its own country.

And Quebec is in the black?

So can we stop paying them equalization payments now? Quebec has received billions of dollars a year in subsidies from other provinces, particularly Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Well, no.

Because Alberta’s socialist finance minister, Joe Ceci, doesn’t want to stop paying.

Ceci is a socialist (and he’s a social worker, who always make the best finance ministers), so of course he wants maximum tax dollars for him and his public sector union friends.

He’d actually rather have money leave Alberta than stay there...

NEXT: Vincent Geloso, an economist from the Montreal Economic Institute, talks about Quebec's surplus, and what it means for the province — and the country.

THEN: Duane Bratt, Political Science Professor from Mount Royal University, joins me to discuss Jason Kenney's run for leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party.

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